Ophelia Takami

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Ophelia Takami

PostPosted by Hanya » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:24 pm

Name:Ink Bomb

    -Looks: A small black pellet the same size as a normal smoke pellet, around an inch and a half in diameter. It weighs a couple of ounces, about the same as a household battery, and is made of a hard plastic like material, able to be crushed in the hand if necessary, but more prominently thrown in order to prevent accidental activation.

    -Capabilities:Like a smoke bomb, this small ball produces a thick cloud of inky powder when activated by either crushing or throwing. This powder, which on its own does nothing other than create a blacker smoke cloud, when combined with water creates a black staining ink. When used underwater, this item creates a liquid ink cloud like that of an octopus, used to cover ones tracks or to attack in secret. The ink is harmful if inhaled, but not outright poisonous,and can be washed off with simple soap and water.

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