the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

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the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:43 pm

The "Legend of Zelda" franchise is a product of
I do not own the rights to either the LoZ franchise, nor any of the music that is used within this online fan-fic.
While the following fan-fic is an original concept given to the LoZ franchise, this is not officially licensed by Nintendo in any way
and is primarily written for a fun and exciting read.
I ask that you simply read, and keep comments in a separate thread or through PM.

Please enjoy~

The Legend of Zelda:
The Endless Black Sea

There once was a time

so very long ago

when all the inhabited worlds we know in the black sea were one.

The Black Sea, of course is the old term for what is now given the more scientific term, "space".

The rulers of planet Hyrule, as well as the rest of the solar system have come to the agreement that this fact about the origins of the inhabited worlds is actually proven to be simple mythology.

Science has now become what the rulers of the current worlds deem to be what great minds should achieve for, and chose to forget the supernatural origins of the known world as well as the supernatural balance between good and evil.

Rather than justify the purely scientific theory of the creation of the only known inhabited solar system, I will tell the tale told by mystics and wisemen since before the beginning of history.

From a spiritual realm came three deities;
Din the powerful, Nayru the wise, and Farore the courageous.

These three deities easily traveled through the Black Sea in order to create a new world.

Din used her raw power to form the solid matter needed to create the physical world.

Nayru used her divine wisdom to create laws for the physical world to follow.

Then Farore courageously used all her strength to give physical and spiritual life to the world that would take physical appearance and follow the natural laws given them.

This single planet held all known life in the universe on its surface, and it thrived.

After much turmoil and some sort of cataclysmic event, the former world was split into several different worlds.

Races of beings that were once native to the same planet became stricken dumb to this event, and while they were rapidly progressing in technology, they were all beginning to forget their true past.

It is now far from common knowledge the truth behind the splitting of the origin planet. The only remnant of the 'legend days' now put off as mythology aside from the creation of the origing planet, is the tale of a single hero. One who held a sword of unmatchable power in his left hand. One who also held a divine artifact that gave him the power to defeat a malevolent demon and bring peace to all the nations.

I truly desire to unravel the mystery behind the origins of the worlds we know. For it is my duty as a mystic, and sage to bring back the memories of the spiritual realm and get those who inhabit the known worlds back to their senses.

I have also not forgotten about the prophecy of the hero of the legend days returning one day to save us all from a great danger. Perhaps this may happen in my life time?

My name is Aviryin, and I will not choose to forget the legend days.

Especially when I have high hopes that such days will swiftly return...

=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\Chapter 1: What 'Lo' beheld/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=

In a dark and quiet room sleeps a young man. He is dreaming strange things, and tossing side to side. A voice shot out of the darkness to him.

"Lo," the voice cried.
"Lo!" it repeated louder.
"Lunsek Hanlon, wake up!"

The young man stirred, and opened his mouth to reply.

"Dahdee?" he murmured out loud. Lunsek then slowly opened his eyes to see a much older man poking his head in along with an electric lantern that gave off a yellow light, illuminating the wooden flooring.

"Yes, mok. It's time for you to wake up. You have a busy day ahead of you," said Lunsek's father as he gazed at his son. Lunsek could make out half of his father's well trimmed, brownish blond beard. The man stayed where he was on the ladder that led to his son's room, waiting for Lunsek to get out of bed. The young man stretched his arms and body out, before he removed the bed covers from around him. "I'll give you a minute to get dressed," the man said before climbing down the ladder, as he noticed how decidedly under-dressed the young man was.

"There better be something to eat this morning! I think I could eat the entire house right now, if I wanted to," joked Lunsek as he threw some clothes on. In less than half a minute, he was fully dressed and climbing down the ladder, then down the stairs to the first floor of the wooden and metal house. The young man gracefully passed by all the pictures hung on the walls. It was until Lunsek came by one in particular that he stopped and payed his respects to the memory of the young woman seen in the frame. She had flowing dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. Luhnsek's eyes of the same brilliant color gazed longingly at the photograph for a moment before he briskly continued to the kitchen.

A welcoming aroma greeted Lunsek on his way, as he could make out the scent of fried eggs and toast.
"I figured you wouldn't let me down this morning, dad," the young man said as he took a seat at the table. He sat across from his father, picking up the fork next to the plate that was already served for him. The older man stayed silent as he gazed out at the sun rising outside the window. His nearly balding head was neatly combed, Lunsek noticed as he took the first bite from his toast. He noticed further that the old man was also in some of his best clothing.
"Looking sharp, dahdee," Lunsek remarked with a smile. "So, what job do I need to take care of today?" was the question he then shot out. His father seemed to be in some sort of trance, and didn't answer right away.
"Take harvest to the market again? Pen all the goats... again? Just name it, and I'll have it done by noon."
The old man finally turned his head to Lunsek and gave him a flat look.
"We're both going to Castle Town today. I have to take care of things at the Farmer's Union. While that happens, you can take yesterday's harvest to the market district," he then stated making Lunsek's eyes light up.
"That's good. Think you'll need me after I've finished up?" the young man then asked, which peeked interest from his father. The father gave an expression saying that he knew he wasn't going to like the explanation for this question. "I promised Saria that I'd meet up with her later on today. We're supposed to see some sort of play together at the Kakariko Oprah House. I figure it should work out with us already going out as far as Castle Town city."
"You know that I don't like you hanging around with Saria. She's too close with that crazy 'Aviryin' character for my comfort." the man said to his son before taking a sip of his coffee.
"She's close with him because he's her uncle. Give her a break, dad!" implored Lunsek, waving his hands out. "I don't see what your problem with Aviryin is anyway. Just because he likes the old tales of the legend days doesn't make him bad. All those stories he likes telling are harmless."
"Harmless. I'd almost agree with you, if it weren't for the fact that old fool actually believes that those old stories are true! I won't have my own son fall prey to the traps of that old codger, no matter how harmless his stories may seem to be."
"Saria may be close with Aviryin, and she may have memorized the old stories her uncle tells. But I''m sure she doesn't believe them."
"Don't be fooled! The old man is using her to lure you in. Make you vulnerable. Then he'll get you started on some sort of wild and dangerous journey that he'll convince you is a worthy adventure. It may seem like an adventure at first, until it leaves you penniless and starving, stranded in the wilderness... or even on some other godawful planet! I'm going to have to demand that you cancel your plans with Saria. We'll also have to further discuss how much time you spend with her at some moment today, as well."
The young man just lowered his eyes to stare at the rest of his uneaten food. Lunsek's appetite seemed to be affected by his father's comments, and he remained silent. The father's brown eyes softened slightly at the sight of the damage he caused, yet he wouldn't take back what he said.
"Finish up, then we'll leave." the man said as he got up from the table, and left the kitchen leaving the rest of his steaming cup of coffee on the counter.

The old 'Loftwing' glider the family used to travel across the country was hovering just at the end of the walkway that led from the house. The loadstones that served as the vehicle's propulsion were making the typical low hum they made while they spun in place at high speeds. By the time Lunsek came out of the house, his father was already at the pilot seat. The young man approached the back of the glider to check the connection between the glider and the cargo trailer. The cargo trailer was practically ancient, which could be easily noted by the fact that it used wheels instead of loadstones to make it mobile. It was given such fine care for the many generations it was used that it still proved to be useful. The metal used to make its frame was from planet Goroe, so it was unlikely that it was going to ever break or rust. After he was satisfied with the connection between the glider and trailer, Lunsek climbed into the passenger seat of the glider, just to the left of his father. The father adjusted the throttle accordingly, and the glider swiftly hovered its way down the long road to Castle Town.

The two were fairly quiet through the journey, and were oblivious to eyes that were watching them approach the city. A single probe floating in the air followed at a distance behind the glider armed only with a high-end camera that relayed every movement it recorded to a computer screen far off somewhere.

As the pair made their way they began to pass by Kakariko city, which was on their left. Lunsek gazed at the city from afar with a thoughtful expression. He then turned his glance to his father, who had noticed what the young man was staring off at. The older man just shook his head and increased the throttle to the Loftwing. Lunsek frowned and then gazed at the large city they were heading to, that seemed to grow ever larger by the minute. The relative silence was forcing Lunsek to think things over in his mind, and he couldn't help but think about the dream that he was having just before he was woken. There was an urge he had to talk about it with his father, yet Lunsek knew the conversation would end in his father calling the whole thing silly and blame the whole occurrence on the young man being around Saria for too long.

Being so wrapped up in thought made it so that the moment they entered through the gates of Castle Town city completely snuk on him. Before he knew it, he was already surrounded by tall, metal buildings. It was the air that got his attention, as he took a breath and noticed the difference between the quality of the cloistered urban air with the open air of the farmland. The traffic on the streets wasn't all too crowded with it being the morning hours. In little time at all it seemed, they came to a three story building that was more wide than tall. White letters could be seen on the front of the building that faced the road that spelled out "Workers Union". Lunsek's father gently eased the throttle down to stop the Loftwing just at the front of the building's parking lot. The man took hold of a briefcase that he brought, and gave his son one final look.
"I shouldn't be needed here passed 4. Be back here all the earlier to get me. Then we'll take a trip back to the market district so I can see for myself the prices that the harvest is being sold at. You better stay within the city limits," the father instructed before he let himself down from the glider and made his way through the parking lot to the Workers Union building. Lunsek moved himself to the pilot seet and put on the throttle. The market district was a fair distance, as it was pretty much on the other side of Castle Town city. He was very grateful for the breakfast now as he was beginning to pass by quite a few restaurants and unique food stalls on his way.

The residential district seemed to be the most crowded, as there were several other gliders on the roads making the journey a little slower. Between the residential and market districts was a massive wall of rock, penetrated by several tunnels at its base that served as the road ways connecting the two areas. There was also an airship route that ran over the rock wall for local citizens to use as a means of transportation to the market district and back. Lunsek could see one lifting off just as he was approaching one of the tunnels. Something about air travel seemed fascinating to the young man, and seemed so ever since he was a lad. As he entered the tunnel, Lunsek noticed something strange. There was no traffic going in or out of the tunnel. With a flick of a switch, he turned the Loftwing's headlights on and peered into the darkness.
"If the tunnel were closed off, wouldn't they bother putting a sign up?" the young man thought as he entered through into the blackness. The silence and lack of urban noise within the tunnel unnerved the young man. Then, he saw the exit to the tunnel... and the gliders and figures that blocked the way...
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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

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Lunsek called out to the people he saw as he approached from a distance.
"Excuse me! Is this tunnel closed!?" he asked, expecting some sort of answer or gesture at least. No reaction could be seen, however aside from staring eyes behind masks. As Lunesk came closer, he then noticed that all of these people were holding a gun of some sort. He immediately thrust the throttle to stop, then put it into reverse. The young man wasn't prepared for a gun fight as he left his trusty rifle back home. He didn't figure he'd need it in the normally safe and secure confines of Castle Town city.
"I don't want any trouble! I can just use a different tunnel!" the young man said to try and escape the situation. Just as he said this though, two figures appeared just above the Loftwing and dropped aboard. One came up behind Lunsek and forced their gun barrel to the back of the young man's head.
"Not one move. You aren't going anywhere. said the one with her gun at the young man's head.
"You better stop the vehicle. This won't be considered a major accident." the other one said. They were both female by the sound of their voices. Either way Lunesk had no choice it seemed, so he obeyed and stopped the Loftwing.
"Who are you people?" Lunsek braved to ask, not expecting an answer this time.
"We only answer to the King of planet Hyrule. But you may call us 'the Afroza'."
"The King? King Glashneh." the young man muttered under his breath, wondering what servants of the King would want with a farm boy on his way to the market.
"I didn't do anything wrong," he then said, trying to plead with them. "Nothing in that trailer is stolen. You can check with my father, Urawn Hanlon. I'm his son, Lunse-"
"We know who you are," the one with the gun interrupted.
"And you shouldn't worry too much. We know you didn't do anything wrong," the other said. Then she drew a blade and held it across the front of Lunsek's neck. "Now stop talking and get out of the vehicle."
A cautious yet calm look came on Lunsek, even as he obeyed the demands given him by these mysterious Afroza. The whole situation seemed more strange to the young man than dangerous. After he climbed out, the one who drew a sword on him began shoving Lunsek to the other side of the tunnel. He found that the sword upon closer inspection was more accurately a scimitar. Before he could give much more thought about this fact, he was startled by a sudden screeching sound. Lunsek turned his head and took a step forward, stopping only as the scimitar now touched his throat. The one with the gun had somehow sabotaged the Loftwing's loadstone balancing mechanism, causing the thing to lurch side to side violently. It then rammed into the side of the tunnel wall, and the loadstones came to a halt as the vehicle was now 'totaled' as they say. The one with the gun then used her free hand to take hold of some small round object hung on the front of her silver jumpsuit. She then removed a pin from the top of this object with her teeth and tossed the object into the trailer. Obviously, this object was a grenade. Something that Lunsek was not familiar with in particular until after this day as he saw the family cargo trailer that has existed for countless generations was blown to pieces along with a week's worth of harvest.
"What are you doing!?" he screamed as he knocked the scimitar away from him, and tried running at the one with the gun. Lunsek didn't get far, though as the one with the scimitar was quite fast in coming up behind the young man and giving him a nasty blow to the back of the head with the hilt of her scimitar.
"I told you to stop talking!" she said as Lunsek hit the ground. He held onto consciousness as well as he could, managing to mumble something that couldn't quite be made out as actual words. The one with the scimitar shook her head as she took out a syringe from her utility belt. She then plunged the tip into the side of Lunsek's arm, through the thin long sleeved shirt he was wearing. The last thing the young man saw before he went out was the remains of a single head of cabbage. Vainly, Lunsek reached out for it just as everything blacked out...

Being knocked out wasn't anything new to the farm boy. Lunsek had been knocked out plenty of times in his earlier youth when dealing with the goats back at the ranch. Another time was when he was first learning to drive the Loftwing. He accidentally put the throttle at full speed, then he put it to stop too soon while he wasn't wearing his seat-belt and flew about thirty yards into a tree. This definitely was the first time that Lunsek had been medically knocked out, and he rued the day he was when he came to and felt the after affects of the drug. The only feeling he could compare it to is the one experienced when waking up after a night of drinking too much Kakariko Ale. An experience that the young man only went thorugh once so far in his life at the last New Year's Festival he attended with Saria and her uncle, with out letting his father 'Urawn' know about it of course. The light he saw as he opened his eyes stung them, forcing him to keep them shut.
"It's good to see you're finally out of it," then came a voice that Lunsek thought sounded very familiar.
"Saria!" he then exclaimed as he opened his eyes, ignoring the sting he felt. Lunsek tried to sit up as well, but he quickly discovered that his hands and torso were cuffed to the bed he was on. The look on his face was tragic as he looked around and saw no one beside him.
"Excuse me? Who are you referring to as this 'Saria'? That name does not compute," the voice then replied, giving Lunsek quite a surprise. His eyes darted side to side as he wondered where the voice came from. Then suddenly he noticed a young woman standing where he just looked, and Lunsek's eyes went wide. The woman had flowing blond hair and mysterious greyish blue eyes. Her skin was fair looking and she was wearing a very simple yet beautiful light purple dress.
"I'm terribly sorry for the confusion. Let me introduce myself. I am the 'Zelda Program'. My purpose is to run diagnostic medical tests on royal patients and their guests when needed. I also serve as interface to the royal Hyrule information database and personal library," the young woman, or what seemed to be a young woman went on to describe. Lunsek focused his gaze and then noticed the slight transparency and glow of the young woman, being proof that she indeed wasn't quite as human as he thought at first. "You may simply call me 'Zelda', if you desire."
"Well, Zelda. Could you tell me where I am?" Lunsek then asked the 'program'
"I would hope that being treated by a royal medical computer program would imply that you are in the royal medical department at Castle Hyrule," the young woman answered with a flat expression. The rather warm, welcoming feeling that she gave off did little to fully comfort Lunsek in this situation. Yet he knew he shouldn't be cross with a computer program. So his next question was asked in as calm of a tone as possible.
"Could you also tell me why I was knocked out and tied up like this?"
A troubled look came on the program's face, yet she didn't try to ignore the question.
"It was reported that you were uncooperative with the royal authorities, so you were given a sedative and put into restraints in case you weren't cooperative with the King. I am truly sorry that it had to be this way. I've already ordered some medication to help with the after effects of the sedative."
Lunsek once again pondered after the mention of the King. This whole situation was beginning to blow his mind away. First, the cold and calculating assassin like Afroza. Next, this intelligent and seemingly emotional computer program named Zelda. Why did that name sound familiar?
"For what reason have I been kidnapped, then? By the King, no less. Is this how he always summons people?"
These were the questions that came out of his mouth as they seemed more important than passing fancies. The look on the program's face seemed torn by these inquiries. She even looked as though she had to find the strength to answer.
"I can not really tell you why you were brought here. But I must assure you that the King's intent was not to kidnap you. All I can say is that he has plans for you specifically. He should be able explain what those plans are face to face when he arrives here. The King should be here any minute, now that you're conscious."
By now, the light that was still stinging Lunsek's eyes forced him to once again close them. He then felt a piercing throb of pain go through his temples and around his sinuses. The program gave quite a look of concern for her patient, and even leaned over him.
"I anticipated that you would suffer a migraine from the sedative," she stated as the sound of colliding plastic could be heard in a drop box built into the wall just to Lunsek's right. "I should be able to use this medicine to stop that. Let me help you," Zelda continued to say as a robotic arm opened the drop box and removed a plastic container that held a single amber colored gel cap pill. The arm then gently moved over Lunsek's head, squeezed the plastic container to force out the pill, and touched the pill to his lips. Without thinking more of it, the young man wrapped his mouth around the pill. Then the arm twisted around, producing a built-in water fountain spout with a disposable plastic cover. Ever so gently, the arm forced the spout into Lunsek's mouth, and gave him just a mouthful of water to swallow the gel cap. The young man couldn't do much more, so he tried to relax himself and bare the pain until the medicine got through his system.
"I have informed the King that he should see you when my tests show that your migraine has calmed down a bit. So do relax, but try not to dose off, okay?"
The sweet voice of the Zelda Program was now beginning to calm Lunsek. His cares began to melt away even further as he tried his best to drift just a little between sleeping and being awake. There were questions he wanted to ask about the program specifically, yet the pain kept him silent for now...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

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"So, Zelda. Were you a real person once?"
Lunsek tossed this question out just after he woke up after obliviously spending close to an hour sleeping. It only took about eight minutes for the medicine to relieve him of his migraine, yet seconds flat for the young man to fall into a peaceful, dreamless sleep. There was a few moments that passed with no answer to his question from the computer program, so Lunsek opened his eyes to look around. He even sat up, and nearly forgot the fact that he was bound down in what felt like mere seconds ago. With his migraine gone, his eyes could get a better glimpse at the detail of the room he was in. Just about everything in the room was the color white. The only exceptions were the bone structural parts of the robotic arm that hung in the upper back corner of the room, which were painted black. There was also a computer terminal in the bottom back corner opposite the side with the arm that was a light grey. The room only looked bare at first glance because all the typical medical supplies were kept in drawers in easy reach of the robotic arm along the top of all the walls of the room. Along the tops of the room were also what looked like florescent light tubes that kept the room very well lit.
"If you must know, Zelda was the name of my only daughter. The one who has died recently in a tragic space flight on a peaceful visit to planet Guredus," came a voice from just outside of the door leading to the room. Lunsek then looked to behold a well dressed man enter the room, briskly coming to the center of it and crossing his arms as his deep green eyes seemed to look straight into the young man's soul through his face. There was no mistaking the royal crest of Hyrule embroidered in gold on the upper left side of the man's finely tailored suit that was almost more white than the room they were in. "She now lives on as a medical computer program, so now she may help people in need even when she has gone from this world."
"It's an honor, your majesty," said Lunsek, nearly through his teeth. He still did his best to sound courteous and respectful to his powerful, yet renown captor. "I've never been treated so well by an artificial intelligence," he then added, trying his best not to make the statement sound like a snide remark. The King laughed briefly in response to this, and his trim light brown mustache showed a little fray as his lips curled.
"I doubt you ever will ever be treated better by a medical computer. Such is one of the several luxuries of royalty," the King began to say. "Time, however does not always allow me much luxury though, I'm afraid," he then remarked.
"I did try to warn him not to doze off," the program chimed in, while it's human looking projection was still hidden. This comment confirmed the suspicions that Lunsek started to feel when his question wasn't answered by the program directly. He felt felt only slightly embarrassed by this, as he would probably care more about keeping the King waiting if he hadn't been treated by his servants as he was.
"Hmmm. Well, I suppose it's alright," the King replied with a single stroke over his goatee with his right thumb and forefinger. "Seeing as your troubles with that sedative are now gone completely, just as Zelda said they would be. Despite the importance of handling the matter I've brought you here for as quickly as possible, it would be far better for you to be in the best condition to be able to listen to the demands that I give you."
Lunsek could not help but frown at the realization that he was about to be demanded to do anything with no regards to whether he wanted to do it or not. The King gave a fairly apathetic smile as he continued.
"You, Lunsek Hanlon are not so much the simple farm boy that some would believe you to be," he went on to say before the King lifted his left arm and with his right hand, pressed against the touchscreen on the small tablet computer that he clutched in his left hand. "Or at least this is what my sources have informed me, judging on what they've heard directly from your uncle, Rusl Hanlon."
The mention of his uncle struck a cord a little with Lunsek, yet he kept his concerned gaze away from the King so as no thoughts of making a very bold action that he would most likely regret later took over his instincts completely.
"Rusl was a former military Captain in Hyrule's royal army, and even worked as one of the former King's personal guard. This makes him a very trustworthy source. His comments about your rifle and sword skills are, and I quote, "...worthy of the same praise and honor given to the greatest of Hyrule's Roayal Guard.""
The King read off the quotation word for word from the tablet after scrolling down the report shown on the screen. After the statement, the young man chanced a glance to Glashneh as it sounded as if he was close to getting to the point.
"You have been of age to join the military for a few years, yet you haven't made any attempt to sign up," said the King, which also seemed to strike a cord in Lunsek as he gave Glashneh a hard look.
"My father says it's dangerous work, and would give me less pay than I make working on the farm at home," the young man stated firmly. There was no change in the King's smile as he returned Lunsek's glancing.
"Regardless of the reason. I must say-and I don't lie when I do say, that my intent is not an unorthodox method of recruiting you to the army. It is a firm decision to recruit you into a rather different form of service. How should I explain?"
The king made a gesture with both hands before thoughtfully stroking his beard again with his right hand.
"You see, I am fairly open and supportive to the many different views of the mystics and so called 'sages' scattered around on each of the planets of the solar system. Lately, I have become rather interested in some of the tales these mystics have been saying. Especially what some have apparently been saying about a particular artifact. The artifact in question might hold the key towards a brighter future for all civilized beings."
The King then leaned toward Lunsek with a gleam to his eyes, and quite an expressive tone as he continued.
"Just think of a future with no reasons for war, disease, poverty.., indifference! All of it would be gone with just this one artifact."
The man caught himself in his ever growing passion for what he tried describing, standing straight and then spinning around to face the opposite side of the room. The King raised his right hand to yet again stroke at his light brown goatee.
"These mystics seem to know more than what they choose to tell," then said the King while noticeably tightening the grip of his left hand on the tablet in a minimal expression more of anger than just frustration. There was also a brief moment where the look on his face was cross just mentioning this fact. If Lunsek had view of the man's eyes, he would notice a momentary change in their color. These expressions vanished in a split second as the King turned his head to look back at Lunsek over his shoulder. "And that is where you come in," he said, with a return of his smile. Lunsek stopped himself from giving a long sigh as well as giving any kind of sign of his feelings towards the King this moment in attempt to maintain the look of having relative patience. The pause for effect the King gave didn't help this attempt. During this pause, the King turned his gaze to the tablet in his hand and used the free hand to initiate the copmuter's standby mode making the screen go black.
"I call the operation you will eventually undergo "Project Majora", which is in reference to a particular folktale, if you must know. Before you go about accepting this mission, you will be tested on with a rather experimental device. One that should give you abilities that will allow you to easily infiltrate the other inhabited planets, and uncover the truth and whereabouts of the artifact I seek."
"And if I refuse to go through with any of this?" Lunsek dared to ask firmly implying his view of the matter. The King gave no reaction at first, and didn't interrupt the young man as he went further. "I could just go public with the fact that the King of Hyrule has a shady group of servants known as the "Afroza" for use in underhanded schemes."
The King then made a gesture that looked as though he were resisting a shudder of anger, raising both arms and clenching his fists. They lowered, and then the man turned to face Lunsek with a fairly serious, and calm expression.
"Well, I would have to say that things would become very difficult for you and your father. I would simply tell the public openly that you are a confused young man looking to get the better of authority by using harsh slander. Do you think the public would take the word of what seems a simple farm boy over a King seemingly in their rights?"
Lunsek met the gaze with the man, trying to maintain the same calm. He was forced to break it though, at the thought of his father being brought into this. After doing so, Glashneh took a step closer and once again leaned toward the young man.
"I can see the lynch-mob now, storming one of Skyloft's most trusted farms that would now be considered infamous. I could go as far to even put your father, Hurawn under trial for harboring a traitor. For your sake and yet more for your father's, I don't think you should try and best my ability in using public image to my advantage."
The more Lunsek tried to get upset over the gall of this man, he couldn't get over the thought of the guilt he would have over bringing harm to his father. The young man gave a helpless sigh which brought back the King's smile, only it was a little wider than before. One would note from this expression that the King made would strongly imply that this was not the first time he brought someone to this level of defeat. His tone didn't give this away further, and the smile eventually lowered a little to the level of apathetic.
"There also is far more yet for you to see as far as what the "Afroza" can do. There is only one relatively peaceful choice for you to make. You will go through this testing. And you will do as I say. All for the sake of bringing civilization in the solar system to an ultimate time of peace and grandeur."
There was much thought poured into this situation, and plenty of stress enough to bring back some of the pain in Lunsek's head. Without lifting either hand to his brow he looked up to the side, unable to look this man in the eye anymore without the possibility of sudden violence that would probably get him killed or worse.
"Fine. Just get the testing over with."
"Very well. We will conduct the test here and now."
There was another object that could be heard falling into the drop-box on the wall next to the bed.
"Perfect timing, as usual. I first will give you an aesthetic. Then Zelda, you are free to administer the "Majora Device"," the King then instructed as he moved beside the bed to reach the drop-box. He then pulled out a small, automatic jet injector syringe that obviously held some sort of aesthetic within it's tank...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:47 am

"Your Majesty, I also informed you that Lunsek should have more time to digest everything in is stomach. Any amount of food digesting in the stomach would possibly bring about some of the adverse side effects of the Majora Device immediately upon insertion," came the voice of the program as the King gave a test fire of the jet injector.
"There is no need to worry. He hasn't eaten in the passed two hours," he then assured the program. The test fire satisfied the man, and he moved to place the injector over Lunsek's hand. The computer then spoke again, making the King stop for a moment.
"I still must insist that you wait until my tests show that all the other drugs have been removed from his bloodstream. There is no data on whether other drugs my cause adverse rea-"
"Zelda Program, disengage," the King said, triggering the computer program's standby mode via voice command. The man then shook his head as he again moved to place the tip of the injector on the test subject's hand. Lunsek moved the hand away from it, making the King sigh and frown impatiently.
"Why me? Besides what my uncle says about me, I'm still just a farm boy. I don't get why didn't you choose someone already from the military for this "operation"," the young man explained, expecting an explanation in response.
"If you must know, the elder council of Hyrule keeps far too close attention to military operations for even me to work around their particular views on how government should be run. They, unlike myself do not think that the words and views of the mystics and sages to be worth the time and effort I'm willing to put into, even to find something like the artifact in question. It's all mythology to them rather than history. I'm sure they would also find the "Majora Device" unethical in the way I'm choosing to use it," as the King explained, he arbitrarily placed the tablet computer on the bed. "No matter. Not only will I hold your father as well as your own life for ransom, you will be payed handsomely in order to keep quiet about this "operation". Your former life as a farm boy are over, as Lunsek Hanlon is now considered dead."
"One of your Afroza told me it wouldn't be a major accident," Lunsek remarked.
"Accident, no. Lunsek Hanlon died in a terrorist attack. Or at least that is what the general public believes after watching the afternoon news programs. "Evidence" will show no connections between this attack and any of the governments within the solar system. The blame for it will likely land on extremists from Gerudus, as those Gerudo sure do take the blame for a lot of things. Don'' they?"
As the King went on to say this, he suddenly grabbed Lunsek's arm and forced the jet injector on his hand delivering the drug. The action was performed so quickly that Lunsek couldn't pull his hand away fast enough to try and buy him just a little more time. His body tensed all over for a moment, before the drug's effects took hold. As the young man breathed in nervously, he then gave a much more relaxed exhale.
"No need to worry about this aesthetic as it is much more mild than that of the sedative used by the Afroza. All this drug is meant for is to make sure you're relaxed for the insertion of the "Majora Device", as well as numbed to the pain that the device in question will definitely cause," the King stated in a tone that would make one wonder if he were really trying to comfort the young man with such words. "Zelda Program, initiate Majora sequence for manual insertion; activation code,"Two, Zero, Zero, Zero, Oh, Two, Six"."
After this voice command, the door to the room shut and locked itself while the white lights dimmed and turned red. Then the wall opposite to the bed opened revealing a hidden compartment. Within the compartment was what looked like some sort of oddly shaped handgun. Attached to the bottom of the gun-like device was a medium sized egg-shaped container that had a symbol etched and marked blood red. The shape of the symbol was that of an eye.

Lunsek's eyes were a little hazy from the drugs, yet he could still make out the symbol well enough to realize that this was yet something else that sparked faded memories. The King walked to the compartment, first opening yet another hidden compartment to reveal a mysterious, and old looking pair of gloves. Quickly, the man donned them and then slowly he took the Majora device in his hands. The look on Glashneh's face and the way he walked as he approached with the device made Lunsek want to run far away as fast as possible. Yet, there was not enough energy going through Lunsek's body for him to do much more than sit on the bed in a daze. The whole thing seemed to be a nightmare as the King pressed the end of the gun-like object on the young man's forehead. The trigger used to operate the device manually gave a soft click that Lunsek hardly noticed. What was impossible not to notice was the feeling of something very unnatural entering through the skin on his brow, and beginning to spread to the rest of his body. It did not feel as though anything punctured the skin, rather that some strange substance emitted from the device was able to pass through the skin barrier like a ghost through a wall. What ever the substance was, it was cold. All the heat within the room seemed to vanish, making Lunsek shudder slightly.
"If you survive this-which I'm fairly confident you will, your name will be "Link" for through doing as I tell you, you will be the connecting force between all the nations. To unite them under a sound government. One that will have the power to last through the ages under my guidance."
The King's words made Lunsek want to run even more. He helplessly looked at the door, hoping that he could find the strength to escape through it. The young man couldn't help but feel that his hopes were in vain.

Then there was a sudden spark that came from the door lock.

There was no noticeable change in Lunsek's expression due to his lethargy, giving no clue to the King on what just happened. Glashneh just turned and approached the secret compartment to place the device back in it's case, oblivious to the several more sparks that flew out from the lock on the door. Just as the King took off the second glove to place them back in the drawer they came from, the door opened.
"Royalty or not! Make one move at him with that thing and I'll shoot a hole through your skull!" shouted a young woman who could now be seen in the doorway. The woman had a slim but powerful handgun in her right hand pointed at the King. Glashneh did not seemed too phased, and he calmly turned to look at the young woman. There was a flat, yet serious look on the man's face, and he was silent. ""Bookworm", this is "Snowflake". I have him," the young woman said through a communicator she held in her left hand.
The most that Lunsek could make out of this woman so far was her black hair put up in a bun, as well as her body being covered in a tight fitting black jumpsuit. Her eyes briefly met with the young man's and Lunsek could see the brown hue they had.
"Can you get out of here on your own, Lunsek?" she asked as she came near to the young man, while keeping her gaze and firearm in the King's direction.
"I-I..." was all Lunsek managed to get out in his attempt to speak. He also put his left hand on the bed, and tried his hardest to push himself off the bed with it to no avail. After clipping the communicator to her utility belt, "Snowflake" reached to touch Lunsek's forehead with the palm of her free hand. "You're burning up," she stated before showing a cross look on her face.
"Damn it! We were too late!"
As she said this, Snowflake then gripped Lunsek by the collar of his shirt. With little trouble, the deceivingly strong young woman lifted Lunsek off the bed and held the young man over her left shoulder.
"You're still coming with me, either way! Now hold on as tight as you can, guy," she demanded, and Lunsek obeyed finding just enough strength to wrap his arms around Snowflake's neck. The woman easily supported Lunsek as she began to back out of the room. With her hand freed, she grabbed the communicator once more. "Crack and scramble, "Bookworm"!"
A few moments after saying this, the door to the room closed with Lunsek and Snowflake outside in the hallway. Before the door closed, Lunsek caught a glimpse of the King, giving special attention to the man's right hand. On the back of this hand, the young man could make out three triangles. One was on top of the other two, with the one on top and the bottom left shimmering in a brilliant light. The bottom right was dull and grey, and the top one was the one that shown the brightest with a slight red hue...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

~Takuan Sōhō, Musashi
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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:17 am

"Who are yghhh... Who are you?" Lunsek forced out of himself as the young woman was quickly making her way to an elevator at the end of the hallway.
"Sorry, guy. But this is not the time or place for warm introductions," answered "Snowflake" as she looked behind to see if anyone was already after them. The elevator then opened, with some gunfire bursting out of it's contents directed at the intruder.
"Hahhhh!!" the young woman cried loudly as the projectiles hit. They weren't able to penetrate the jumpsuit that Snowflake wore, as the bullets were stopped by some type of force shielding brought on by a device that was attached to her utility belt. The device, which was a small black box was apparently only good for a few seconds however as free electricity could be seen and heard flowing out of it. Snowflake let loose a few well aimed shots in return before she removed the now malfunctioning device from her belt with her free hand. From her hand, it dropped to the ground where she put her weight down on it along with her brute strength to smash it into particles with one stomp of her foot. The woman then continued to the elevator where two bodies were lying. Just before she made it through the door, a figure shot out from around the corner shoving a gun directly at Snowflake's face. Snowflake's catlike reflexes allowed her to catch the figure's hand before the shot went off, and she forced the hand up to make the bullet land on a light fixture on the hallway ceiling. Snowflake then gave a rough squeeze to the figure's hand, producing a feminine cry of pain while the gun fell to the ground. The other woman then took out a knife with her free hand. Her stroke which would have been to the neck was cut short as Snowflake forced her gun at the head of the other. Lunsek flinched as he saw the bullet rip through the figure's helmet and skull in an instant. The black face-mask fell back to reveal the remains of what used to be a fair looking, bronzed skin red-head's noggin. As the apparent Afroza agent fell back into the elevator, there were now three bodies within it. Snowflake just stepped over the two in her way as she entered the elevator. With her foot, she shoved one of the former Afroza aside and then sat Lunsek against the wall to the right side of the elevator.
"Okay, "Bookworm"! Hale the concurring hero, already! Get. Us. Out of here!" she then said through the communicator that she grabbed as soon as Lunsek was settled. Just after saying this, the elevator door shut and the touchscreen used to operate the mechanism scrambled as it was no longer in control of the royal mainframe. The elevator then lurched downward. As the young man sat there, he couldn't help but stare at the bodies. Taking note of their physical features made Lunsek attempt to speak again.
"They're... Afroza... aren't they from...? Uhhhgghhh"
"That's right. They're Gerudo. One surprise after the other. Eh, guy?" Snowflake confirmed and commented for the young man. She then knelt down in front of Lunsek and produced an auto jet injector from the back of her utility belt. A very troubled look came on the young man's face as the mere sight of another one of these devices was traumatic by itself. "Don't worry. This is going to help you," Snowflake tried to assure Lunsek as she moved to place it on his neck. With all the strength that he had left, Lunsek lifted his hand to stop her. A flat yet more so perturbed look came on the woman's face.
"It's just. a health-stim. It's not going to kill you. You need it to be able to move on your own while I cover for you. So take it now before I have to slug you one."
Once again, Lunsek made eye contact with her. He then lowered his hand, yet the troubled look remained. The injector was plunged against his neck, and a wave of feeling all too familiar came over him as a rush of chemicals did more, unfortunately than just bring Lunsek's strength back.
"Huughhh!! Dgahhhh!!" he cried, and Snowflake winced a little.
"I forgot to mention. They have quite a bite when you're not used to taking them on a regular basis," she stated with an uncomfortable smile. Snowflake then waited a moment for the health-stim's effects to do as desired. The haziness left Lunsek's eyes, and he was more able to focus now. When the "bite" of the health-stim faded, he took in a slow breath and looked at Snowflake.
"I'm okay. Tell me what I need to do."
The woman smiled more brightly now. Before she answered, the elevator stopped suddenly, and a sound could be heard like gears changing in a motorcar. Then the mechanism lurched again this time moving backwards, horizontally.
"Well, guy. We have about thirty seconds before we reach another hallway. When we get there, you're going to go to the right down the hallway. Got it? Theeee rrrright. Then you're going to follow the signs to get to the flight deck. When you get there, wait for "Bookworm" to meet up with you. Shouldn't take him more than half a minute to find you. And when he does, you're going to follow his instructions from then on. You're in good hands with him, as well as me-if not better. So don't do anything crazy," explained Snowflake. Lunsek nodded and moved to lift himself up. The woman grabbed Lunsek by the armpit and brought him up to his feet herself. The woman then spun around, grabbing her communicator yet again. ""Bookworm". "Mum's the word." You better be ready."
Now that Lunsek was seeing clearly, he noticed the short-sword that hung on the young woman's belt. The symbol on it's hilt was that of the Kakariko guard, in which his uncle Rusl was currently doing instructing for. The memories of posing as a recruit to be trained by the man flooded Lunsek with emotion. He would have said something about this to the girl, yet the elevator halted in its motion. As the door opened, "Snowflake" dashed out with her gun pointed to the left. Lunsek walked to the right of the doorway and before he took off down the hallway, the young woman turned to him with a smile.
"The name's Ahei, by the way. If we survive this... remember it."
Then the woman dashed down the left side of the hallway. Lunsek nodded and then moved as fast as his still slightly sleepy legs could take him down the opposite side of the corridor. As he made his way to the first flight deck sign, he could hear gunfire from the direction Ashei went. Lunsek stopped for moment, then shook off his concern for the woman. The next sign was in view down another corridor again to the right.

Not another living soul could be seen or heard as Lunsek made it passed the final sign. Not until he stepped out onto the "flight deck". While there was a lone figure that could be seen on the far edge opposite the exit that Lunsek came from, this was not the figure that immediately caught the young man's eye. To his left, he saw the image of the Zelda Program in the same appearance as before.
"Hurry! There's not much time!" cried the familiar voice. Lunsek then noticed that the program's image was projecting in front of a small rider that was on the corner of the flight deck. The "rider" was a "speed rider"of a make and design that Lunsek was not familiar with at all. The program's projection vanished, and then the rider's engine ignition roared as it rose up from the flight deck ready for anyone to jump on it and drive it out. Lunsek gave it little more thought and ran to it. The figure that was at the opposite side of the deck was approaching swiftly. Lunsek was oblivious to this as he mounted the rider, that looked like a wheel-less motorcycle (as that's what it pretty much was). He glanced at the several gauges and buttons on the interface panel between the handlebars. It was a long time since he had last ridden a speed rider. Yet, the feel that he got from this particular rider made him confident in his ability to drive it. There was sudden movement in front of him as there was a runway that suddenly opened up for him.
"Do hurry. Hurry to Aviryin!" implored the program's voice for the last time. Lunsek gripped the handlebars. Before he gave the throttle a twist, he noticed something engraved in fancy lettering just above the interface panel. Just the name. "Epona".

"Hey! Lunsek! I'm "Bookworm"! You can call me Shad, though. What was that voice just now?" came an unfamiliar voice from behind Lunsek. He gave a glance behind him to discover the other figure was a man with short, well kept, reddish-brown hair and glasses over his dark-blue eyes. "I heard it mention Aviryin-Hey, wait! What are you...?"
It was too late, as Lunsek hit the throttle and sped through the air. Shad stood there confused for a moment, then shook his head.

The sun was well on it's way to begin hiding for the coming night. There were wisps of clouds that hung in the air. The ground below Lunsek was wet from the weather that came earlier on in the afternoon of that day. The smell of rain brought a bit of vigor to the young man as he increased the throttle, and slowly moved the handles of "Epona" to bring the rider closer to the direction of Kakariko city. This vehicle was in particular able to handle lifting off higher from the ground far more so than any other speed rider Lunsek was familiar with. It easily flew over the walls of Castle Hyrule, the tall buildings in the way, as well as the outer wall of Castle Town city...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:53 pm

The route to Kakariko that Lunsek took was not long, yet he made sure to go the longer way through the woods south of Castle Town and due West of Kakariko city. These woods, known as Faron woods ran right up to the Western edge of the city and weren't as watched by the King's men as the main road. The young man knew the pathways fairly well enough to get through Faron swiftly. It was when he got to the city where the real obstacles rose, as it was the middle of the Spring Festival Week in Kakariko. For more than generations, the people of Kakariko have held annual week long festivals to celebrate the coming of every season in addition to the coming of every new year. While in the oldest days of known and widely accepted history the Kakariko were known only to cater these festivals for themselves, it later began to include more and more each passing generation of outside cultures during the discovery of other species populating the other planets in the solar system. Nowadays, each festival is almost completely made up of diverse multicultural events and people of many races make the journey to planet Hyrule just to put on the same spectacular performances traditional to their specific species culture that they put on each year. People flooded the streets to see the many street performances, buy from the different vendors, and some to simply make merry with people from other worlds and make new friends to last a lifetime. The earthen race of Gorons from Goroe would usually set up wrestling tournaments that would be held out in the open on various street corners and cul-de-sacs. In the clubs scattered around the more urban areas, the aquatic (yet amphibious) Zora from planet Z'ranon put on their signature raves while the rest of their kind usually did beat-box group performances and individual contests out in the open streets. The avian race, Rito from Draconus set up their flying races which only were held in the Spring festival in addition to the speed rider races they put on for their brothers from other planets. The Deku, anamorphic plantlike creatures from Kokoro were lined up on various streets selling their one-of-a-kind jewelry, decor, and clothing for all species. Gerudo were known to also take part of Kakariko's festivities in the past, yet currently their government had began an isolationist movement to keep their traditions and way of life separate from those who didn't live on Gerudus. Lunsek had heard from Aviryin before that the Gerudo used to tell stories at night, and act out small plays of their traditional folktales as well as dance and sing to tunes and melodies that one wouldn't hear from anywhere else in the universe. The current situation had the young man thinking of the only event he deemed worthy of his attention. After reading the time on Epona's display panel, he realized that he was just a little late. Lunsek knew that she would wait for him, though. At least unless the "news" of his death had reached her before he did. The thought of seeing her, even if it were for the last time made Lunsek put aside running to Aviryin for now. The Oprah house wasn't too far off, as it was close to the Southwestern quadrant of Kakariko. The traffic is what slowed him down a bit, nearly to a crawl in some moments as Lunsek didn't want to look suspicious by displaying the flight capabilities of Epona.

Especially when he noticed Royal Guardsman covering the entrance to the parking lot. Without even thinking, Lunsek eased his speed rider to the side of the road, then speed down an alleyway. He wasn't as familiar with the urban parts of Kakariko as he was with Faron, yet his sense of direction and the aid of Epona's navigation system allowed him to plot a course to the back of the Oprah House. The areas within the alleyways were fairly uninhabited and rarely patrolled as Lunsek could tell while passing through them. Then at last, he made it to the rear of the theater. There was a few lights that lit the way from the back door of the Oprah House to the dumpsters which colored the area with an amber hue. After dismounting Epona, the speed rider fit snugly between a couple dumpsters. And with the application of some cardboard that was lying around coupled with the shade of the dumpsters, no one would tell that the vehicle was there at first glance. Now he just had to find Saria somehow without being seen by Guardsman that were most likely ordered to detain him on sight. Before Lunsek even made a few steps towards the alleyway to get to the theater entrance, a sudden voice called out from behind him.
"And just where do you think you're going?"
Lunsek stopped and spun his head around, expecting to see a specter of a man with a weapon pointed.
"It's already call for scene six! You better get yourself back in costume before those curtains go up, or I'll have your head!"
What Lo saw was by no means a specter, while he was making threats as if he had a weapon. Rather, he was a simple looking man with semi-long, wavy black hair and dark brown eyes that looked black in the dim light. Lunsek shook his head, and backed away only to land his body against something that felt like an odd shaped brick wall. A pair of massive arms wrapped around the young man, and he began to thrash about.
"I caught him, goro!" bellowed some voice behind Lunsek. He shortly realized that he was caught in the arms of a Goron.
"Great job, Durryl! One way or another, he's going on."
"Wait! This is a mistake!"
"Of course it was! Show business for you is always a mistake! That doesn't mean you can just break our little contract. At least, not unless you want Durryl here to rearrange your body parts!"
"HOOOOoooweeeeee! You're looking a LOT better in the face tonight! I see you took my advice on staying away from alcohol? Good on ya!"
This remark made Lunsek sigh, and he gave up on trying to escape the iron grip of the earthen creature Durryl. "I swear, getting you out of the bottle took you back at least ten years, as far as looks. ANYWAY! Let's get you back to the dressing room."
It seemed that once again, Lunsek was captured and being put through something against his will. Briefly, his new Goron friend carried Lunsek through a crowded room full of stage performers gathering props for a scene transition as well as touching up on makeup and costumes here and there. The raven haired man led the way to a smaller room which Durryl proceeded to throw the young man into. Then the black haired man snapped his fingers.
"Hero's costume! We need it here, stat!"
The command got the attention of a straggler who in turn approached the costume rack in the back corner, producing a costume that was contained in a black bag marked with the word "Hero" on the front. After receiving the bag and the phrase "Break a leg" from the straggler, Lunsek turned to look around the room. As he simply gazed about, the black haired man then pushed the back of the young man's head to force him behind the dressing curtain in the back corner of the small room.
"You probably have about eight minutes. So get that thing on! And don't forget the sword on your way out!" he finished demanding before shutting the curtain, and then slamming the door to the room as he walked out. Lunsek opened the bag to reveal something... green.
"Oh... my..."
The name of the play that Saria intended to watch with Lunsek was coming back to him now. "The Legend Days: Hero of Hyrule". The "Hero" of course is an unnamed young man who in the dark times of Hyrule obtained "The Sword of Evil's Bane" and an unnamed artifact that was another gift blessed by the deities. Both the sword and artifact gave the Hero the power to slay the Demon, who many nowadays state is only a theatrical manifestation of the dark ages of Hyrule as well as the rest of the solar system rather than an actual demon. While before, the story was meant to recall the Legend Days and be entertained by the magic and intrigue of days supposedly long gone, it is now received by the mainstream as a social commentary in a very imaginative allegory. Even with the change of reception, the costume arrangement still followed the traditional fairytale. The Hero was dressed in a green fabric tunic and robe, wore a dark green headband on his head, and held the legendary sword in his left hand while holding a metal shield in the right. In less than four minutes, Lunsek was wearing at least the clothes fitting the part. By the time he stepped out from behind the curtain, the black haired man cracked the door open a little and peered inside.
"Good! You're dressed."
Lunsek gave a slight smirk in reply.
"Listen. I found who I was actually looking for passed out in the other dressing room. I don't think he's going to make it through tonight's performance. Think you might be able to save my play, anyway?"
In reply, Lunsek shook his head, sighed again, and slumped his shoulders.
"You'll be payed twice as much as he would have been."
"I don't know any of the lines, though."
This remark brought a sharp sarcastic smile to the man's face.
"Well it's a good thing the role is SILENT then, eh!?"
Lunsek cleared his throat and nodded, feeling a little embarrassed about forgetting that one of the most iconic roles of even modern day theatrics, the Hero of Hyrule actually didn't have any speaking lines. It was a way off letting the audience decide for themselves how the character talked and what they said exactly in their own minds as they watched the play.
"I guess you meant to say that as a joke. Either way. Excellent! There's the sword and shield! You gotta get out there now, as it seems the orchestra started warming up earlier than usual."
The man pointed to the side of the room where a old looking piece of metal shaped like a sword was resting innocently against the wall, next to a shimmering blue shield that looked real enough in spite of being made of simple plastic. Quickly, Lunsek approached the items taking the shield in the correct hand. While the young man was ambidextrous, he favored his left hand usually. A fact that never really brought any suspicion to Lunsek.

That was before what happened next, however.

As Lunsek gripped the sword, he lifted it up to his eyes as he thought he saw a flash of light come from it. His eyes weren't playing tricks, as the light began to glow brighter and brighter. Confused, Lunsek pointed the sword upwards. Then a brilliant ball of light formed around the sword, and a beam erupted from the seemingly simple hunk of metal and tore a medium sized hole through the ceiling. There was no shock-wave, save from where the ceiling was damaged. The black haired man's eyes opened full and his jaw dropped.
"WOAH!! I've never seen it do THAT before!" the man exclaimed, seeming to still be too calm about the event to Lunsek. "You never know what to expect from a hunk of junk that's been used as a prop since beyond the old days!" the man then remarked, still sounding calm to Lunsek.
"No time to sit there and gawk! Get on stage already!" implored the man. Lunsek stumbled over some mumbled words, and then obeyed without thinking. As he walked out of the room, the young man realized that the sound made by the beam tearing through the building caused quite a commotion in the rest of the backstage. There were many going "What on blessed Hyrule was that" and more using the various other versions of the statement depending on where the person was from. "It's fine! Everything's alright! A drunkard was just passing through! He was a little violent, but I'm sure he just passed out in one of the dressing rooms! Durryl's going to get rid of him as soon as this act is over! BACK TO WORK, PEOPLE!"
As Lunsek slowly made his way through the mass of people, one stagehand in particular noticed the shimmering light coming from the sword.
"Hey, you didn't say we we're using any special effects like that for this play, boss!"
"It's nothing! Back to work!"
A senior stagehand then noticed, as well.
"Isn't it tradition not to use modern effects like that with the sword for this play?"
"Ahhhh, the purists can sue me for every rupee I have for all I care! We've got a show to put on!"
The "boss" followed behind Lunsek as he made his way down a corridor that led to the stage after going through the soundproof barrier.
"Ease up a little, and just act naturally," the black haired man implored Lunsek in a whisper right behind the young man. "Really, ANYBODY could play the Hero if they wanted to."
"What exactly am I doing in this scene, though?" the young man ventured to ask before going through the door.
"The Hero is making his way through Hyrule Field to get to the castle and save the princess. You're supposed to run into the Demon for the first time in this scene, and he's too powerful for the Hero to beat him because he doesn't have the legendary artifact yet. Just walk-preferably run on the conveyer belt until the theme music changes, then go down when you see the red flash of light. You'll know which one I'm talking about. And after you go down the lights will go out to end the scene," explained the boss. A worried look came on Lunsek's face as he realized that if Saria was watching, she'd probably recognize him and flip out on him later. The thought of such a young woman would stop anyone in their tracks. "Ohhh, just get out there already! You'll do fine! And the name's Franc. If you do well here tonight, I might ask you to perform some other time."
Franc then opened the door and gently shoved Lunsek through it. He then proceeded to shove the young man to the side of the stage, and Lunsek's heart raised at the sound of the rather large audience.
"Break a leg!" Franc finally said before giving Lunsek a final shove to get him in the correct spot before curtain-up. As soon as the boss was offstage it seemed, the orchestra on the other side of the curtain slowly began the music cue for the scene.

Lunsek was a little startled at first when the curtain opened and lights came on. Then he put on a determined face and began to walk along the conveyer belt that was cleverly hidden from the view of the audience. A projection behind him showed a three dimensional representation of Hyrule field. As the music began to build momentum and tempo, Lunsek then broke into a run that he carried out for the rest of the theme. The soft interlude seemed a cue to the young man, and he lifted his face up momentarily as if he were gaining vigor from a gentle breeze across the windswept field. As the music was brought to it's dramatic climax, there was an applause that went up for a moment. Then a very notable cue came to Lunsek in the form of a man riding a mechanical black horse (which would look fairly real to someone at a distance). Lunsek then stopped, and made to stare down the man dressed in a black robe. The hood that hid the man's face was drawn back to reveal a black skinned face with scarlet hair and beard. The eyes were shimmering gold color surrounded in glowing red. The applause ended, and cued the next short musical piece.

Then, the man playing the Demon spoke in a loud, handsome yet notably twisted sounding voice.
"Hah! So I see you acquired the 'Sword of Evil's Bane' to fight me! That sword will not best me when used by one who is not powerful enough to wield it!"
There was a pause then, and Lunsek let it build for a moment before he defiantly thrust his shield forward and brandished his steel. This incurred a low bellowing laugh from "the Demon" who then simply raised his right hand at the young man. "Your courage impresses me. Yet, even mice are courageous when cornered by the cat!"
A bright red flash then occurred while "the Demon" let loose a harsh cry. Lunsek in turn fell backwards to the ground, as instructed. The lights went out, and before the curtain closed, a longer musical piece was played.

A thunderous applause almost drowned the music out as the curtains finally closed.
"That's what I like to hear, kid." Franc thought to himself as he was standing behind a prop-tree with his arms crossed and his left hand around his chin.

Out in the audience, there was a girl who didn't clap along with the rest of the people. The brown-haired, blue eyed young woman was distracted in thought. Her friend who was in the next seat over to the right turned to the girl with the short brown hair with concern.
"You should just forget about what happened, Saria. Men come and go in a blink of an eye."
"He wasn't like other men," 'Saria' insisted with a rather put off look on her face. "That, and it's hard to forget about him here when every year they put on this play the Hero looks more and more like Lo!"
"Shhhhhhh! Try not to be so loud. If the play bothers you so much right now, we could just leave and do something else. I was hoping we'd be able to ditch this boring thing and go to a Zora rave, anyway."
Saria stared at the black stage curtain seeming to get lost in thought for a moment again.
"No, it's fine." she finally stated.
"Ahwwww. Oh well."

Meanwhile, several Royal Guardsman outside the theater who noticed the light suddenly shoot out of the building were giving calls to the guardhouse, asking for instructions. A sudden order directly from the King's personal emergency line demanded any Guardsman in the area to investigate the matter...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:10 pm

The next few scenes went by without difficulty. The Hero Lunsek played was going through various trials in order to obtain the Legendary Artifact, slaying several large and some monstrous foes. Other prop weapons were used scene after scene like a fake yet convincing bow and arrow. Lunsek tried to have as much fun with the role, yet the whole thing seemed tiring. He really only went through with playing the Hero as it seemed for now the best way to avoid the Royal Guardsman, for a while at least. The applause after each scene ending was enough to tell the young man that he was doing a well enough job. All of Lunsek's thoughts were on finding Saria. Even as the last scene ended, he stepped to the side of the curtain to scan the crowd in hopes he might discover her within it. A few moments passed looking at face to face in the audience, with not much hope as the lighting wasn't good enough for Lunsek to make out much facial features of any of them. He gave up, and decided to wait for the props for the next scene to be brought to him. Franc would usually be waiting just after the prior scene ended, accompanied by a stagehand he ordered to carry said props. Yet, there was no sight of the black haired man now. Lunsek then approached the stage door to the backstage greenroom. He stopped in the doorway and peered in cautiously after hearing what he did.
"What are they doing in here!? This area is supposed to be closed to every-woh-"
"By order of the King! We are searching the premises!"
"What for!? We're trying to put on a play here!"
It seemed that Franc was arguing with Royal Guardsman who had suddenly barged in. Was it because of what happened when he picked up the Hero's sword? The Guardsman Lunsek saw were forcing their way through the several angry stagehands and actors to get to the dressing rooms. The black haired man was forced back by both the Guardsman and the stagehands, ignored by the King's men. As Franc then turned his glance, he noticed Lunsek in the stage door and then quietly approached him.
"We're having a little bit of trouble back here," he stated in a low voice.
"I can tell," Lunsek replied flatly.
"Something doesn't feel right about it. Anyway. The next scene is the big finale for Act I. It's pretty simple, actually. See, the Hero is facing off against the last big monster before he gets the Legendary Artifact. Here's how it's going to work ow-"
"Where is Mr. Franc?"
The boss' face crinkled to express his displeasure at being interrupted.
"'Be Right there!" he shouted over his shoulder, then looking back to the Hero. "Look, just get to wardrobe and get the props you need. I'd get them for you myself, but my hands are tied right now it seems."
Franc then walked back down the hallway into the greenroom. Lunsek followed cautiously after him, stopping before he came in view of the Guardsmen.
"So you found nothing? Good! Then leave here before I make a call to your superiors!"
"We discovered these clothes one of the dressing rooms. It matches the description of what a criminal was last wearing."
"You don't think more than one person in Hyrule would be wearing bland clothes like that?"
As Franc had the King's men distracted, Lunsek stealthily made his way across the back of the greenroom to get to wardrobe. He kept his head turned away from the Guardsman as he went, and didn't pay too much attention to where he was going before he rammed into a familiar statue-like being.
"Hmmm. I think those are your clothes they're looking at, new guy," said a voice that was also familiar. Lunsek looked up at the Goron with worry in his eyes. "No need to worry. I won't tell them anything. You still have to finish this play."
This made the young man sigh in relief, and Lunsek continued on to the wardrobe room as Durryl followed. Just as Lunsek was about to walk into the room, he stopped short.
"So have you seen anyone here matching this description?"
Durryl had taken hold of Lunsek's shoulder before the young man had turned the corner.
"Let me handle this, goro."
Lunsek nodded at the Goron, and let him enter the room.
"Pardon me, sir. No one is getting ready for the next scene because you're making a scene in here. Allow me to show you out, then."
"Wha-WAIT! You don't under-YOU are INTERFERING in a ROYAL INVESTIGATION! I will have you arres-hhnnd mhfff-fffaah!"
Durryl talked over the unfortunate man, and as he exited the room it could be seen how the Guardsman's voice had been muffled as the Goron was holding the man by the head. "I would hope that you better understand how important this play is, as it's put on by many different races and is seen as one of the few unifying cultural events of our time. You shouldn't want to interrupt such an important event."
Lunsek smiled at the Goron as he hauled off the Guardsman with little trouble. Durryl even made sure to cover the man's eyes with his large stubby fingers. The young man was now free to enter the wardrobe room, where he saw in the middle of the several costumes and props an old Rito female. She seemed to be hunched over and fussing with something in her hands, facing the opposite direction.
"Excuse me?" he stated, catching the Rito woman's attention. She startled when she first glanced at the young man, dropping whatever it was in her hands.
"Good gracious! You gave me a scare just now! Do you know that in the wrong light you look just like that criminal they're after?" she said, putting her winged arm against her chest. Worry came back to Lunsek's eyes, until the Rito picked up what she dropped. Lunsek could see that she was fussing with was a pair of thick glasses. The Rito must have been cleaning them while the Guardsman showed her the picture.
"So... you needed something?" she then asked as Lunsek was just standing there remarking at his luck for a moment.
"Oh! Yes. I need the Hero's props for the next scene," he explained.
"Ah. Well, let's see here. Hmmmmmmm." As "Hmmm" came from the Rito's beak, she pointed with her finger and scanned over several items on the prop table in the back of the room with it. "There!" she then stated as she came across the item in question. It was an oddly shaped flute-like instrument colored bluish green, looking to be made of polished porcelain... because there's no way wood could have that much shine and color to it, right?
Lunsek approached the table, and took up the the object finding out after closer inspection that it was only made of textured plastic. Looked convincing, though.
"Now, remember to look like you're playing it along with the orchestra flute during the scene."
"What is this supposed to be, anyway?"
"Why, it's an ocarina you ignoramus! Now get back out on stage!"
Lunsek nodded and then obeyed, only as soon as he got out of the door he was face to face with an angry looking man in armor. The young man tried his best to hide his face as he briskly walked around the man.
"I thought Durryl took care of you! I haven't seen the man you're looking for."
"Is that so? I could have you locked up for lying to the Royal Guard. As for the Goron, he may well be locked away himself for interfering with an official investigation," replied the man with a careless tone of voice. "And as for you, "Hero". You're coming with me right away."
Lunsek stopped for a moment, realizing he hadn't covered his face in time. Without thinking any further, Lunsek made a mad dash for the stage door.
"Men! After him!" the man cried at his subordinates, who quickly followed orders as they tried to shove their way through the stagehands and performers. They had significant difficulty, though as the stagehands and otherwise now were purposely barring the way of the Guardsman. Lunsek made it through the door with no one able to stop him. He didn't hesitate in running on stage, and then he burst out of the front curtain. Not everyone in the crowd noticed him or paid much mind to him until he suddenly cried out as loud as possible.
There was now an uproar of concerned murmurs as the majority of the audience was confused as to what was going on. The girl with the brown hair and blue eyes startled at the sound of the voice.
"What'd you say about the Hero looking more like Lo every year?" Saria's female companion commented with an odd look of doubt.
"This isn't just a coincidence, Malea. That... really has to be him."
"What are you saying? That he's back from the dead or something?"
Saria gave no more mind to her friend as she stood up, and waved her arms in the air.
Hearing her voice, no matter how shrill it was in the moment she called back, was what the young man had been hoping to hear all day. A few seconds was all it took for him to find Saria in the crowd, as she was the only one currently standing in the dim lit auditorium. Their gaze met, and even though they were at a bit of a distance they took in one another's unmistakable facial features...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:41 am

The young man jumped down off stage, and zigzagged through the orchestra seated in front of it. The young woman herself began to push her way out of the isle, getting some curious and some enraged looks from the rest of those sitting in the isle. Lunsek then approached Saria as she approached him on the walkway to the right side of the theater. They both stopped a few paces from one another, Lunsek stopping as he considered what might happen with her being with him now, while Saria stopped to stand there in disbelief.
"Lo. I thought you were dead."
After they exchanged words, they came closer to each other and Saria embraced the young man.
"It was all over the news. And then I find you playing the Hero? Lunsek, what's really going on?"
Lunsek was surprised that she wasn't angry with him, yet wounded by the fact that Saria was so troubled.
"It's a long, complicated story," he went on to say, just before the auditorium lights turned on, full. Everyone in the audience and the orchestra covered their eyes for a moment, before a Royal soldier emerged from each of the entrances to the auditorium.
"General Onox, we have the criminal in sight in the auditorium, conversing with a young female Hylian!" the soldier closest to Lunsek and Saria shouted through a communicator attached to his helmet.
"** Detain the criminal at once, and take in the girl as well for questioning! **" returned the voice that was the same voice Lunsek heard from the large man in armor from the greenroom.
"and it seems I can't explain much of it right now! We've got to get out of here!" the supposed criminal continued to tell his also supposed "accomplice". Lunsek then grabbed Saria's hand and lightly ran in the direction of the auditorium entrance. He gripped the "sword" still in it's sheath at his right hip and drew it on the soldier, who even though he was armed with a spear and a small sidearm, panicked while also remarking slightly at the light that emitted from the blade.
"The criminal has just drawn a weapon! Permission to use sidearm!" the soldier shouted over the communicator as Lunsek came closer. The Guardsman then began to reach for his gun, until Onox replied again.
"** Do NOT engage with your sidearm in the auditorium! It would cause more of a panic! **"
At this, the soldier then gripped his spear with both hands and as Lunsek came in range, the Guardsman made a thrust for the young man's shoulder. Before the tip of the spear got within a foot of him, Lunsek swung the sword to collide it's dull edge sharply against the Guardsman's leading hand on the spear. The pole was knocked from the one hand, and went off it's intended course. And before the soldier could attempt at a side kick, Lunsek pointed downward with the sword at the knee that the Guardsman was putting all his weight on. The collision of metal against flesh and bone in this way caused the soldier to lose all balance and fall backward after one strong motion of the sword. The entrance was now without obstacle, allowing Lunsek to guide dear Saria along with him out of the auditorium, safely.
"Why are they after you, Lo? You didn't do anything, right?" asked the young woman as they made their way through the inner lobby. Lunsek heard the question yet was preoccupied with scanning around the room for anymore Guardsman at first.
"I didn't do anything wrong, if that makes you feel better," the young man stated as he continued to lead his companion to the door leading to the outer lobby. Lunsek's words didn't comfort Saria at all, as a frown came on her face to express just that. A confused looking Goron stood beside the inner lobby entrance. The male rock-born was in a red tuxedo-like outfit, designating him as the ticket collector "slash" doorman.
"So many soldiers coming through here tonight," remarked the Goron as Lunsek approached.
"Tell me about it," the young man remarked in reply before kicking the door open, much to the Goron's surprise. There was a guardsman accompanied by three more who was about to open the door himself before it collided with him and the force of Lunsek kicking it sent the man on his back. As the door made to close behind the young man and woman, the Goron took hold of it to keep it open for him to see Lunsek single-handedly send the rest of the soldiers on their backs with just two motions with his sword.
"I suppose I should be rooting for the one in the Hero costume," the mineral-skinned man stated in honesty, albeit comically put as well as more to himself with no one else there caring to listen to him at the moment. Lunsek made his way through the outer lobby with Saria's hand still in his. The young man wanted more time to gaze at the interior of the place to take in the nostalgia he felt. There was only one time he had been to the Kakariko Oprah house. His mother took him there when he was too young to remember what play they went to see together. The young man's pace slowed slightly, and Saria's hand then gently tightened around Lunsek's.
"Being here reminds you of her a lot, doesn't?" the understanding young woman asked, which made Lunsek slightly turn his head back. He couldn't bare to try answering. Lunsek needed to stay focused without emotional baggage at this moment after all, if he wanted to best the Royal Guardsman he could now see lining up to try and bar him off from escaping. As he approached the soldiers (that were seven in number), Saria began to look very worried. Lunsek then withdrew his hand for hers, and made a mad dash toward the Guardsman all the way to the left. The young man then took hold of the plastic shield strapped to his back, and flung it at the soldier who attempted to lift a hand to keep the object from hitting his face. Lunsek came in range the faster, though and the sword in his left hand collided against the Guardsman's face through the shield that flew to pieces upon contact with the metal. The light from the dull yet hard blade flashed like fire through the air as Lunsek made quick work of the five other soldiers that tried to surround him. Each spear point was put aside with the cold steel in the young man's hands before the blade turned to give a well aimed returning blow, each strong enough to cripple the soldier hit enough to make them stay on the ground when they fell. The last soldier on the right end ran towards Saria and made to grab her. Lunsek made a quick dash, then a leap into the air, followed by his metal singing through the air as both his hands were around the hilt to bring the sword hard against the back of the Royal Guardsman's head. A dent was left in the back of the man's helmet by the blow, before the soldier fell to the ground incapacitated in front Saria. Her eyes were still wide from seeing the display of Lunsek's finesse and fortitude in the short battle.
"W-where did you learn to use a sword like that, Lo?" she asked without thinking. Lunsek took her hand in his again while giving fer a flat look and response.
"From my uncle Russl."
Saria now seemed speechless, as she now figured out why her dear Lo made all those trips to see his uncle in Kakariko.
"Where else would you expect?" Lunsek inquired as he took note of the young woman's expression, which then changed to narrowed eyes and a curious smile. "Let's go then since these gentlemen in particular won't give us anymore trouble the rest of the night," the young man said, tugging on Saira's hand. She nodded and began to lightly run along with him through the exit, out onto the streets of downtown Kakariko city. Through the crowds around the building, Lunsek could make out Royal Guardsman gripping rifles in their hands, covering both alleyways leading back to where he had hid Epona. The speed rider seemed to be their best chance of fleeing, yet it certainly wasn't worth the risk of getting hit with military rifles at the moment. After a quick scan of the buildings across the street, Lunsek stopped his gaze on one of them. "Manhandla Melody" was the name of the place, displayed in large neon lighted letters over the main entrance. A dance club might serve as a useful hiding place... at least, Lunsek hoped it was just a dance club as he guided Saria to the front door.
"Oh good. You might be able to get your fill of Kakariko ale here before those Guardsman find us and shoot you dead," she commented when they j-walked the street in the direction of the place that she seemed to already be knowledgeable of. Lunsek frowned at the sarcastic suggestion.
"That actually might not be a bad idea," he then replied back in comment. A rather large and muscular Zora stood beside the door. A short line of oddly dressed people of various races stood there as well, outside the bustling traffic further down the sidewalk. Before he came in view of the bouncer, Lunsek sheathed the sword. He then approached the immense aquatic biped more casually than cautiously.
"Hey, you can just let us in, right? It's been a long day, and we just want a dance and a few drinks," the young man explained to the large-and-in-charge Zora. The bouncer turned his head, with a curious yet calm look on his face.
"Hey. Nice costume. I like it. Yeah, you and your lady can come on in." the Zora said in a burly deep voice. Lunsek smiled, and went to enter the building before the bouncer's overbearing hand caught hold of the young man's shoulder. "Although, I'm tellin' you right now. That little lady better not try drinkin' anythang alcoholic, or there'll be soooome trouble. You dig?"
"Oh, of course. Hah hah hah!"
Saria's face flushed a little, and she turned her glance to the side uncomfortably. After Lunsek confirmed his answer to the bouncer, he withdrew his arm.
"A'ight. You two get ch-yourself on in there, then." he said as he opened the door and signaled with his free hand welcoming them to walk into the building. The beat of high-end bass amplifiers almost stung Lunsek's ears as soon as the door opened for them.

Saria seemed strangely immune to the effects of the loud thumping music that seemed so prevalent to Lunsek. As they made their way, they passed various people standing against the walls of the walkway, nodding their heads or tapping their appendages to the beat. Saria drew closer to Lunsek and brought her mouth to his ear.
"Do I really still look under-aged!?" she asked him loud enough for the young man to hear her over the music. Lunsek turned his head to Saria and shrugged his shoulders. The young woman didn't know what to say after that. The walkway the two continued on split with a set of stairs just ahead leading to the bar, and the other small stairway to the right leading straight to the dance floor. There was a sign that stated the bar had sound quieting devices for the use of patrons. Saria tried to lead Lunsek to the right, before noticing him tug in the opposite direction. She then drew her head close to the young man's ear again.
"How about that dance!?"
All Lunsek gave in reply was an uncomfortable frown, and a loose point of his finger directly at the bar. Saria threw the young man's hand away, shaking her head, and then she stomped off up the stairs to the dance floor. Lunsek followed her with his eyes for a moment, before giving an inaudible sigh as he continued up the stairs leading to the bar. The young man sat after someone got up from one of the bar-stools. He then donned the sound quieting equipment hung to the side of the seat which looked like a pair of large earmuffs, allowing the bartender to communicate with him easily through the transmitter device built into the equipment with a press of a button just in front of where Lunsek sat.
"What'll you have there, Hero?"
Lunsek pressed the button for him to reply to the thin, slim, and female Hylian barkeep.
"Three bottles of Kakariko ale, hold the glass... actually, I'll just have one medium glass of Gleeok."
The barkeep turned around twice before Lunsek made his mind up, and then quickly got a fresh glass that she poured a thin, brownish red liquid in before placing it in front of the young man. As Lunsek noticed the expecting look on the barkeep's face, he suddenly realized that he didn't have a single rupee on him. He made to press the transmit button to explain this, yet a hand from the right shot out and landed hard on the table in front of the young man.
"Don't worry about it, Hero! Your drink is on me tonight!" said the person next to him via transmitter. Lunsek looked to the side, and then quickly back down at the man's hand. As the hand was removed, it left behind two blue rupees amounting to ten rupees in cash. After they were revealed the barkeep nodded at the other patron, and took the payment to stash it in the cash register appropriately. Lunsek looked to the charitable person, and startled when he recognized him. The man was a finely built Rito still wearing his postman uniform, which was a dark greyish brown-red set of coveralls with the white name-tag displaying the name "Quill" on top of the right breast-pocket. The Rito man in turn raised his eyebrows to express his surprise to find who it was exactly that he just payed for.
"You haven't had one too many to convince you to start getting other people drunk so easily, have you Q-ie?" Lunsek asked the avian man snidely. A calm yet serious expression came on the Rito's brow just over his yellowish light-brown eyes.
"You're looking fairly well for a dead man. And in such a bold costume as well. As far as your comment on my charity goes, Lunsek Hanlon, I'll be honest and say you're about to drink more alcohol from that one glass than I have in my entire life," came Quill's response. Lunsek gave the Rito a full smile and lifted his glass to the avian before taking a short sip from it's contents. Quill slightly shook his head, and took a gulp of his non-alcoholic tea. "Seriously, though. The news program I saw today saying that you died in some terrorist attack broke my heart more than when the rain got today's races canceled."
Lunsek gave a long sigh, before making a side glance to the Rito beside him.
"The truth is complicated, and I intend to tell Saria all about it before anyone else. As soon as we can leave here safely, that is"
This brought a startled look on Quill's face.
"You mean Saria is here as well? You better not keep the truth from her for long. Where is she?"
"She wanted to dance. I just wanted a drink to take the edge off."
This made the Rito man slowly shake his head. He then finished his tea and stood up.
"I'll go check on her for you then, Hero."
Quill then removed the device from his head and hung it on the holder for it before he made his way across the bar to the dance floor. It didn't take long for the avian to find the young woman standing by her lonesome in the far back corner, looking forlornly at the mass of several couples moving their bodies to the beat close to one another. When the Rito male approached, Saria noticed him and gave a gentle smile as a greeting.
"I just spoke with Lo! He said you wanted to dance, so I came to offer my wing!"
The young woman's smile widened and she gave the noble anamorphic bird a nod of her head, allowing Quill to then take her arm in his. They moved toward the center of the dance floor and then began to motion their limbs around in mutual dance. The song was beginning to end, and as Saria got into position to where she could see the entrance she suddenly noticed the several soldiers that were now going from person to person.
"Is something wrong!?" Quill asked in concern for her sudden change in expression. The song ended, allowing for her to explain to her avian friend quietly.
"Those Royal Guardsman that you can see over towards the edge of the dance floor over there are after Lo for some reason."
"Lunsek did seem to hint that you two were in some type of trouble."
The DJ at the back of the room grabbed the microphone at his side to give an announcement.
"Hey you party animals! Don't be worryin' about those soldiers bein' here. I'm sure they have there reasons, y'all! Anyway! I'm gonna start taking requests here now, so if you got a song in mind, maybe for someone special, you come on up here and let Daddy-Z know what you want to hear!"
After hearing this, quick thinking led to Saria coming up with an idea.
"You know, I think it might be good for you to ask Daddy-Z to play your favorite song," she suggested to Quill. The avian gave a curious look in response before acknowledging her request with a more understanding nod of his head.
"You might be right. Make sure to convince Lo that this is his tune to dance to from now on if it manages to save him here," Quill suggested in return before quickly making his way to the DJ station. Saria moved herself in the direction of the bar. As she approached behind the young man, the DJ let out another announcement.
"Okay, party animals! First request of the night is for all you birds and bird lovers. Let's crank it up with the Draconus National Anthem, REEEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX!"

As the music started playing, Saria then tugged on Lunsek's shoulder who then turned and gave her a flat look. The young man then took off the ear muffs, took one last large gulp of the Gleeok and then took Saria's arm in his. He noticed the Guardsman then, and turned to say something to the young woman beside him.
"Don't worry! Quill and the rest of the Rito have things under control!" Saria assured him before stopping right at the edge of the bar, and began swinging her hips hypnotically with her arms in the air. Lunsek stood for a moment, trying to gain trust in the girl's plan before he finally joined her in the dance. His body going in motion close around the young woman. The several Rito within the establishment formed circles and began a ritualistic like dance that involved a few motions with the legs first before they made sweeping motions with their arms as if slowly taking flight. As the Guardsman made their way to each Rito circle, they were suddenly drawn into the center and weren't given any chance to escape around their bodies that then began to twirl as well. Lunsek was beginning to really get into the music, and even felt transformed by it. The sensation he couldn't very well explain, and he didn't really care to at the moment. And after a few moments of getting to really enjoy the dance he shared with Saria, Lunsek frowned when the young woman stopped as she scanned the room. She then turned to her former dance partner and nodded before offering her hand. Lunsek took her hand and nodded back as he then quickly led Saria out of the club.
"You changed your costume in there? I don't know about this version of the Hero you're trying to pull, but hey I still like it! You two love birds keep it real, eh? N' have a wonderful night!" the bouncer said to the pair as they once again made it out to the streets of downtown. The comment about changing his costume peeked a little curiosity from Lunsek, but he continued walking anyway putting it off his mind. He scanned the other side of the street where they came from, finding one of the alleyways no longer kept in check by any soldiers at all. So Lo then j-walked towards the alley, trying to get cover from the Guardsman around the other alleyway by blending into the crowd. As he walked, Saria gave several worried and curious looks at Lunsek. Something was definitely off with the young man's appearance that she didn't want to trouble him about until they were completely out of sight range of the soldiers. When they were well through the alleyway and just turning the corner, Saria finally spoke up.
"Okay, Lo. I think we're well enough out of harms way for you to start telling about how you're able to do... that."
Lunsek gave the young woman a confused look.
"Just what do you mean by "that"?" he asked curiously. Saria moved the young man over a rain puddle and pointed down.
"I mean that. Just how are you doing that? And what's going on with half of the military trying to arrest you? Is there some connection to this?"
Lunsek looked down at the puddle, and as the rippling calmed down he was able to see the reflection. Yet, what he saw was the face and body of a Rito in the dim orange tinted light staring back at him...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

~Takuan Sōhō, Musashi
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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:54 am

It was like something in a dream. Even the clothes around his body had slightly changed according to the body type of a Rito. Yet even as Lunsek touched the beak on his face, it began to transform from the hard, yellowish bony structure back into typical flesh. In a few seconds flat, the young man was staring at what looked like his ordinary reflection. For a moment, he was speechless.
"...I have no idea how I just did that," Lunsek finally stated as he rubbed both of his palms down his face. He could easily guess though, that this was something to do with what the Majora Device did to him. There was a slight pain that could now be felt in his stomach, yet he had to ignore it for now. "Anyway, we've gotta go."
"*sigh* Go where, Lo? Those guardsman aren't going to take long before they find us again," Saria replied with more vexation in her voice than just an indignant tone.
"It's... it's okay. We've gotta ride," he replied calmly, yet the pain was growing in his stomach and even caused the slight pause in his speech. Lunsek then gathered his strength to grab Saria by the hand and continue to lead her further behind the Oprah House, towards the speed rider that was waiting just where the young man left it.

On the roof of the Oprah House stood a lone Afroza agent, gazing down below at the pair in the alleyway. She did not have a weapon drawn. All the woman did was press the transmit button on the side of her helmet.
"General Onox. Altiae Guard. The perp and female accomplice have been spotted in the alleyway behind the Theater. The speed rider the perp used to escape has been tracked to this area via vapor trail readings. Suggested approach; allow the pair to board and take off, then open fire with laser rifles before they get too far."
"**Understood. Carry on.**"

"Where did you get this? There's no way you could afford something like that," was the first reaction that Saria had when she saw Lunsek unveil Epona.
"Just get on. And stop being so-mgh... Just trust me," he assured, while both catching himself before saying something he'd regret as well as stopped talking due to the stomach pain. Lunsek was very careful not to jostle around too much as he just stretched more than hopped onto the rider seat. As soon as Saira was on board and gripping his shoulders, the young man throttled the rider into ignition, backed out a little further from the dumpsters, and then took off down the alley. As the rider speed up, Lunsek pulled back to gain altitude until he was just over the tops of the surrounding buildings. As he guided the rider with one hand, the other plotted a course on the navigation system.
"In a little while, we'll be safe at your uncle's house."
Saria's expression didn't change from the uncomfortable, and leery frown that was on her face. She knew she could trust Lunsek, but what was going to happen in the next given moment? Was whatever he was involved in going to drag Uncle Avir into the danger as well?


Matters just got more complicated. The sudden sound that now caught both of their attention was that of a laser rifle blast, clearly aimed in their direction as the beam was seen whizzing just to the right of the speed rider. Before Lunsek could try any more encouraging words to keep Saria calm as he began to take evasive action, several more laser blasts shot by them on both sides. This made the girl let out a scream before she wrapped her arms around Lunsek's waist tightly. This brought on the utmost discomfort to the young man to say the least, as the pain refused to go away and acted naturally to how any ulcerous sores would react to such stimuli. It wasn't a pain Lunsek was used to, yet he swallowed hard and maneuvered Epona as best he could to try and avoid the gun fire. He tried a hard right, and just as he managed to sidestep more than a few lasers, one better aimed shot landed and made a trail of blackened smoke as the rider made it's way further. Lunsek hadn't the slightest clue what it hit exactly... aside from the fact he could feel the impact of the shot on his right hip. His initial reaction to this was increasing throttling to full speed, or at least as far as the throttle would go in the forward acceleration setting. It was like a rocket that then lit the sky with a trail of blue and green intertwining vapor trails.
"LUNSEK!!" Saria let out, although even as she screamed his name, the young man could barely hear her over the roar of Epona's thrust engine. Within a full two seconds, they were beyond the range of the rifles... as well as out of official Downtown Kakariko. General Onox himself gave a curse at the near aurora-like trail he saw in the scope, and lowered his own rifle.
"Another shot, and he would've been mine."
The line of soldiers that stood beside the tall man in orange plated armor from head to toe looked expectingly at their superior. The gruff man just tossed his rifle at the closest Gaurdsman, who even after he caught it impressively with his free hand, was then shoved directly to the ground by Onox in a momentary fit of rage. The other soldiers showed looks of shock and terror at the General before they rushed to get their comrade back on his feet. Onox spun around.
"What in BLAZING FURY are you imbeciles doing? Let him get back up himself!"
The order, while more infuriating to most of the better nerved Guardsman than frightening was still obeyed by all of them. And they each backed away as the stunned grounded soldier regained his bearings and slowly got to his feet. He moved to glare at the General, yet tossed his head aside as the man glared first.
"Get your sloppy unprofessional rear-ends in gear on over to the Guardhouse, then standby for further orders!"
The soldiers quickly (and gladly) left the General's company and went on their way to the transport that took them to their position so quickly. When they were well out of sight and sound when the transport took off, Onox then activated his communicator.
"Aleas Guard. Report. Any readings on that thing's vapor trail?"
"**This is Aleas Guard. Negative on vapor trail readings. It would appear that this speed rider is equipped with a thrust engine type that leaves an untraceable vapor trail after reaching a certain thrust rate.**"
"It shouldn't be hard to trace that thing visually, if you're quick! And what about that smoke trail after I nailed him one?"
"**Nothing will be able to track this rider at the speed it's going, as well as how fast the visual trail degenerates. Also, the hit on target with the laser rifle did not produce enough burn-off to leave a long enough trail for proper tacking. It must have been a partial burn on target, or you missed anything vital. Suggested approach; depend on all available third party sources of information for acquiring the perp's destination, and give a steadfast report of mission failure to King Glashneh.**"
"Understood. Carry on."
The tank of a man looked off toward the sky with a smug look behind his helmet's face mask. While Onox had a calm tone in his final transmission, as he lapsed into another momentary rage as he forced his right fist through a pillar that held a small(but important) com-tower beside him on the roof they were position on top of. Onox then gave another transmission.
"Front Guard. Order; call the cleanup crew. Over and out."

As soon as the buildings had all passed, Lunsek snapped out of it and speedily throttled down as well as braked. The speed rider then came to a slow halt at his control, and he then backslid in midair as he came to a stop. The rider hovered where it was in the air so the young man could gaze at the many lights of the Downtown area. Saria gradually loosened her grip on Lo, and opened her eyes towards the young man and then to what he was gazing at. Her look now was bewildered before she let her head fall against the back of Lunsek's shoulder.
"Lo... you better not get me and my uncle killed..."
At this, the young man looked over his shoulder at her. Then he looked down to his right side, and noticed something was missing around the char spot on his right hip.
"The sword," he remarked with a calm and quiet disdain from very sudden disappointment.
"What about it?" asked Saria with little interest displayed in her expression, as she didn't even lift her head from where it was resting.
"I almost thought for a moment... that it was... the real deal."
"You mean how it glowed like it did in your hand..? What makes you say this all of the sudden?"
The girl now lifted her head as her interest was peaked.
"Forget about it," Lunsek insisted as he jerked the throttle, and spun Epona back on the intended flight path to Uncle Avir's.
"Come on, Lunsek. What are you talking abou-Hey. Where is it?"
"Gone. They vaporized it with one shot. It pretty much saved my life, but other than that..."
Lunsek eased up the speed to a relatively average one.
"Other than that, I guess it really was just a hunk of metal... One strrrrrange hunk of metal,"...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

~Takuan Sōhō, Musashi
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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:56 am

By the time the familiar sight of Aviryin's observatory and home came into view, Saria was beginning to drift into sleep a little. As her eyes were closed and she kept her head and body against Lunsek's back, she didn't notice the driveway below them. The girl didn't even notice the speed rider gently slowing and coming to a stop just behind the small parking garage just outside the observatory. With a press of a button on the side of the speed rider, it landed softly on the loose gravel and grass that poked up through it. The brown haired girl's eyes opened upon her home with a blank look at first, as she doubted they would really make it. Lunsek took in a deep breath before dismounting the rider, taking care not to knock Saria off it as he did. She stretched and stifled a yawn before dismounting herself. Just as soon as the girl got her feet on the ground, Saria looked to the doorway just up a short path that lead to the front of the observatory. Her uncle was already standing just outside the door, and as soon as their eyes met the old man blundered down the walkway towards them.
"It's about time you two got here. Your uncle Russl told me you were in some sort of trouble just a short while ago, Lunsek. He mentioned you'd be here eventually and needed to, "lie low". I don't know what is going on but just get inside, the both of you." spoke Aviryin hastily, yet gently enough as he approached. Lunsek nodded curiously, slightly puzzled as well as partially understanding now of why that girl from the Kakariko guard had rescued him. The young man moved some paces then turned with a glance at Saria, waiting for her to come along side him. She passed him by, though making Lunsek frown for a moment before shrugging it off. The double doors were swung open and the scent of incense could be traced from the air that was wafted.

The music could be heard playing was typical for what the old man usually had playing at this hour from what Lunsek could remember from his many past visits. For an old timer and mystic, Saira's good ol' Uncle Avir knew how to rock... or at least knew how to listen to rock. The tune that played was rather soothing to the young man as Lunsek walked passed the entrance to the telescope room, and followed after Saria to the living quarters. It was just a brief hop, skip, and a jump down a hallway through a lavender curtain. By the time Lo had reached the living room, he found it empty as Saria had immediately gone to her room and shut the door behind her. Not worrying too much about it, the young man just gazed around at the many different artistic pieces about the room, before jumping onto the sofa just beside the decorative lamp imported from Guredus, after the embargo was set in place by the current Gerudo King. Lo never bothered to ask how Aviryin got a hold of it, as he assumed it was a gift from one of the mystics on that planet or whomever would have access to such foreign delights as the lamp. As the old man in question entered the room himself, Lo was resting his eyes on the blue and gold colored glass around the lamp shade, almost being hypnotized by the way the color refracted through it.
"I was about to crack open some Kakariko ale from the cooler before I heard you pull in. Would you care for a bottle yourself?" asked Aviryin to the young man kindly in tone, yet clearly he was uncomfortable about the situation he had yet to understand fully. In reply, Lunsek at first just rubbed a hand over his brow with a sharp exhale through pursed lips.
"I don't think so. I've had a drink tonight already," he said with a brief look towards the old man before Lo's eyes drifted up and to the ceiling. Avir's eyes narrowed curiously on the young man, and he then walked over to the chair on the other side of the lamp.
"So you've had a rougher night than I thought? Why don't you tell me about it. Get it off your chest," the old timer implored as he sat in the chair, and reclined it. Lunsek closed his eyes and sighed through his nose.
"You're right. I should probably EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!" he then said, shouting the last part so that Saria would hear through her door. Lunsek turned and focused his eyes on it, and after a few moments it opened and the girl's eyes met with his as she lightly stomped out into the living room. As Saria approached the couch, the young man slowly sat up to make room for her.
"I'm all ears, Lo," she stated after taking her seat and turning her eyes to Lo.
He looked down for a moment, truly hesitant to recall everything he went through. After swallowing his fear, Lunsek continued.
"The day started like any other. The pops woke me up, we had breakfast, and went to castle town..."

He went on to explain all the events he could remember leading up to when Lunsek woke up while bound down in the Castle's medical wing. As soon as he mentioned the moment that Glashneh the King stepped into the room, Aviryin leaned onto the edge of his seat looking intently at Lunsek. Then the young man told of the one-sided deal presented by the King, and how he intended on holding Lo's father hostage in order to force his will out. At this, Aviryin interjected for the first time.
"There must be some sort of mistake. I have trouble believing the King would do such underhanded deeds just to communicate with us mystics."
"That's just the thing. I don't think Glashneh means to be peaceable or whatever about getting the information he wants about the legendary artifact. I think..." Lunsek retorted, pausing to glance at Saria and then down at the floor before returning a troubled look back at Aviryin. "I think he's was going to use me to... take advantage of you mystics all over the solar system like he's trying to do with me, just to find this thing. I don't know if he even really believes the artifact exists."
"I can assure you he does. While the last King was not openly supportive of the mystics cause, King Glashneh has gone out of his way to make us sages comfortable, as well as make our voices heard to the masses. This is because he's a well learned mystic in his own right, himself. Why in Termina would such a King as him feel the need to pressure information out of us, when he himself knows just as much, if not more than what a great many of the mystics today know of? The trauma you're suffering from the terrorist attack must have thrown you into a loop of delusion."
As Lunsek let out a frustrated sigh, Saria interjected as well.
"Listen to him, Uncle Avy. I believe him. When we first met tonight, I saw the King's soldiers going after Lo like he was some criminal. They're even after me now, just because we talked! It makes perfect sense, now."
"S-szgh-so. Mugh! How did you two meet then? What happened before that, supposedly?"
"Just let me continue."

Lunsek then recalled the Majora Device, as well as the rather argumentative exchange between Glashneh and the Zelda program before he used it on the young man.
"I didn't get how he'd suddenly treat the program's concerns so harshly, since it's supposed to be like a digital representation of his dead daughter."
"Dau-What did you say?"
"I said, the Zelda program is based on the likeness of the King's daughter. The one who died recently. Which was strange, because I never heard about that." stated Lo, curious first as this was the first time he noticed what he did, and second because he wondered why Aviryin needed confirmation on what he just said. "Something wrong about it?"
"Just continue." insisted the old timer, with a thoughtful furl of his brows.

Then Lo gave account of Ashei bursting into the room to save Lunsek, after he described the Majora Device in mostly every detail including the symbol on it. The look on Aviryin's face looked puzzled at what he heard about the device, and his mind was occupied over it as the old man rested his eyes on the animal rug atop the sleek wooden floor. Saria startled at the mention of Ashei's name, and it drew her attention away from wondering about the thought that was painted all over her dear uncle's face. Then, Lunsek mentioned how he discovered the Afroza were all Gerudo women, and then stopped short after recalling what happened in the hangar bay. The pain that had been welling up inside the young man's stomach had now suddenly felt like veins and sinews were bursting inside the area. Lunsek couldn't help but give a hard grunt, and grip his torso with both arms.
"What's the matter? Are you alright, Lo?" asked Saria as she came closer to him.
"It's nothing, don't worry," the young man tried to assure, and he made to look like the pain subsided.
"Boy, you had better answer that truthfully," the old timer interjected sternly, yet with no lack of sincerity in his concern.
"I don't know. My stomach just started hurting a little while ago. I don't know why."
"It started sometime-..."
Saria paused as she had just speculated a theory in her mind, yet was unsure of herself at first.
"Sometime after you... transformed into a Rito and back."
At this, Aviryin looked dumbfounded. After a moment of looking at the two with wide eyes, he shook his head and got to his feet with a heavy sigh.
"Alright, then. I'll need that drink now," he said as he turned to walk towards the kitchen. Before he exited the room, the old man turned again back to Lo. "I think you just need a good rest to get back to your senses. Both of you. The guestrooms are all set, Saria. So go ahead and bring that boy to one of them, just before you turn in as well." demanded Uncle Avy. Then he gave a slow unsure nod before continuing to the cooler. The two young adults looked at one another after hearing this. Lunsek moved to stand up, and managed to do so and continue to stand when Saria put herself under the young man's arm to support him. As they moved to the closest spare room, the young woman whispered out,
"Do you think the Majora Device did it to you?"
Lunsek didn't seemed concerned about it anymore, as rest was actually something Aviryin was right about him needing. It was all he was looking for now, yet out of courtesy
he replied anyway, as best he could.
"I don't know, but I suppose that's likely."
"It adds up, when you think about how it's named after Majora. I suppose Uncle Avy never told you about the story of the Majora beast, did he?"
"Himphgh-Afraid not. I can't really talk about this anymore. Not until I get some rest, like he said. And until what we're saying makes sense to him."
They had reached the bed within the guestroom, and Saria understood well how Lunsek's troubled mind was trying to take everything in, in addition to the pain he was suffering from.
"Okay," she said simply as she helped Lo lie down. "We'll have to sort all this out tomorrow, assuming they aren't going to find us here before sunup," Saria said to him lastly before walking out, closing the door behind her softly, and continuing toward her own room. As she reached her bed, she couldn't find it in herself to try and sleep. Instead she sat with her back against the large divan, hugging her knees against her chest and holding a worried expression on her face.

It seemed a little odd at how fast Lunsek was able to fall asleep, with all the things on his mind. All the questions he had were still unanswered.

The dream he also practically immediately began to go under after going asleep didn't help much with answering anything. It was as if Lunsek had awoken in some other time, as he was in a very well wooded area that seemed to go on for more than miles on any side as he looked. The types plants in particular seemed unfamiliar to him as well. They were mostly all green of course, just in such shapes and sizes Lo wasn't accustomed to. He then made to take a step in any direction, yet as he did so the terrain suddenly moved under his feet. Lunsek found himself passing through the vegetation as if he were a ghost, until the movement stopped. There was an altar of some kind in front of him, yet whatever was on it he found to be obscured by some shimmering figure. The figure was that of a man, yet none like Lunsek had ever met as far as the shimmering aura and the cloths and armor wrapped around the man's body. The short pale hair and eyes were unmistakable as well. For a moment they locked eyes until Lunsek noticed a hand grab his shoulder. The young man looked to see that the hand was covered with an aura of pure darkness that rose off from it like smoke. For some reason, Lo felt compelled to look back at the man in front of the altar and cry out for help. After doing so, the man raised a hand and with the other drew a sword.
'어서 가게 악마 하나!' the man cried out in a nearly musical, yet fairly stern tone. The light around the figure then became all encompassing as if a star was forming and exploding right there in front of Lunsek, and he could not see anything.

After shielding his eyes, he then noticed the light was gone... and he was in another place all together now. There was a sound of running water, and Lunsek could feel it rushing over his feet.

Do not be afraid, Lunsek of Hyrule

At the sound of the voice, he turned to see the top of the fountain in which he was standing in. There looked to be no one there, nothing at all except several strange wandering lights of various color and hue.

You're will has been seen and the prayers of many have been answered this day

The voice that called out was tranquil and like that of a goddess, or at least how Lunsek would picture one sounding.

Awake as Link, the Hero

The concept sounded so strange to Lo, and he looked about thinking the owner of the voice was hiding somewhere.

Go through the trial with restored might


The young man's face twisted as he lay, unaware of another voice outside his dream calling out to him.
'Hey!' it cried, and Lunsek just turned in his sleep.
This new voice seemed to get his attention now, yet his eyes stayed shut out of weariness.
"Hey! Listen! Wake up! You don't have time to lose, Lunsek!"
Forcibly, Lo opened his eyes and raised his head to look around. What he went face to face with was a small, yet luminous ball of light it seemed at first. It was remarkably similar to one of the lights he saw at the fountain in his dreams. After a few blinks though, and a rub of his eyes he could make out the features of a sprite looking creature. Did he just wake into another dream?
"Such a sleepy boy! WAKE up, SIT up already, and listen to what I have to tell you!"
"Alright, alright. I'm up. At least I think so," he said to try and appease the sprite by obeying, ignoring the fact she called him a boy. She didn't sound much more older than a fourteen year old herself. "So you are...?"
"Navi. You may call me Navi, Lunsek. It's nice to meet you. What am I saying? It's INCREDIBLY nice to meet you!-considering, at least," the sprite stated, getting excited one moment before saying considering with a blunt emphasis. At this, Lo just rested his head on a fist as he gazed at sparkling little Navi for a moment as she floated just a few feet away from his face.
"What do you have to tell me, Navi? And you said something about me not 'having time to lose'?"
"It was an expression of how necessary your haste is in getting through the trial. And, I have plenty to tell you. Are you ready to listen, though?"
"Try me when the sun gets up," the young man said indignantly as he turned and flopped his head back onto the pillow, hoping if he "fell back to sleep" this dream would end already. To his dismay, yet more to his alarm, Lunseck was dragged to the sitting position once more by the headband still wrapped around his skull. The display of the sprite's strength made him regret his actions, and he felt rather nervous when Navi flew right in front of his nose with a cross look in her tiny eyes and face.
"I demand that you allow me to tell you your destiny NOW, and let sleep come another time. Is that too much to ask, Hero?"
Lunsek gave a shake of his head.
"Good! Behold, I was awakened by a particular Deity in the realm I'm from. I was informed that the Master Sword, that had it's power sealed and was dormant for a few millennia as dictated by the Great Deity log ago, had been awakened itself... only to be physically destroyed."
It was making more sense now as much as it was becoming less so at the same time. Either way, Lunsek nodded his head, respectfully signalling the sprite to continue her story.
"The Deity that woke me, who I can't seem to remember the name or identity of for some reason now, told me to travel here and instruct you as well guide you through your quest to save Hyrule-I mean the entirety of Calatia."
"Save the entire solar system? How? I'm just a farm boy. I can fight, yeah. But I can't handle fighting on that kind of scale. There's just no way!"

"Who is he talking with in there?" Shad asked openly, pointing at the door.
"Just leave him be, four-eyes. It's alright if he talks in his sleep. I wouldn't be surprised at what nightmares he's probably hav-"
"No, there's another voice I hear in there talking back with him!" the man with glasses over his eyes exclaimed in a harsh whisper, before he turned his glance to the door and tiptoed towards it. Ashei got up with an astonished expression at first, that turned cross as she quickly yet silently approached the door as well.
"I swear, if you're just hearing things I'm gonna-"
"LUNSEK HANLON! You had best not doubt your destiny, as it has been handed down to you by the Great Deity Herself!"
"The Great Deity? I've never really believed in her at all. How could I even begin to with life the way it is? Science and all that kind of canceled her out a long time ago. I'd really like to wake up for real this time, if you don't mind."
"Watch out! That is no way to speak of Her Lordship. Especially when you consider all that she has done for you. You are alive. And you aren't meant to fight this battle alone! You escaped the clutches of the King with the Darkened Heart with the help of those who are destined to battle at your side! With the power you will hold after completing the trial, you and your fellow soldiers will not be stopped by any force. You will have a chance to unite the Kingdoms of Catalia under the cause of the True One once more, and peace and trust will be restored between all."
"Glashneh, or the 'King with the Darkened Heart' if you prefer, said I'd be doing something like that as well. He said I'd be known as Link, because I was going to reunite everyone under one banner; his banner. Doesn't really sound that much different than what this 'True One' wants. I don't want any part of it."
"There is more to this King than you know, and you would end up facing him either way, even if you try and deny yourself the providence given you. All would be lost with out hope, including you. You have but one option, and that is to fight back. Face the trial set before you, and claim the... the divine artifact. Why can't I recall it's true name? Oh well. All I know is, you do not have time to question your fate. You must accept it now, or will lose someone very close to you."
At the final statement, Lunsek's eyes honed on Navi and he thought of Saria.
"You leave her out of this!"
"It isn't the will of the Great Deity for anyone to die, especially not her per say. But the will of King Glashneh cannot be overlooked, as it is strong and as suggested by his title given by the Deity who sent me, it is Darkened. The light of your sword may be the only thing that may stop him. Otherwise... that someone who is close to you will die this very morning before the sun reaches the clouds. The words of a Divine Deity are never a lie."
The sprites words were now getting through to him, in a sense at least.
"What sword are you talking about? The last one I had didn't last long, nor was it much of a sword anyway."
"Hah! The Master Sword has been made anew! Behold," said Navi as she flew towards the side of the bed just above the end of a metal hilt. What the hilt belonged to was a sheathed sword that Lo had certainly not noticed when he first came in the room. "The will of the Great Deity was put into the Sword's making, so even the harsh weapons of your current time cannot fully unmake the Sword of Evil's Bane. In fact, since it is now completely awakened it will not be physically harmed by any mortal craft or demon's. It's strength is the same of that of the Greater Deities. Wield it well, Lunsek, son of Urawn."
Before Lo could further consider the sprite's words further, the door to the room burst open.
"That's it!!" screamed the man with brownish red hair as he stumbled into the room. While he was astonished at seeing Navi was a sprite, he kept firm rather than just eccentric as he pointed at her. "What are you? How do you know so much about Deities and the will of the Great one? What is Lunsek's destiny, and how are we involved in this? You look pretty fishy to me! Speak, you anomaly!"
"For crying out flippin' loud, Shad! Relax yourself before you collapse yourself!" implored the raven haired girl as she made to grab the man's shoulder to drag him out of the room.
"No, Ashei! I refuse to let my questions go unanswered!" exclaimed Shad with a point of his finger now just in front of Ashei's nose.
"I will SNAP YOU like a twig!" threatened the woman before Navi floated between them.
"Hello!~ It is alright! Ashei is it? I'm appointed by the Deity to guide the Hero's companions as well as the Hero himself. With that said, I would certainly assist you all with seeking answers to what questions you may have, without a doubt!"
The woman blinked at the sight of the "anomaly" with a questioning look indeed.
"Ooookay. Start with the whole 'what are you?' thing, then. Should be good for starters, 'without a doubt'."
"I am a 요정."
"A yoje-what?"
"Sorry. I am of the "fair folk"... fay, a fairy, if you will."
Shad raised the lenses of his glasses away from his eyes and peered ever so closely at Navi, almost touching his nose to her side.
"Fairies are usually considered old wive's tales, although they are rumored to have connections with the Legend days."
"Well, yes. I am the first fairy to approach planet Hyrule since the wane of what you call the "Legend days" after the Great Cataclysm."
"Ahh, do you know about the cause of the Cataclysm? Was it the will of this Great Deity you spoke of?"
"Well, strangely my memory seems a little, "hazy" as you might say. I do know that it was indeed done by the will of the Great Deity. As for the reason, I cannot say on Her behalf as I can't quite, remember. This too must be Her will, as somethings are possibly meant to be revealed, in time as the Hero-excuse me-Lunsek undergoes the trial he must take."
"Where does this trial start then?" asked Lo as he had suddenly gotten on his feet, grabbed the sword and came beside the two other hylains without them even noticing until he spoke.
"Hm-hm! Your journey starts on planet Gerudus, oh Hero of Catalia. There you must seek the wisewoman of that planet and learn from her the whereabouts of the Divine Artifact you require in order to fulfill your destiny."
As the sprite stated this, Lo gave an casual nod of his head. Ahei and Shad both traded glances before looking at the young man.
"Well, this still feels like a dream to me. But I guess I wouldn't mind traveling a little bit."
"Long has this wisewoman kept this secret which was revealed to her ancestor in ages past, before the inhabitants of the worlds in Catalia were able to travel to the other worlds. The time has come for this knowledge to be passed onto the Hero who has returned to remove supernatural evil from this realm. There is more to discover about your destiny that will be uncovered along the way. Remove your fear, and step up to face the King courageously along side your companions. Let the light that once was spread forth in Hyrule again."
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

~Takuan Sōhō, Musashi
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Re: the LoZ: The Endless Black Sea [DNP]

PostPosted by kaidan K » Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:19 pm

Aviryin and Saria were well awake before all the shouting. The sage was awoken by the coming of Ashei and Shad, who had helped a little with making Avir accept what Lunsek stated about the King and everything else as truth. Saria just couldn't close her eyes as she lay in her bed. They both made their way to the spare bedroom as the yelling started between Shad and Navi.
"What in Faron's green woods is going on here!?" exclaimed the old man as he entered the room, only to bounce back and nearly knock his niece on her rump at the sight of the pixie creature floating in the darkness. What instantly grabbed his attention from Navi though, was the shimmering sheathed blade Aviryin now saw in Lo's hand. Wide grey eyes gazed upon the divine silver metal, and the mysterious blue obsidian scabbard. The hand-guard was a set of darker blue metallic wings that spread out on either side of the blade by about four inches or so. "Could it be true." Like there was any doubt now. But, still.
"I never took you for a hero, Lunsek. Let alone the Hero I was worried I'd never see in this life."


An alarm of some sort had suddenly rung out loudly from the living room area, stealing the moment for anyone else to give remarks about Lo's situation. Shad was the only one who spoke at first, and he had to yell over the alarm to do so.
"That's mine! I set up a trip alarm at the door so we'd know if anyone tried sneaking in on us while we rested!"
"Well, that's just GREAT! Now they'll know we know their here, GENIUS!" Ashei berated towards Shad. With a narrow eyed leer at her, the tech-head pressed a button on his wrist-comp which in turn deactivated the siren emanating from his flat-box computer(as was the name for laptop computers in this world). The speakers were given Banshee Keese amplifiers and some minor (but highly technical) custom tweaks that made it so loud. Only the best digital equipment for Shad.
"They must have found out where Saria and Lunsek went to. Lo. I'm sorry for doubting you. These two were able to convince me that there really was truth to what you were trying to tell me," the old man Avir stated before going into the state of mind like a military authority. He through a hand up at Lunsek's chest to stop the young man from walking out of the room. "Hero or no. This is no time to be rash. I'll go to the door myself, and distract them. You just get Saria out of here. Head to your uncle's summer home, as it's off the records with the Royal guard. Ashei. You make sure to back me up in case they get violent."
The woman nodded, taking her sidearm in hand and arming it as she trailed Aviryin.
"I'll just. go with them, right?" pondered Shad, who took the silent treatment as a yes as the old man and Ashei didn't even bother to look back as they made their way towards the front door. "That speed rider you took won't fit all three of us, I imagine," the tech-head stated before pushing his glasses back up on his nose.
"We're not going anywhere," Lunsek put firmly.
"Lo. You should be the one to listen to Avir this time. You almost got shot today already," implored Saria as she put a hand on his shoulder.
"I'd rather get shot at myself than let them take any of you with me. I'm giving myself up."
"No, you're not," she retorted intently as she sped to block Lunsek's path. His look became frightening, and it alone was able to catch Saria off guard allowing him to slip by her. "Lunsek!" she tried to shout while it only came out as a frail whisper almost, ultimately failing to sway the young man. Just as he reached the living room though, he stopped in surprise as Avir came rushing back.
"Good. You haven't left yet," remarked the old man, catching his breath for a moment. Avir then answered the inquiring look from Lunsek. "You're father is outside, Lo. I think he needs you right now."
The troubled tone in the old man's voice said all too much. Lunsek's face turned a little panicked as he dropped the sword to the ground and dashed outside. The sight that he beheld of Urawn was that of a broken man, sitting on a bench just outside. Ashei was standing at a distance with a calm eye scanning around the wooded outskirts of the property.
"Dahdee," called out Lo as he stood before the man. Urawn looked up with dazed and forlorn eyes at first. A smile flashed.
"Lo. It's good to see my little mok is still alive," stated the man, yet he couldn't hold his gaze on Lunsek for long before the troubles on his mind took his eyes towards the road. "That is at least one comfort I'm allowed for now."
"What's wrong?" inquired Lo as he let a hand fall on his father's shoulder. Something was truly wrong to put Urawn Hanlon in such a state.
"It's all gone. The house, the farm. All gone."
"What are you talking about? What happened!?"
"I had come to the house late as I needed some fresh air, and I needed a ride from a friend due to the... accident you had. When I came home, I found it was burned to the ground. My friend went to check the fields and the goats, and told me the fields were salted, and the goats were driven into the woods or slaughtered and poisoned. There's... nothing left for us."
To this Lunsek felt nothing but regret, as this had most likely been ordered to happen by the King shortly after the escape from the Castle. Remorse for his father and their situation now made his eyes grow wide and overwhelmed, then almost weary. No words came to mind that Lunsek thought would do any good to comfort Urawn. The only thing that distracted from the silent lament was the sound of Ashei's steps as she approached an incoming air-bike. The way she then stood at attention and saluted was curious to Lo at first. Then he noticed the rider of the air-bike remove his helmet to reveal the familiar features of Uncle Russl.
"At ease, Ashei," ordered the man as he set the helmet on the speed rider, and walked towards his brother and nephew. Ashei obeyed the order with another salute before relaxing and then swiftly following Russl. "It's superb to see you're still in one piece and here at Avir's place, Lo. Although, I didn't expect you to be here as well, big brother, I'm sure this is for the best too."
Urawn stood and looked at his younger brother with searching eyes.
"My home is ash. I have nothing now. I didn't know where else to turn."
After saying this, the dazed expression on the man's face turned to complete broken sadness and Urawn hid his face in his hands as he wept. Russl came to his brother, and brought him in a rough but caring embrace.
"You have a brother and son who care very deeply for you. You'll pull through this, Urawn! I'm sure if Cremia were alive today, she'd tell you the same thing."
"If I may suggest something, Captain. The Royal Gaurd is diligently searching for Lunsek, and quite possibly his father as well. It might be best to place both of them in a safe house."
"That is a fine suggestion. Make the calls, Ashei," ordered Russl, turning Ashei a momentary glance before gripping Urawns shoulders. "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you're unharmed, big brother. It shouldn't be more than a few moments before you and Lo are safely on your way. Let's get you a drink inside in the mean time."
As his uncle led Urawn into Aviryin's home, Lunsek came up beside Ashei.
"I'm not going to hide away after all that's happened tonight. And you can't make me," he said to the woman, even as she was already busy talking with someone on the other end of a long range communicator. Ashei didn't reply to the remark until she was done communicating the orders given. She finally shot a piercing look at the young man... and smiled.
"I'm sure from what you're uncle says of you that you'd put up a good fight. But, we're not going to take any chances with you feeling under the weather and all."
"But I feel better now. And I have to get to Gerudus. You heard Navi."
"Space travel is going to very difficult for you now. Even with our help, it's going to take some time to arrange, and there's no sense in letting you get killed in that time."
As they all entered the living area, Lunsek held an indignant glare in his eyes. Saria felt uncomfortable seeing him like that. She turned slightly away from the young man, obscuring more than hiding the sword Lo had obtained from the visitor. After a few moments, a cup of water was in Urawn's hands, and Russl had started asking Lunsek and Saria several questions. He explained how he got a hunch that the King was after Lo for some reason, and after digging up on things with the help of Shad's hacking, they came to the conclusion that there was a falsified story released to the press and Lunsek was being held within the medical wing of the Castle. They even managed to stumble upon hidden files ordering the medical AI program to prepare Lo for some sort of test.
"He called it the Majora Device. Said in a way that it was going to give me abilities of some sort."
"What I want to really know right now is why you took off when I told you to meet up with Shad. That was pretty reckless of you, guy," Ashei came out to say, randomly yet not without cause to say so. Shad actually cut in himself to Lunsek's defense.
"It was reckless, yes. But it actually worked out in this case."
The tech-head then explained that a whole battalion of Darknut swarmed the launch deck just moments after the young man in question had taken off on the air-bike. Shad was able to fend for himself, as the Darknut were unaware of his involvement with the security breach and aid given in Lunsek's escape. Russl then asked what Lo's actions were after following the Zelda Program's guidance at first, and why he didn't go straight to Aviryin's. The explaination given wasn't far from the truth. Lunsek stated he wanted to check to see that Saria wasn't being targeted and that he felt bad about not following through with going to the play with her. He then made mention of how he managed to outmatch every soldier that stood in his path.
"Heh. That's not too impressive. Those Royal soldiers are spineless weaklings with no finesse, anyway."
The mocking was something Lunsek just shrugged off at this moment. Besides, her next comment showed the prior was just to keep herself from seeming to be soft. "I'm sure you have real potential that could be put to good use. I don't see why you couldn't join our little group."
"And what, prey tell, might this "little group" of yours be?" then came a voice that shook everyone with surprise. Ashei moved to reach for her sidearm, but Lunsek got up and threw an arm between her and the King standing just outside the kitchen. "Come, now. No worries. I'm here, alone, just to have a small chat with Lunsek. I'll wait for him outside."
Shad was flabbergasted as he frantically checked the wireless connections between his computer and the alarm triggers as he figured only a faulty connection was the reason Glashneh got the drop on them. When everything checked out, his face scrunched and a fist pounded against the wall. As the King walked by them, Ashei pointed her gun at him, waiting for just the wrong move to give her cause for retaliation. After the outside door could be heard closing, Russl spoke out to Lo before he made a step to follow.
"I won't allow my nephew to face such a man alone. I don't care if he actually is just here to chat. I have no trust for him after today."
"Do what you have to," was all that Lunsek said in reply as he continued walking towards the door. Saria opened her mouth to get his attention before leaving the room, but fell silent and put the sword in her hands against her chest. Navi had seemed to disappear, yet no one was concerned about that right now.

There Glashneh stood, at the end of the walkway, on the grass. He was facing the road looking up and gazing contemplatively at the stars that still hung in the sky, not yet obscured by the incoming clouds, nor extinguished by the light of the sun soon to rise over the hills. The King spoke to Lunsek without looking back, being able to sense his mere presence, perhaps.
"I meant to talk with you in private, Link. But as long as it's just Russl who listens in, I wouldn't mind too much."
"So, you let your Gerudo subordinates do the dirty work on my family farm? Or does the Royal Guard have the gall to do something like that to the innocent?"
Russl put a hand up to the young man, signalling he would try and talk this out.
"Now, honorable King Glashneh. I'm sure your plans for Lunsek have some light to them, albeit under seemingly dark pretenses. If you could just-"


What violently interrupted the captain was the sound of a large, mineral encrusted fist slamming into the ground with enough force to make a small crater. Within a blink of an eye, the presumed to be Hylean King seemed to be a Goron as he was seen now. The clothing had changed as well, to fit his incredible size in this form. A rocky face turned to cast slanted black eyes at the farm boy and captain. Booming words followed, in a voice that while deeper and more robust, still had the same overall air and quality of the Hylean King Glashneh
"Patronize me with the term honorable? Now, now. Let's not mince words here, Captain. I am a King of Hyrule, and as far as ancient law goes, all that I do is to be considered radiant with light. My methods used are well within my rights, and the King has the power to forgo the rights of any innocent citizen to bring order and peace."
"Then, regardless. If you intend any more harm to my nephew or my brother, I will have no choice but to defend them."
Russl then took both his extending mini-lance in one hand and side arm in the other from his utility belt, pointing the large caliber hand-gun at the King. They both locked eyes on another, but Lunsek stepped between them.
"Hey! I'll give myself up, then! Just don't do anything more to my father, and let my friends and uncle go free. Then I'll do what ever you want. Please."
The King made no indication of taking the words to heart, and instead began to take step after step towards Russl.
"I'm afraid it's far too late to hold back my retribution to the insolent. I'll trust you're ability to follow orders more when you have no one specific left to care for."
After a sidestep around Lo, a warning shot emitted from the Captain's firearm, landing just an inch from the King's stone covered foot. Another followed, before Russl hesitantly began firing at will towards Glasheneh who kept on a slow, forward stride. The bullets just ricocheted and bounced off the sides of the hardened goron skin.

"Mr. Hanlon! This is dangerous!" came the voice of Ashei as she was trying to stop Urawn from running out to be beside Lunsek and his brother.
"Don't throw your lives away! You still have plenty to live for!" the frantic father of Lunsek shouted as he dashed surprisingly all too quick for the finely tempered body of the female Kakariko guardsmanl. With the same illogical speed, the King dug into the ground to produce a large clot of dirt and rock.
"For the price of conspiracy against the King, let's see how well you truly can defend your brother, Captain."
As Glashneh then readied to launch the earthen projectile, yet another voice came out from the observatory doorway.
The young man turned to discover Saria as the source of the voice, with Navi floating close to her shoulder. Then Lunsek noticed that Saria had thrown the Master Sword, still in it's sheath, towards him. The wind sang around the twirling metal as it flew quite farther than the girl who threw it thought she was capable of. The residual energy within the metal was what drew it towards the young man easier, or so a scientific mind would say such. Without time to think, or care to do so, Lunsek dashed for the weapon. The King's throw was true to hit in it's trajectory, even after the twang of Russl's last loaded bullet sounded as it glanced the deadly flying chunk of mineral...
People talk about combining the Way of Learning with the Way of the Samurai,
but when properly combined, they aren't two-they're one.
Only one Way, Takezo.

~Takuan Sōhō, Musashi
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