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Genji's collection

PostPosted by Genji Holiday » Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:38 pm


    Name: Chakra Enhanced Spray Pump (C.E.S.P.)
      -Looks: Genji’s C.E.S.P.s are made from iron and insulated from moderate weather conditions. They are color coded cylindrical spray canisters with a full cone nozzle and a cap trigger. There is a safety lock beneath the trigger that must be flipped out of the way before the trigger can be pressed. In addition, the canisters are refillable, can hold up to 32 ounces of liquid (despite being small enough to fit into his utility belt), and are easy to whip out in battle.
      Frankly, the cans look and function almost in the same manner as pepper spray can. Below are pictures the can is modeled after for clarification.
      Image Image

      -Capabilities: The C.E.S.P. pressures liquids through a full nozzle creating a spray. When the trigger of C.E.S.P. is pressed, Genji may apply chakra into the canister. The amount of chakra used will determine the amount of gas and pressure released. In essence, the C.E.S.P. is designed to allow Genji to spray substances over distances (pressing the cap hard and fast increases the range up to five meters) or create a short range cloud of the substance (the amount of chakra applied increases the size of the mist/fog of the substance created). Applying enough chakra to perform the Bunshin no Jutsu, will cover outward of three meters in the liquid fog. Applying more chakra will give diminishing returns, since the maximum distance of C.E.S.P's burst spray is five meters.

    Poison Name: Flying High Shroom Liquor
    Poison Rank: C
    Poison Effect(s):
      [ Turn 0 / Turn of Infection/Injection. If target directly digesting substance, target experiences Turn 3 next. Otherwise, if the target inhales the target must be exposed to the substance for one more turn.]
      [ Turn 1 / Turn of Infection. The target is infected.]
      [ Turn 2 / Nothing]
      [ Turn 3 / Jovial phase. The target experiences the sensation of feeling better. This phase is also known as the tipsy phase.]
      [ Turn 4 / Extended Jovial phase. ]
      [ Turn 5 / Impairing phase. The infected target’s motor skills become affected. The target finds balancing and complex activities (such as walking and talking) difficult. ]
      [ Turn 6 / Lethargic phase. The infected target experiences an unpleasant sensation heaviness and lethargy.]
      [ Turn 7 / Sleep phase. Infected target falls asleep. ]

    Story: Flying High Shrooms are classified as toadstools. They have a bright orange and spotted green cap with a sterling white stem. Genji found them in the Land Of Grass growing on the skeleton remains of a soldier, who’d gotten lost. Genji found (after research) the fungus when digested gives extreme diarrhea and flu like symptoms. Therefore, Genji believed that soldier probably digested the shroom out of hunger and dead from lack of water. He also learned that when the mushroom was dried, crushed, and thoroughly seeped like tea, the Flying High Shroom produces an intoxicating liquor used for putting people to sleep. This liquor is highly potent and bears a scent strong enough to induce euphoric symptoms. The liquor smells like passion fruit.

Non-Weapon Related:
    -Chakra Element: Earth
    -Link to Jutsus: ~
    -Link to Clan/Seal/demon: ~
    -Link to Character: topic13364.html
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