Retracing old memories.

At the heart of the great Snow Village sits Hyouden Castle, a great fortress chosen to be the Yukikage's fortress. Archeologists discovered its ruins almost by accident while the construction of the new ninja village was already underway. Reconstruction was approved by the Emperor for use by the Yukikage, and now the refurnished building stands as a testament to the marvels of old and new engineering combined in its architecture.Kage: Kuroudo Hyuuga - Kiyoshi

Retracing old memories.

PostPosted by Seijitsu Kodani » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:01 am

(Memory Blurbs of old <3)

"Haro... do you remember when we first met?"

"Yes, my lady. It was a long time ago."

"You say it like it's something that is so formal."

"For me, it was."

Seijitsu lifts herself up from looking up lazily at the sky, and up towards her oath brother's chin. His face is looking elsewhere. His dark, midnight blue eyes were always watching something. In a sense, he took his duties as a bodyguard more than a brother.

His face turned downwards to face hers, his expression blank. The two gazed at each other for a moment, the warm summer air and the perfume of flowers making the senses blossom with feeling. A cool breeze blew over them. Seijitsu directed her gaze down again, looking across the Kodani estate's central garden.

"I don't want to think of us... being apart, Haro."

"What prompts you to think that, my lady?"

"There is just... so much to worry for with you. I don't know what the world holds against you or I or Setsuka... but I just... want to be together."

"You know too little and too much, Seijitsu." Haro sighs, placing his palm onto her head, twisting it, and effortlessly ruining her hair in a second.

"Haro!" Seijtisu squirms, quickly getting up to readjust her hair. She looks at him, expecting him to be gazing at her with those mocking eyes of his, the eyes that came out when he was in a playful mood, or wanted one of his two oath sisters to be quiet.

She found his eyes looking to the horizon again. Her eyes followed, seeing nothing... but she could only wonder what was on her brother's mind.

What... was he thinking of?

"Seijitsu, hold your neck up when you pose, darling."

"Mother, must I pose for portraits like this all the time?"

"No, just for the important occasions, darling. Once every year or so, with your growth, we must record it with proper portrait. It is a sort of... record book of how you have become a lovely lady as you have."

"I could just have a photograph taken of me, mother... it would be a bit more economical... and quick." Seijitsu remarks. Megami taps the back of Seijitsu's shoulders lightly with the non-lit end of her pipe.

"Shoulders back. Look poised. Elegance takes effort, but must look fluid and natural."

Straightening her posture appropriately, she resumes a stature. The artist looks back at his subject, and resumes putting paint to easel. "Mother, why do we have so much?"

Megami allows a stream of smoke to pour out of her mouth, exhaling. "More is from more work, more effort, more chances given and taken." Her eyes drift over to Seijitsu for a moment, an eyebrow raised in curiosity. "How do you worry about this when you have a fine education, good genes, and a proper lifestyle?"

"I just... wonder about those who don't have what we do...What if... we're making their lives harder by having our lives be easier?"

"Don't worry about others, Seijitsu... it'll only rob yourself of being able to make yourself the best you are now." Megami orders, taking another drag from the lacquered pipe. Smoke smelling of cherries puffs out of her lips as she breathes out.

"Trust me, we need you to be the best you can be." Megami murmurs softly, but loudly enough so that the words reach Seijitsu's ears.
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