Quick as a Wink (Hizoku's Equipment)

Here in this section, you may create custom equipment for your character. As always, read the stickies, and heed the moderators. What will you forge?
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Quick as a Wink (Hizoku's Equipment)

PostPosted by Knyves » Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:50 am

Name: Karasuhebi and Dokuhebi, the Twin Snakes

    -Looks: While named separately, the two weapons are identical in appearance. The snakes are a pair of kama, twin sickle blades with a hinge where the blade meets the handle. This weapon, designed by a Sanada, consequently stolen by Hizoku, actually folds closed, and the two are carried in holsters on Hizoku's waist on his back. The hinge has two other position it locks into, one in a typically sickle position, the other where the blade folds straight up, allowing Hizoku to use it as a knife should the situation arise. That's the first half the weapon. The second half actually lies on Hizoku's back. The Twin Snakes are a pair of kusarigama, not kama. Two wheels on Hizoku's shoulders are wound with small, highly resilient chains, that he can release where they emerge from his sleeves. At either end of the chains are large weights (approximately two pounds, more than the typical weight, because he uses it as a meteor hammer). These weights can actually lock into the hilts of the kama portion, creating a kusarigama. All portions of the weapons have been painted black for stealth purposes, including the blades.

    -Capabilities: The sharp part cuts stuff, the weighted part hits stuff... the chainy part wraps stuff up... Pretty straightforward really. The capabilities hear are mechanical in nature, in that the kamas can be attached to the chains, to use as kusarigama, or the chains can be used on their own, or the kama on their own, etc. Versatility is the name of the game with this tool.

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