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PostPosted by Oddric » Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:18 am

"Phew." Ayatsuri came a stop a few meters from the casino, people still scurrying from the building. The broken window, on the back of the casino thanks to Ayatsuri, was billowing out smoke.

Smiling, Ayatsuri looked down to his companion. Partner, even. "Well, we couldn't find him, the blue-suited man, but I have some pretty good leads. Interesting information, too." The puppeteer folded his arms across his chest. "I guess... well... I guess I couldn't have done any of this without your--"

Ayatsuri turned his head to the girl as she sped off, not even able to finish what he wanted to say to her. "Bye, then." He whispered, eying as several men shouted and pointed in the direction where the young girl had disappeared. They weren't going to be able to chase after her. In all honestly, this was probably the best result for Ayatsuri. There was no suspicion placed on him, just on Akai. As a detective, he needed this.

There was still one less matter of business to attend to, though.

With a light jog, Ayatsuri circled the building. Glass shards were scattered across the ground, along with a few blood stains and a few hunks of wood. Poor Warawara.

"Where the hell is he?" The swordsmen that Ayatsuri had tossed out of the building had also seemingly vanished. After taking a direct hit from an explosion tag the shinobi should have been down for the count. Which was a shame, the puppeteer was hoping to bring him in for interrogation, or at least... wait...

A reflection of light caught Ayatsuri's eye. There was a tiny vial containing an even smaller amount of white crystals. It was hiding under a few shards of glass. "The Enhancer." Brushing off the glass, Ayatsuri squeezed it with his forefinger and thumb before picking it up. "The idiot left it behind." He laughed.

Pocketing the drug, Ayatsuri did a full three-sixty. Absolutely no sign of Decay. They had vanished. Although Ayatsuri had no prisoners to show for his work, he still felt like this was a victory. He felt like he was finally heading in the right direction. He felt like he actually stood a chance.

[ End ]

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