The Sparkling City. [Yuki Ball III]

At the heart of the great Snow Village sits Hyouden Castle, a great fortress chosen to be the Yukikage's fortress. Archeologists discovered its ruins almost by accident while the construction of the new ninja village was already underway. Reconstruction was approved by the Emperor for use by the Yukikage, and now the refurnished building stands as a testament to the marvels of old and new engineering combined in its architecture.Kage: Kuroudo Hyuuga - Kiyoshi

Re: The Sparkling City. [Yuki Ball III]

PostPosted by Tolkien » Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:26 am

Gainon spent the majority of the time after "conversing" with Tolkien speaking with various nobles and important people mainly business mixed with casual talk. After his little time of mingling the former Tsuchikage decided to step out for fresh air to a nearby balcony. He managed a slight smile as he looked out into the night sky in quick thought of his future plans. He was quite sure of it that Yuki somewhere in this land housed one of the gems that he was looking for. Once all the gems were in his hands of about 10 in all then he could really start with his plans. What exactly were the plans of this aging man? Was it the typical "take over the world" theme? No ....more complex than that..The typical "Destroy the world" theme? wasn't as simple as one knew the motivations of the ambitous man, but one thing was for certain. Whatever they were, his plans were not in the best interest of any of the villages...other than Iwa...

Gainon stood then opening up his mind meld jutsu ability to sense the thoughts of everyone within the ballroom picking up on any "loud emotional thoughts" that came to his senses and ignoring any unimportant thoughts. Deep emotional anguish or any kind of high emotion were easy prey to his mind prodding. As well as weak willed people, but those people were unimportant to him. He first scans picked up at the ballroom using many of the normal nobles minds as his vision he saw a few people of interest. Of course from who he saw earlier Barret Gou, and then he saw Zihark seemingly to himself drinking. He would not probe his mind in respect, but a telepath was not needed to see that he appeared troubled. Gainon decided he would probably have words with him later, but he decided for now to continue his searching. It was then where a strong emotion he felt coming from the son of Queen Seijitsu. It was also near a balcony, but on an opposite end. Because of the high rage coming from the boy, it made it easy to tap into his mind harmlessly and briefly see his visions. He would not prod further in the boys mind to find out what the source of it was. Gainon did not feel like having to deal with the unknown entity and could read the situation without having to deal with the troubles of that. THrough the boy's eyes, he could see glimpses of Raika, Tsuuki and the rest of the usual Kumo bunch. However new to the scene was Ryuuchi Sasaki and Kiyoshi. It appeared that a battle was to ensue and Gainon thought of lending help to calming this young man down and he had plenty of expertise to do this, however seeing who was there, he deemed it not necessary to interefere, but to observe. There would be no need to act, as it appeared that Ryuuchi and his former Kumo brethren had things under control. He would keep his telepathic on the boy in any case. If not for entertainment. Gainon was also aware of the encounter going on between Tolkien, Niko and Rafiki. Knowing Rafiki, it would probably not be best to leave the situation alone. Rafiki did not care for politics or tact. Rather he only cared for bringing more of the dead among his summons and building his undead army for his death God. The ball here would be a perfect opportunity for him, but a problem for Gainon.

Rafiki's presence is fine, but any type of aggressive confrontation at this point might prove to be a hinderance..

Gainon then proceeded to speak to Rafiki via telepathically.

I understand your presence Rafiki...but it seems you are quite outnumbered. The boy is going nowhere, you will be able to get him another time when the time is right...

In the middle of his conversation with Rafiki, he heard a well intentional feeling of a certain individual that was looking for him within the ball room She was very beautiful yet mysterious. Something seemed quite familiar about the woman and Gainon would probe her mind if needed but not yet, if she was looking for him perhaps things would be explained. Then again, if she meant any ill will toward him which would be no surprise, since he was very high in the Bingo book among rival villages as well as Earth Country, then he would not hesitate, to.... "discreetly" eliminate the threat, but he would request her presence and at least quench his curiousity. After all she was a marvel to look at in any case. He spoke into her mind rather abruptly requesting her presence..

I hear that you are looking for me young woman...for what purpose may I entertain you with? I have many talents but few company at this time..aside from my business.. come see me at the balcony at the far end ahead of you..

Gainon waited on a response from Rafiki as he waited on the young woman. He could feel her presence and it was quite strong. She was definitely not weak,but whatever her business was it must be of utmost importance..When she would finally come he would be out standing staring out at the night sky..

From a distance outside the Ball stood in the snowy haze a very tall dark skinned man standing at 6'7 peering into the view of the Castle wearing nothing but a strange type of animal hide as clothing and an assortment of skull necklaces. It was the true form of the witchdoctor of Earth Country known as Rafiki. He listened to Gainon's telepathic request and responded in kind..

"You are correct Dark prophet Gainon...although numbers mean nothing to me, I understand you do not wish for my interference...and this is fine....for now..death will come to all in the dead can, I will share patience as well.."

Tolkien also prepared himself as he knew dealing with Rafiki from the past, that the witchdoctor always had a trick up his sleeve and aside from Rafiki himself had some of the most strongest summons he had ever faced...however unexpectantly the little girl smiled and let go of Niko. Rafiki spoke disturbingly still in the voice of the little girl..

"You are right Tolkien..I am at a disadvantage...I think I will like staying in Yuki now..there are a lot of ripe bodies to build from...We will meet again...."

The little girl then whispered something to Niko's ear that Tolkien and the others could not hear, but whatever it was, it made Niko shake in fear as the unknown jutsu that the little girl or rather Rafiki used on Niko wore off. The little girl then dropped to the floor like a lifeless doll violently her head hit the floor in the same force that would create a concussion. Tolkien rushed to the little girl observing her and then violently banging his fist to the floor. While knelt down he looked up at the two bodyguards Setsuka and Haro with a solemn look..

"This little girl is dead..Rafiki can use dead bodies as an avatar to communicate or even fight others. He more than likely killed this little girl and used her body to sneak into the Ball...she seems like she must be an inhabitant of Yuki would you be able to identify her and notify her parents?"

He looked at the young girl. It was sad that her life was taken so young. She was someone's daughter and he felt pained for her parents who would eventually realize their daughter is dead..

"Rafiki doesn't care for the living...whether young or old...they are just potential bodies he can use for summons and to please his Death God that he would be best for your men to search outside the Castle, he is somewhere out there and he controlled the girl from a distance..."

Tolkien then stood himself back up and peered his eyes at the young boy Niko who still stood shocked..

"Who are you? and what did Rafiki want with you?"
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Re: The Sparkling City. [Yuki Ball III]

PostPosted by Hanya » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:42 pm

I hear that you are looking for me young woman...for what purpose may I entertain you with? I have many talents but few company at this time..aside from my business.. come see me at the balcony at the far end ahead of you..

The mental blast shocked her, it was something new and frankly somewhat invasive. It was like being watched, and never seeing the person who was doing it. She looked left and right, trying to find the origin, maybe a trick or a voice projection technique, but she did not see the man she was looking for, only the many ants that simply stood in her way. As she walked, she saw all eyes turn to her, her black dress and black her an immediate contrast to the Queen of Yuki, though she hadn't seen, hadn't met, or didn't care about her in the least bit. Still Michiko's presence drew the same amount of attention, though obviously for a different reason. Her painted lips drew themselves into a smile as she walked past a man and his dance partner, his eyes immediately following her like a lost puppy, causing his partner to break off their dance in annoyance.

Men were so easily broken.

As s he reached the outside she finally saw the man she had been looking for. he was gazing out to the stars and the sparkling city lights, but she knew that he could tell she was their, the sound of her heels against the hard floor a telltale sign of her approach. She had never been one for formalities, and preferred to get to exactly what she needed to get done without hesitation. That spilled over to her speech styles and mannerisms, and the way she talked to people, and Gainon was no exception.

"I would prefer it if you didn't do... whatever it was that you just did. Anyways, I have a business proposition for you. One that will change the world..."
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