Makura Atrum - Equipment

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Makura Atrum - Equipment

PostPosted by carcinoGeneticist » Mon May 21, 2012 5:48 pm

Previously approved for a retired character who also turned into a bird.

Name: Wrist-blades

    -Looks: At first glance Atrum's wrist-blades simply appear to be thick metal bracelets, or perhaps bracers, wrapped around his lower arms which extend from his wrist to just below his elbows. A dull, cloudy metal with a lightning-like pattern, they appear at first glance to be nothing more than decoration, perhaps used in a pinch to deflect an oncoming attack.

    -Capabilities: The true purpose of the bracers lies within the metal; if one were to open one of the devices up, as Atrum is often forced to do for maintenance, they would find a thin metal blade roughly eight inches in length, a launching mechanism, and a long length of metal razor-wire. The blades are released with a flick of the user's wrists, with two possibilities for use depending on how far he moves his wrist during release. With the slightest movement needed, he can simply extend the blades, locking them in place; useful for an aid in melee combat. With a more extended motion, he can actually free the blades entirely, wielding them directly, or by grasping the razor wire with a padded glove. On the outer side of each bracer is a switch used as a lock in order to avoid releasing the blades by accident, while the inner side of each bears a switch to pull the wire and blades back within.
Story:The Makura are, by nature, a clan of genius level shinobi. Their Darkness techniques are on some level comparable to puppetry, which makes great use of their natural intelligence. Seeing the connections between their Servant techniques and the more traditional abilities used by Puppet-users, Atrum took an interest in learning some skills used by the puppeteers, particularly favoring the complex mechanisms involved within their puppets. Making use of this knowledge, he was able to craft the bracers.

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