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PostPosted by Dumptothetruck » Thu May 24, 2012 3:43 pm

Name: Katachi

    -Looks: Katachi are black gloves that have a large blue gem (half sphere) fitted into the back of them. This gem glows when Tenkuu focuses his chakra into his hands.

    -Capabilities: The gem aid Tenkuu to shape his chakra into weapons. While these weapons are no stronger than normally wind infused weapons, the gloves allows Tenkuu to stay compact and free of the burdens of extra weight.

    Note: Genin Level - Forms a Bow + 5 Arrows max.

Non-Weapon Related:
    -Chakra Element: Fuuton :: Wind
    -Link to Jutsus: Here
    -Link to Clan/Seal/demon: None
    -Link to Character: Here

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