Sonja Kasumi

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Sonja Kasumi

PostPosted by Hanya » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:25 pm

Name:Nagasukujira | Razorback

    -Looks: A deceptively plain Katana, the sword comes with a All black sheathe, a gold guard, a slightly squared handle covered in black grip, and a gold end cap, with a red string attached. on the end of this string a gold Jashin symbol is affixed. The blade of this sword is almost the same as any other katana except that instead of a smooth flat edge, the edge of the sword is serrated. Also, the flats of the blades are covered in small sharp protrusions that ever so slightly jut up from he blade in every direction.

    -Capabilities:Due to the serrated edge, this blade tend to cause much more bleeding rather than clean cuts, and the protrusions on the flats of the blade allow it to shave and shred things that graze against it, similar to Samehada. It is believed that the sword causes increased bleeding and pain due to a blessing by Jashin, however, in reality the blade has a mixture of alcohols, natural acids, and salt, as well as a mild anti-coagulent that has coated the blade, causing cuts made by the sword to bleed for much longer, and increasing the pain that the cuts cause.

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