Koujo Comanche (Little Wolf) Joining thread

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Koujo Comanche (Little Wolf) Joining thread

PostPosted by Tolkien » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:56 pm

Koujo sat to himself in a pretty quiet bar with very few people in it. He sat wallowing in misery and self-gulit built up from many years of his continuous failures in life. If it wasn't for his 6'10 height and huge frame, he would be almost invisible to everyone as he spoke nor muttered a word, only giving the bartender hand signals all too familiar to the "provider of his drink" now. The bartender and Koujo in sync as Koujo's hands extended to receive another cold alcoholic getaway from his depression. A depression stemmed from his own jealousy, rebellious nature, and hard-headed attitude in the past. Kumo was so different to him now. He had left the village more than 5 years ago to do nothing but join an up and coming gang and familiarize himself with the criminal underworld. Taking the opposite path of his more well liked Older brother Hassan Comanche. Hassan was well respected, feared by enemies, and an honorable man all wrapped in one. However, during one fateful day; a day that should have been one of the most successful days as the Kumo police force of that time and their Special Ops were to take down a very wanted man, that would had been able to give them the break they needed to finally get rid of the globally infamous Tsoo Syndicate. However, what seemed to be too good to be true...was, as it was a setup and in the end Hassan paid with his life for it. While all this happened, Koujo was out stealing for money and getting into various gang wars to gain notoriety. It would only be 4 years later from that event that Koujo would learn that his brother was killed. Ever since then he has been drinking his life away doing little odd jobs whatever the task for pay to keep him somewhat stable. As unstable as his life physically was, even more unstable was his mind and emotions.

A new face entered into the Heaven's Gate bar in the middle of the night in which most would call it a night and leave. It was a woman with a slender and athletic build. Her dark brown skin bringing a tasteful contrast to her fancy dark toned get up. Dark brown, black mixed color of her one piece garment that she wore with style. Her contacts in her eyes gleamed as if she was looking for a certain person. The very few people even the bartender took time to notice, however Koujo did not even lift his head as he continued drinking. The woman looked over in Koujo's direction walking toward him and boldly sat right next to him to order herself a drink. She glanced over at Koujo smiling before getting her drink..

"You know...when a beautiful woman just sits right next to you in an empty bar you should buy that lady a drink..."

The woman said directly to Koujo. However he continued lost in his alcohol not even noticing her presence. The woman's smile then turned to a frown and a sigh of frustration. When Koujo brought out his usual hand for another drink, the woman placed her hand in front blocking the passage of alcohol to his hand from the bartender.

"Little Wolf!"

She said with force, this time enough to make Koujo notice her, especially when she said "Little Wolf". It was a nickname he hadn't heard since he was a kid. And it stuck with him even now. But only people who were close to him and knew him knew that name.

"Mai....wh-what are you doing here?"

Koujo said in a slight slurs..he looked Mainasha Imani up and down as if trying to make sure she was real.

"I live here..silly...also I have been keeping track on you for awhile now..what made you come back to Kumo just so you could become a drunk around Kumo?"

"Hell..I just wanted to check on things here..shhhiit.."

Koujo went to grab another drink until Mainasha once again placed her hand in front of Koujo's hand. Koujo then grew annoyed.

"I am gonna need you to stop that...."

Mainasha grew a serious tone in response..

"No...you are going to listen to me..you just gonna waste your life away like this? Your brother is dead and nothing can take that back, but what you can do is honor his memory..honor what he stood for...honor his love for you.."

"And how i do that?"

"Weell you can stop all this drinking and feeling bad for yourself for one..do something productive at least....like....join the Kumo Police force.."

"Huh? are you serious?"

"Yeah..you have some potential..I mean look at you, your a pretty big guy, you have been in the criminal underground. you have experience in that field. We need people like that."

Koujo looked to the side showing a hint of doubt that Mainasha could easily feel from him..

"Yeah...a criminal like me, couldn't even make it to his own brother's funeral..and abandoned everything of value to the Comanche clan. Your police force needs no one like me Mai..now if you excuse me I'd like to drink some more.."

Mainasha stood up and then placed a hand over Koujo's shoulder as it seemed she was about to leave..

"I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling right now...not even having a chance to say good bye to your brother..feeling like you have let down everyone you have known in your life..but that is even more the reason that you must continue on and right the wrongs that were made. We are human koujo, and remember you were very young then too..we all were..I look back and feel like..like...I could had did things better, you know.... Look, if you don't remember or try to understand anything I tell you...know this...your inaction will let Hassan's death be in vain...and you will prove everyone who ever doubted you right..It's not about our choices, but how we deal with our choices..Hassan lives on in you Koujo, whether you want to or not....you carry his legacy now..."

A certain twitch in Koujo's nerves came after Mainasha's words...he sat silent in thought. It was as if he was taking deep focus in trying to form words from his mouth..

"Mai....I'll think about it.."

Mainasha stopped with a slight smile...

"That's all I want Koujo...it's a start...see you later Little Wolf..."

With that said she left the bar disappearing into the night..Koujo sat in his thoughts when it was briefly interrupted by the bartender offering another drink..he looked up into the ceiling as if looking into the heavens thinking of his brother..

For what it's worth brother...I am sorry...but I vow to avenge you and become the shinobi you wanted me to be. Love you bro..

After the brief thought he looked at the bartender..

"No thanks...I am done drinking my life away.."

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