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The capital city of Raikou no Kuni, nestled between mountain peaks in the center of the country. Its altitude and location lead to common snowfall, though it is not necessarily cold throughout the year, clear days often leading to be as warm as summer. At the southern end of this star-shaped city lies a great stone bridge spanning a large lake, connecting to the road back down to the rest of the world. The home of both the Daimyo and Kamiza, the Onigami Compounds.

Re: i'm workin 24/7 while you chill at home[entrance]

PostPosted by Hanya » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:26 pm

As Osen fought on the color in her eyes slowly faded back to normal, the adrenaline of fighting mixed with her need to focus and plan causing her to forget about her loss of a meal. With her feelings of greed fading, so did the influence of her bijuu. Her strength waned, but not before she had done substantial damage to the thugs in the store. Of course she had taken quite a few hits, and had even managed to receive a knife wound to the face, but her bijuu had sped up her healing rate, and by the time she had made it outside the mark was almost gone.

Now that she was outside, the glare of the sun and the heat managed to focus her even further, she was able to clearly see what was going on. The Kids, all about the same age, and almost 20 adults, half of which were lying unconscious or writhing in pain. Still, Ken seemed to have his hands full with the leader of the group, and AaShif had just hit the ground hard and wasn't getting up. It was a terrible time to have her bijuu's power leave her, but then again she didn't always have it, and she couldn't control it. She could however control her own power, and she knew she didn't have enough to really save the day. Deciding that getting out was the best decision, she moved down on all fours, using the last of her demon energy to charge straight into the foes between her and Aashif. They flew left and right like bowling pins as she scooped him up and kept running, never losing pace. She screamed at Ken to make his exit, and ran off into the nearest alleyway. She knew them well, it seemed like every time she came to this part of town she was being chased or chasing someone. Still, she thanked the stars for it as she jumped over a trash can, turned a corner, and bolted into a steel door, closing it behind her. She quickly slid down it, out of breath and muscles burning. AaShif was still unconscious and lying next to her, and she checked him over, noticing that he had plenty of wounds and bruises, but none were too serious.

"I hope Ken is Alright..."
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Re: i'm workin 24/7 while you chill at home[entrance]

PostPosted by Tolkien » Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:51 pm

The hooded people continued to watch the fight unfold, however the seductive hooded woman stood up as Osen started to make a quick exit from the scene grabbing a unconsious Aashif as well.

"Oh no...we can't have that...these three have impressed us so much, they can't leave yet..track her down...please..."

The other hooded figure, a man whose face was pitch black even with partially revealed hood, stood up disappearing into a nearby shadow. Only his eyes glimmered from it. Meanwhile, the hooded woman stepped outside watching Ken and his fight with Makeo unfold. Ken took the offensive charging straight at Makeo grabbing his short blade Tidus with him. Makeo only smiled as he did a quick handsign creating a dark aura across his arm which he then he used to charge straight down to the ground. Ken quickly jumped back in caution for he did not know what Makeo had in plan. The ground then suddenly shook violently creating bursts of explosions from the ground up. Ken back flipped away nearly getting caught in its random explosions. Makeo's own man however were not so lucky as some were caught in the vicinity. Miraculously the jutsu managed to avoid hitting the restaurant, however the impact from it could be felt. The hooded woman's eyes lit up as she saw the scene.

"I wanted to see them fight more, but Makeo is gonna make a mess of things if I don't end this."

She walked out side further approaching the two who hadn't noticed her yet. Ken looked at Makeo menacingly at him.

"Well...if it's gonna be like that then I guess I am gonna pull out all the stops too!!"

Ken took out what seemed to be a large bottle of water about to prepare a jutsu until he heard a voice that sounded familiar to him and stopped him in his tracks.

"That won't be necessary Ken Andorus.."

Makeo also recognized the voice stopping in his tracks as well. Ken completely stopped looking at the woman who stopped them all with a voice.

Damnnit!! Why is she here!!? Things just had to get worse huh?

Ken said to himself looking at the full figure of the woman before them as she took off the hooded gear revealing her full self. Her full flowing silvery hair flying free from the wind.

"Good to see you here Omi..now you can help me finish off this loser here..teach him not to [badword] with the Tsoo Syndicate!!"

Omi scoffed at the comment from Makeo especially when he mentioned the Tsoo Syndicate..she had a slight smirk as she walked closer to the group.

"For one Makeo, YOU are not of the Tsoo Syndicate...you only work FOR US every now and then you got it? Don't ever mention yourself and the Tsoo under the same breath....and two, Ken already paid you what you owed, so you can go ahead and cut the act.Take you and your men and leave."

Makeo grimaced as every word said from Omi's mouth stabbed his heart. He motioned his men to follow him and walked directly toward ken violently bumping into him as he walked off.

"This is not over with Ken..we WILL finish another day..watch your back!!"

He walked off with him and whatever remaining men were left with some limping forward. Omi smiled and walked forward to Ken immediately embracing him and kissing him passionately in the lips. Ken stood shocked but emotionless. Normally a kiss from a beautiful woman would excite him, but it appeared Ken knew more about this woman then what she appeared on the outside.

"Oh Ken baby...been so long since i felt those lips of yours..that smell of your sweet blood entices my thirst..yes..Are you happy to see me? I know it isn't fear...or is it?"

Ken stood emotionless as he couldn't answer the question. This woman really frightened Ken Andorus..He finally composed himself as she let go of her embrace and kiss.

"Aren't I just old goods to you Omi? You don't have no new hobbies for yourself?"

"Oh no Ken, I always have....uses for you...however I have taken a liking to your "friend" that was with you there..He is raw and shows some potential..mmm"

When she said that she licked her lips seductively. Ken looked around for Aashif and Osen, but they were gone. Ken was too busy with Makeo that he hadn't noticed Osen and Aashif. Omi seemed to had picked up on Ken's worries..

"Don't worry about your friends...Ansem Tsoo is locating them now..as you might have guessed we have use of you three...oh and don't think I forgot that you owe US money as well...but..if you can help us out we will go ahead and overlook that.."

Ken sighed to himself in partial relief. He thought she came after him for a debt. However he still didn't feel much better for he knew whatever it was they wanted him to do wouldn't be good. He had dealt with the Tsoo several times..whether with them or against them, it was always troublesome. Thank goodness in this case so far he would be working with them.

Osen wrote:"I hope Ken is Alright..."

A figure slowly emerged in the shadows staring at the group.

"Your speed is very impressive...your power is like that of a Jinchuuriki..however my power is of the shadows..Where the shadows lie I do not trail far behind.."

Ansem walked forward to them however non threatening, however he still seemed intimidating considering his odd appearance. The very muscular man wore all black that blended in the shadows and even his face covered in a black gas mask that muffled his voice.

"You guys impressed us...Ken is fine...we have use of him as well as for you two.."
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