An old mans wish

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Located far to the east is this terrible and hostile land. The people here have become savage and live in a world with nothing of the peace that other nations take so greatly for granted. The land here is not for those iwth the mind to take a casual stroll. The land is laced with marshes and swamps, which house creatures more horrific then some can imagine. It is here that a gaint Demon Ninja Army has been formed in secret, amd were a war that other nations choose to ignore will be waged.

An old mans wish

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Jikan walked through the forest at a loss of where she was. She had lost all her bearings and was not just hopelessly walking north.

Stupid Compass, Why wont you tell me more than just north?

She continued to walk as she thought of the mission given to her by her master. Head to the Sky village strong hold and walk north till you run in to the demon strong hold. Pass this and head to the west to find an empty and abandoned dojo where you will learn the jutsu i have spoke to you of. Psh this jutsu better be worth it. There you will be told of the trial necessary to learn the jutsu.

Suddenly she stopped walking feeling the presence of a number of individuals. She was so caught up thinking about the mission she was oblivious that she had stumbled in to a situation. "i gotta stop getting distracted like that" Jikan thought. She leapt in to the tree near by to get a better look at the individuals in question. When she was able to see through the leaves, she discovered she had reached the first destination on her map. The Demon village, which was rather enormous and ominous looking stood massively in front of her. She would be attack on sight , or worse captured. And the torture from the demon village was one which was said to be a fate worse than death. She would go around to stay hidden and avoid conflict. For this mission was one given by her master not by the village, meaning if she was caught there would be search party or rescue.

1 hour later

JIkan had finally past the demon village after back tracking about a mile out, to make the long journey around the village. She would rather avoid conflict with a village who was at war with her own. She continued through the trees to finally make it to the dojo in question. There was one problem the dojo was not abandoned, there were 3 people in the area. She could see two, one looked like a samurai while the other was most likely a Shinobi for he had seals on his hands. The third she could feel but not see, but the third was in the building. She noticed that none she could see were officiated with any village, but were simply walking around the dojo.

Unfortunately she would have to dispatch them, and quietly because the demon village was not far from where thy were and would send scouts to check out the noise. She had to think of away to finish the mission an get out quickly.
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