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Rairyuu Kousen

PostPosted by Knyves » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:39 am

Puppet Name: Nazo :: Enigma v.2.0
Rank: C
Range: 25 m
Type: Offensive
Description: Nazo is a puppet designed for maximum combat potential, without any of the frills or distractions of beauty. As a humanoid puppet, with only two arms and two legs, Nazo's major defining feature is a total lack of facial features. No eyes, no ears, no mouth, no nose. Merely a blank slate, with muffled bumps, ridges, and depressions where those features might be. Shaggy black horse hair mops the top of his head, with lengths long enough to often obscure the missing facial features. With a brown cloak and long pants, one would be hard-pressed to identify this as a puppet, until you saw it's lack of a face that is. As for size, Nazo is slightly taller and more gangly than the average human, with a slightly elongated torso for storage and mechanical functions. Forged from an ancient tree from Raikou no Kuni, fire hardened, and painted a flesh tone, Nazo is slightly lighter than most other puppets, though physical damage output suffers because of this. As an offensive puppet used at range, Kousen has deemed it unneccessary to add any defensive tools just yet, and has focused instead on increasing stealth and damage functioning. The Enigma 2.0 has been outfitted with a Whisper Mode silencing system, of Kousen's very own design. This includes maintaining well oiled moving parts, as well as muffling mechanisms on the compressed air firing mechanisms, so the concussive noise is dampened to a nearly silent whistle when one of the weapons is fired.


[Senbon Launcher / Left Forearm/Palm] Sealed into the left forearm is an enormous storage supply of senbon. Within the arm itself is a compressed air launching mechanism, with a shutter on the palm that opens to give the senbon an exact as pressure builds in the forearm. An intelligent opponent might think to block this shutter closed, which could cause tremendous damage to this arm of the puppet, should it backfire.
[Poison Gas/Smoke/Incendiary Launcher / Left Shoulder] A similar compressed air function operates in the area of the left bicep, tricep, and shoulder. This device however, can be loaded with three different forms of ammunition, all from storage seals within the arm. 1 is a poison gas, discussed below, 2 being a normal smoke bomb, and 3 being a bomb tag held within a sphere of plastic. When the plastic case ruptures on contact with something, the bomb tag detonates immediately.
[Flame Thrower / Skull] Stored in the throat and the upper part of the torso of Nazo is a supply of acetylene, oxygen, and gasoline. The skull opens up where the face would be, and the formula is released in a spray that reaches a maximum distance of 4 meters. There is an ignition switch in Nazo's mouth, used to ignite the formula as it is sprayed, to create a rather potent stream of fire. The tank can only hold enough fuel for five posts worth of use. (Five shots basically)
[Smoke Vents / Right Tricep] Three small vents can be found on the right upper arm, used to release either poison gas or normal smoke. This is helpful to obscure Nazo's movements to an opponent, and can rob them of their sense of vision while Kousen fights from outside the smoke.

Puppet Name: Hitokage :: Salamander v.2.0
Rank: C
Range: 25 Meters
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Description: Hitokage takes the shape of an enormous black salamander, low to the ground and wide. This puppet has a large, wide head contained all of the weapons functions the puppet has to date. In the back is a small depression where Kousen can sit, with the saddle bars that hold him in place. This puppet is mostly mechanics for quick movement, with relatively few weapons systems, as Kousen most commonly uses this puppet as a steed or mount to outrun and outmaneuver his opponents. The Salamander 2.0 has had it's war-mount functions increased, with Kousen spending a majority of his time refining the movement speed of the creature, as well as improving the noise level of the puppet with his Whisper Mode technologies to dampen movement noise and weapon firing.


[Senbon Launcher / Mouth/Throat] A Simple Senbon launcher is stored into Hitokage's mouth, with a seal storing hundreds of senbon attached to the throat. When the launcher is activated, it sends a signal to the seal, releasing another senbon to reload the launcher in his mouth.
[ Sticky Pads / Legs/Feet ] Within the lower section of each of Hitokage's legs is a seal fastened at the roof of a small opening on each foot. This opening is covered with a slight film to avoid debris getting in. When these tags are activated with a chakra string, they leak a small amount of a chemical bonding agent. This agent hits the film covering the hole and spreads throughout the fibers, soaking them through. The bonding agent then attaches to whatever Hitokage is standing upon, allowing the puppet to move along walls or upside down, supported by the powerful attachment. The bond can be broken with a solvent sealed in a separate seal, so by alternating the activation of these two chemicals, the puppet retains mobility, rather than being rooted to a wall.
[ Saddle Bars / Back ] Much like a seatbelt, when Mokuteki sits on Salamander's back, these bars pin his legs, making it impossible for the shinobi to fall off his puppet mount
[ Poison Smoke Bomb and Smoke Bombs / Mouth/Throat ] The same mechanism that launches senbon, has two other seals with projectiles to launch out from the mouth. This mode is for launching smoke bombs or poison smoke bombs.
[ Compressed Bomb Tags / Mouth Throat ] This mode of fire from the mouth fires a tightly packed wad of bomb tags that scatter after being fired allowing them to disperse for maximum damage. Five tags are compacted together in each wad.
[ Chakra Shields / Back ] The most important improvement to Hitokage, the chakra shields are designed to protect the user while mounted. Three slots on the back, one just below the puppet's neck, the other two behind and to the side, form a triangle. When activated, three chakra channeling rods rise from these slots and project a field of defensive chakra around themselves and the user. This defense does not help against attacks from above, but physical and Ninjutsu attacks beneath A rank won't be able to overcome this defense in a single shot.

Puppet Name: Kagemusha :: Shadow Warrior v.2.0
Rank: C
Range: 25 meters
Type: Offensive
Description: Kagemusha is a humanoid puppet built for close range combat. As a puppet, it is tall, about six feet, with two arms and two legs, and black, shoulder length hair. The puppet wears black pants and a long black cloak, lending to it's name. All of Kagemusha's joints are double jointed so they can bend completly opposite to the standard logic. This means an elbow joint could go as far backwards as it could forwards, making Kagemusha extremely compactable and dangerous in close range combat, as it's difficult to see his next attack coming. Kagemusha is the crown jewel of Kousen's Whisper Mode tech, with the most vastly improved noise level. Kagemusha's mechanisms are almost perfectly silent, being able to be picked up only by individuals with highly advanced hearing. Because of all the time and energy spent on improving the stealth applications of this puppet, Kousen hasn't had the time to improve the weapons systems.


[ Wrist Blades / Forearms ] In each of Kagemusha's arms there is a two foot long blade,soaked in poison like all of Kousen's weapons. These are released by a spring and latch mechanism, so while in high speed combat, Kagemusha goes from unarmed to having two blades in just seconds.
[ Razor Wire / Shoulder ] In Kagemusha's pectoral region, there are hinges on either side that open a six inch compartment, each holding four reels of razor wire. Mokuteki can control this wire with his chakra strings to try and entrap an opponent. Should they pull against the wire, it will cut them, and as it's coated the poison, it's pretty bad.
[ Disconnecting Elbows / Elbows ] Pretty straight up. These joints are actually completely separable. The arms are then connected via razor wire, ten meters long, allowing for ranged attacks from Kagemusha
[ Highpower Flamethrower / Face ] The face of Kagemusha folds open, each cheek and the forehead separating apart. Inside the skull area there are four flamethrower barrels fueled via Fuuinjutsu. These flames can fire up to five meters.

Puppet Name: [Self explanatory...]
Rank: [Follows the same rules as jutsu creation...]
Range: [See below...]
Type: [Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary]
Description: [Summary of the puppet. Four lines or more...]

Weapons: [Include here the listed weapons and their locations...]

[Weapon / Weapon Location]

Poison Name: Kishou :: Unexpected Victory
Poison Rank: B
Poison Effect(s):
[ Turn 0 / Turn of Infection/Injection ]
[ Turn 1 / Nothing ]
[ Turn 2 / Nothing ]
[ Turn 3 / Sluggish Reactions ]
[ Turn 4 / Disruption of Motor Function] (Tripping, stumbling, fumbling)
[ Turn 5 / Full body Paralysis ]

Story: There are all sorts of fun herbs, plants, eatables and edibles in this world, specifically among the flora and fauna of Raikou no Kuni, the lands surrounding the village of Kumogakure. As a shinobi of Kumo, Kousen spent much of his time in and around the village, which is where he stumbled upon these various herbs nearly by accident. After a brief snack by a river, Kousen soon found himself unable to move. Obviously, his woodcraft wasn't the best... After an hour or so of frantic worrying, and considering his possibilities of death, when the poison wore off, Kousen gratefully returned to his meal, gathering up the herbs and whipping them into a concoction of victory. The poison is slow acting in combat situations, but once it's taken its hold, victory is assured. This poison is administered most commonly in liquid form, coated along the weapons Kousen uses and the puppets he fights with, but it can also, through a very difficult process that requires much machinery, be converted into a gaseous, smoke form. He doesn't like using the gas cannisters as much, because they're so difficult to reproduce.

Non-Weapon Related:
    -Chakra Element: Toton - Light
    -Link to Jutsus: [url]Kousen's Jutsu[/url]
    -Link to Clan/Seal/demon:Rairyuu
    -Link to Character: Kousen

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