Meeting (Kindra)

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Meeting (Kindra)

PostPosted by Hiro » Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:59 pm

It was mid summer in the village of Yuki. The sun shone beautifully over the snow covered ground. The reflective ice covered the thick pines that littered the mountain tops. It truly was a nice day. Michizane wasn't here for sight seeing. He planned to meet with a Jounin. When he passed the academy he was told by the instructor that it would be best if he talked to a older shinobi about his path. The instructor said that he would set up the meeting and all he would have to do is go to the location. He knew very little about who he was meeting. He was a high ranking shinobi, and that's all he needed to know.

Michizane was a genin, but not just any genin. He was a genin that was fresh out of the academy. He didn't have much experience at any fighting styles. His knowledge of ninjutsu was, well, limited. Lastly he was one of the only people of his class that didn't have an elemental affinity. There wasn't a day that he didn't feel a little inadequate. The one thing that he had above the other genin was it was all up hill from here. Once he became a chuunin he could actually begin learning medical techniques and take his place as a medic nin of Yuki.

He had asked

For now he would just sit and wait...
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Re: Meeting (Kindra)

PostPosted by Kindra » Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:43 pm


It was that time a year, the sun always was a good indicator, even here in the snow covered land of yuki, when the sun was high and was there more then five hours a day, then it was time for new academy students to do there exam and become Genin.

Junan could not even remember how he had passed his exam, it was years ago now. But in yuki it was mandatory for any new genin to talk to a jounin about what they wanted in life, this process was used to make the best team setups and if a jounin found a good student he could take him or her under his or her wing to train as a personal student.

this was an old tradition of Yuki, but Junan was new, and it was his first time, he had no idea what the boy he was meeting did expect.

Junan looked over the records again as he walked out of the door into the snowy landscape, he was covered in his darkblue robe with the hood up, only "dressed" for casual training when you thought about weapons, how ever he had everything with him in scrolls, a habit of a traveler, to be ready to leave and wander of at any minute.

As he walked down the road to the garden near a tea house where they where suppose to meet Junan read the notes he wrote down last night about the boy.

No elemental jutsu as of yet, but then again not many had.

and as it looked, the boy had an average knowledge about ninjutsu in general, maybe he was more of a genjutsu type?
Junan walked into the garden and looked up, there was only a few people there, one boy and a older couple, he gussed it was not them, he walked over to the boy and said.

"My name Is Junan Sougon, I am a jounin of Yuki, I guess you are the one im suppose to talk to"

Junan did what he could to show of warm and welcome, it was a new thing for him, not to kill anything there bothered him


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