shoki equipment WIP

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shoki equipment WIP

PostPosted by shuu » Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:18 pm

Character Profile: Uchiha Shoki, Ninth Mizukage
Clan Profile: Uchiha
Jutsu link post47017.html#p47017
Seal/Demon/Spirit Profile: n/a

Yasakani no Magatama
Magical necklace that absorbs the chakras of those the user defeats in battle. Each magatame works similar to a tenkutsu, allowing the necklace to slowly regenerate chakra it has stored over time. Chakra production rate is equivilient to a high genin or a low chuunin.

Yata no Kagami
A large, pristine, glass-like shield that is indestructable.. Any person or attack that hits this shield is reflected. In the case of people, it will produce a complete and total clone of them. The user and the clone share the same chakra supply. The clone will dissipate after a rather short duration. In the case of techniques, the user must put forth chakra equal or in most cases greater than the technique it is reflecting, in addition to only being able to reflect what hit the user. Some attacks cannot be reflected because of the way they work.

A powerful sword. Composed of a mysterious glass-like substance, this sword's blade is not physical. An ethereal construct, when it strikes an object it will violently rip away it's chakra. In the case of people, it permenently reduces their maximum chakra supply with every strike.

Really Cool Ring

Really cool tanabo

Really cool box
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