UMI-DA!!!!! Tactical Water Training is a Joke. {Kaitou}

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The reclusive fort housing the survivors of Kumogakure no Sato's destruction, located in the center of Chiroptera Forest whose dangers and local superstitions provide a natural barrier to the rest of the world. Nestled in the roots of one of the ancient trees, the people here are learning to survive alongside the ancient forest, the local Koumori serving to help things along. However, carefully hidden away underneath the fort the shinobi way of life continues on in the shadows in Kumonohora....

UMI-DA!!!!! Tactical Water Training is a Joke. {Kaitou}

PostPosted by anika » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:24 am

Sometimes Yozora wonders how some of these excapades get approved by the higher ups. Maybe they are just too busy to care, or maybe somehow it is overlooked. So when the department head said that her squad was going to the beach, she had to question his motives.

A week of tactical exercizes...

Okay... utilize our skills...


...against combatants with water...

...sounds awesome... the BEACH! Its going to be intense!

...Wait. What????? She knows that water and the salt provide excellent conductors for the lightning jutsu they have but isn't this really a stretch?

They have been working non stop for a while due to that case in the civilian high school, so naturally everyone wanted a break. It is a good time to hone their skills, seeing that they are all relatively new recruits and its a little slow right now.

Yozora adujsts her hat to hide the sun from her eyes. Did she really have to go with all of these guys to the beach? She blushes. What is she going to wear? How is she going to hide her...figure? Though the lady at the store said this would be appropriate for the beach, shes not really sure about wearing this...thing. Sigh. Alas, this really may be a week of torture. Maybe she should of asked for a substitute assignment.

Picking up her bag and walking into the beach side inn with her team, Yozora hopes this week goes by quickly, that she may learn something and that she doesn't feel awkward in the process.
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