Drifting (Open )

The open land between civilization. Deserts, forests, volcanoes, canyons, rivers, rails. Have a good journey.

Drifting (Open )

PostPosted by Genji Holiday » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:09 pm

A small fishing boat dangled dangerously close to the edge of a waterfall and danced within the currents of the whitewater rapids it drifted in. Those currents were more than capable of picking up a two hundred pound man and throwing him into the jagged rocks below. The thread that kept the fishing boat from veering off the cliff was tied to a tree on the bank several yards away. And most remarkable, a twelve year old boy named Genji laid half asleep in the dangling boat. He yielded a fishing rod snugly in his hands, wore a rice hat to block the sun, and snored softly through the motions. He had his line cast into the riffle below and his feet soaking in the white rapid.

Genji took a moment from his quest to rest and capture his meal for the day. He had a bucket sitting at his hip with two trout floating inside. Despite having captured two already, two was simply not enough for a growing boy. Now, with the sun passing its two hour journey, Genji was nearly starving and his stomach was on the verge of revolting.

That was until he felt something interesting - a tug on his line. His hazel eyes snapped open, he he firmed his grip on his fishing rod, and his fisherman instincts flared into action. He sat up, propped his feet on the bow of the boat for support, and began the art of catching a fish. He skillfully pulled his line applying enough strength to hurl a horse and held his arms out catching it in hands.
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