Much needed Girl Time. [Raika]

At the heart of the great Snow Village sits Hyouden Castle, a great fortress chosen to be the Yukikage's fortress. Archeologists discovered its ruins almost by accident while the construction of the new ninja village was already underway. Reconstruction was approved by the Emperor for use by the Yukikage, and now the refurnished building stands as a testament to the marvels of old and new engineering combined in its architecture.Kage: Kuroudo Hyuuga - Kiyoshi

Much needed Girl Time. [Raika]

PostPosted by Seijitsu Kodani » Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:00 am

"Your majesty, what about your reports from the representative in Oto?"

Looking over her paperwork, Seijitsu gave a half-hearted nod, her eyes not meeting Fujimori standing opposite her desk.
She glanced over the papers, but they were really garbled nonsense at the moment, because she wasn't even thinking about her paperwork.

"How go the preperations for Raika?" The Queen asked as she slided her bangs out of her sight of vision and back towards the crown of her head, as she flipped a senator's proposal over to view it's back contents.

Fujimori raised an eyebrow and he closed his eyes calmly, the purple eyeshadow darkening his lids becoming apparent. "I'm making sure it's the best available, my Lady."

Seijitsu blinked up at the man, her eyes uncharacteristically narrowing at him in a way she only could with those she could trust with her less than delicate self.

When he kept his eyes closed calmly, she turned her eyes back towards the paper. "You're up to something, aren't you?" Her eyes saw his peeking out from under his closed eyelids, a grin spreading first across his face, and then spreading across the room to infect her's.

"I'll make sure to love every bit of it." Fujimori smiled warmly, almost sadistically as he walked away.
His posh and proper mannerisms fading for a moment as he put a finger to his lips in quiet, feigned thought before turning back to her. "Oh, but I forgot to mention; She's coming and will be here any second, we've been keeping her busy."

More than anything, Seijitsu glared over at him, but when his smile met her eyes she had quickly risen from her desk, leaving behind countless papers untouched as she almost childish fashion rushed out to greet long time confidante and friend.

"Oh phooey. I'm going to be late." Fujimori heard the Queen say as he saw her trailing mane of silky white follow behind her as her heels quickly clicked down the hall. Her guards following behind her, confused and worried.
Back towards the hallway now, he chuckled and began to organize and put away her paperwork.

- - -

The gates to the palace were opened as a simple, ornate carriage of pale blue made it's way across the rounded entryway and to the front door of Hyouden palace itself. The driver had been told to detour for a while while he had Raika in tow, and his timing synched with Seijitsu's as she rushed out toward the entrance hall and past the black and white clad guards of Yuki keeping watch of the palace.
Her hands smoothed over the layers of her skirt as she saw Raika's carriage door being slowly opened as she quietly waited.The footman opened her door and Seijitsu rushed to see the Silver Dragon of Kumo. Her arms wrapping around her friend's neck as soon as she was out.

Her elation, for some reason, came easily. It was also probably because she could easily be more relaxed when they were in a non-formal event.

"Raika!" Seijitsu warmly greeted, before stepping back. "I knew you would probably hate the idea of being in a carriage, but I couldn't resist giving you the royal treatment." She chuckled softly, her eyes eminating with warmth for the first time in a rather long period of essential isolation. "I'm so glad you could be here."
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