Heaven is a Feeling I Get in Your Arms [Kaitou]

Outside the walls of the major cities, the Snow Empire boasts a variety of climates and landscapes. From the frozen glacial desert of the north, to the deciduous rain forest in the south, the four provinces are fun to discover for those who can keep their wits about them. Wild beasts of primitive and dangerous proportions loom in the corners of even its most barren wastelands, and the criminal elements are almost free to roam anyplace that is secluded from civilization.

Re: Heaven is a Feeling I Get in Your Arms [Kaitou]

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There was a burning sensation in his breast which hadn't presented itself to the enigmatic little soldier since his mother had spat him onto the gritty streets of Amagakure. The feeling was a foreign object veiled in the horde of past transgressions, misguided luck, and tribulation of life. Some would say it was about time that young Myaku caught a break even if a small part of him refused to trust his current reality. That portion of his soul which dwelled in the residual darkness of his existence could not bring itself to fully commit. This had been his modus operandi in all of his daily activities for the past nineteen years. Yet, there it was, taunting him like a heckler in the streets. Hope was a four letter word that meant [badword].

If only his cautionary nature would reign in the exhilaration coursing through his chest. His forest green eyes were alight in the way a rich man chased down further treasures. Except, this time it was not gold at the end of the rainbow, but a being worth far more than the world in his eyes. His actions were a complete contrast to the mantra that guided his steps. Only, he could not stand to lose any more to the weight of duty for this death; this death would be greater than any weight hefted onto his shoulders. If the rest of his journey was filled with crime and punishment it would be a fair trade if she survived.

Myaku suddenly swore when Pietro narrowly missed a tree, "My mind prattles like a schoolgirl instead of focusing on the task at hand."

The impending storm was beginning to pick up which meant his limited time had was rapidly dwindling. If he didn't find a hint of tracks soon enough he would be out of luck. There had been mention in the message of a lake. His boots tapped against the odd bird's side to send the creature in a sprint towards their altered destination. By this time snow had begun to fall in small sheets, further disrupting the horizon to the point where the unaided eye could only see a couple steps ahead; no matter for an Onoda. While, noisome, he would proceed using his enhanced vision while fully guiding his mount with his knees.

"Ho!" An anomaly in the calm landscape ahead had caught his attention.

A solid pat against Pietro's back brought him to a halt. Myaku leapt into a short sprint across the snow in a loping manner that he had gotten used to over his stay in the country. His run stopped in the wreckage of a boat which appeared relatively new if his tracking abilities were to be trusted. By the size of the hole, either someone larger than Amaya had broken through or she had been struck with an incredible force. While a factor, the second was dubious. Amaya had always been more of a technical combatant. The odds of her falling into such a grand attack was relatively little. A sweep of his gaze brought to light two pairs of footsteps hidden beneath newly laid snow. The smaller seemed familiar while the larger belonged to what he assumed to be a man.

Myaku turned the chouzetsugan to the lake with no avail. If there was anyone out there he would have get closer before they became visible. The tracks on the other hand...

Hurriedly, clamoring up the back of his audacious steed, the soldier spurned the animal towards the frozen lake. Pietro's swift feet should prove to be more than capable of handling the conditions. The pressing concern was the fact that he was almost positive wherever Amaya was, she was heading into a trap. Knowing her she was already in over her head. This was only confirmed when a vicious cry practically shattered the ice in front of him. His bones shivered to the brink of coming out of his skin at the prospects of what lay ahead. Beneath him he could feel Pietro break stride to the point where they narrowly fell into the break in the ice. However, Onoda Myaku's hands tightened like an iron fist around Pietro's reins. He had come too far. It would take more than death to sway his determination. Seals locked into place in conjunction to the eye of Horus sucking away its shackles.

An ethereal blue light enveloped his shoulders as a celestial cloak of souton chakra settled over his form. Even in the storm it should have been enough to point out his location, but it wasn't exactly like he was hiding anymore. Souton laced over his arms like a flood waiting to be released on the masses. Myaku had turned his body into a beacon in partial sacrifice to take the heat off of Amaya. However, even without the presence of the Horus infiltrating his mind, white hot rage had been drifting through his consciousness. Once again, the gods of lucked sought to take away what he held dear. Not this time.

Myaku leaned over Pietro for the charge, a mashing of disappearing and reappearing body parts beneath the heavenly cloak. Myaku was a ballista waiting to strike. The only structure left to paint was his target.

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