Shōgeki Furea

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Shōgeki Furea

PostPosted by XV110 » Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:19 am

Name: Shōgeki Furea (Shock Flare)

    -Looks: A 3 1/2 foot blade with a 1 foot hilt. The blade appearing almost as a Dadao, though with the blade curving forwards while keeping the backward curve towards the tip of the blade, causing a unique display of the sword being like a common blade towards the middle, and then almost like a war axe too the top.
    The hilt of Shōgeki Furea is wrapped in a white cloth, much like gauze, the main reason for this is that instead of being a wooden handle bolted onto a tang, the entire hilt is the tang of the blade.

    -Capabilities: As a re-forge of Kaminari Ko's old sword prior to his village change, Shōgeki Furea contains the ability to channel Kaminari Ko's raiton chakra, but has since been modified to allow his katon chakra to flow through it as-well. While the majority of the sword is conductive of Raiton, only the sharpened edge of the blade can be infused with Katon chakra, causing it to burn objects while it cuts them.

Non-Weapon Related:
    -Chakra Element: Raiton, Katon
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