Shattered Reality [Arzy]

Outside the walls of the major cities, the Snow Empire boasts a variety of climates and landscapes. From the frozen glacial desert of the north, to the deciduous rain forest in the south, the four provinces are fun to discover for those who can keep their wits about them. Wild beasts of primitive and dangerous proportions loom in the corners of even its most barren wastelands, and the criminal elements are almost free to roam anyplace that is secluded from civilization.

Re: Shattered Reality [Arzy]

PostPosted by carcinoGeneticist » Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:23 pm

"Do NOT fight him!"

The order rang through Ryuhou's mind for a long moment as he gathered his energy, suddenly rocketing away in the direction Tamaki had gone with an explosive use of his master's Raimichi technique. While Tamaki had simply soared over any obstacles, he would brandish a blade in each hand, Tenshini no Touken coating each blade in order to quite simply lay waste to any trees, or beasts, in his path. His eyes remained locked on Tamaki's still-fading form in the distance, his sensing abilities serving to better keep track of the man.

For a long moment, he considered Ichigo's order, before shrugging his shoulders and gathering his energy, a liquid-like construct of spiritual energy forming on his face, hardening into a solid mask. The mission came first. If he was going to get there before the Captain, he'd have to pull out all the stops. Strengthened by his Kansei, his speed increased, Ryuhou's presence made more clear by a massive presence of spiritual energy and the destruction left in his linear path, rather than actually being easily visible to the naked eye.
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Re: Shattered Reality [Arzy]

PostPosted by Ryuuchi » Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:22 pm

He watched Ryuhou take off after Tamaki and the sword, as the white haired disciple's figure grew smaller...he hoped that he would follow his advice and not engage Tamaki, sadly...Ryuhou was much like he was at that age, which was a bad sign in that situation.
As the forces were about to reach Ichigo's location, he reached down to a dagger belonging to the beastman he had been fighting, it was a fine weapon...strong, sharp and with a great balance. His arm stretched back and with one powerful swing the dagger shot toward the oncoming force.

The moment Captain Yuki's figure came into vision he was forced to hit the breaks, kicking the air and releasing large quantities of energy in the opposite direction while also reaching for his sword to block the dagger. The block was successful but he immidiately noticed that it was nothing but a distraction as Ichigo bolted by him the moment the block occurred and with fast and precise swing decapitated the unsuspecting First Squad member to Yuki's side. In the blink of an eye Ichigo's sword swung to the other First Squad member that showed up as her partner's head disconnected from the rest of the body, sending a powerful and fast energy blade. However, unlike the first who was caught completely by surprise, the First Squad Onigami blocked the attack and easily destroyed the energy blade with her sword. At least one was killed, 2 on 1 is better than 3 on 1.

"Ichigo! Resorting to cheap shots are we? You've been spending to much time with those ninjas."

Captain Yuki seemed quite amused at Ichigo's tactics, he honestly didn't give a shit about anyone else so one or one hundred Onigami dying didn't bother him in the least.

"You're already a headache and a half by yourself Yuki."

Ichigo was completely honest with his opponent, no matter how annoying he was Yuki was still a Captain and the other two were not far behind, plus the abnormal energy coming from Yuki was unsettling to say the least.

"Captain! We should cooperate and attack together."

The woman by Yuki's side on the other hand was all business, she was already ready to attack whenever the Captain gave the order and quickly try to eliminate the threat.
The scene made Ichigo start laughing quite loudly.

"What's this Yuki? Since your dear older sister isn't around you're using that woman as a replacement? She does look a little like Rin, around the fat ass area."

Talking of and insulting the sister he had killed a few years earlier, Ichigo was expecting the always on edge Yuki to snap and attack him in a rage...however quite the opposite happened as Yuki himself started laughing. Both Ichigo and the woman next to Yuki stared at him for a couple of seconds, clearly not expecting that reaction...and most definitely not expecting his next action, the act of driving his sword through the woman's gut.
It was a clean stab, the woman didn't know what happened until she already had a sword sticking out of her front and back. She tried saying the Captain's name and rank but was pushed down to the ground while the sword slid out of her body.

"Now that the distractions are out of the 'bout we get serious right off the bat? No need to play around before bringing out the big guns right?"

Yuki only fought alongside one person and that was his big sister and since she came down with a sudden case of...death...he never again fought with anyone's help, being somewhat known for even killing his own men just because they could be possible distractions in his fights.
However, more than his actions Ichigo worried about his words. Bringing out the big guns could only mean one thing for Yuki and that was his Saigo, if the fight was going to include Saigo it could get bothersome. Luckily Ichigo had seen Yuki's Saigo before, back when he killed his sister Yuki had released his Saigo for a brief moment and Ichigo noticed six large swords appearing behind Yuki and simply floating around...that was until the fight was interrupted and Ichigo left the area.
Yuki's energy suddenly spiked and his sword started to glow, Ichigo could have taken advantage of the Saigo activation to attack the somewhat defenseless Yuki however he too followed the old costume between Onigami of never attacking during a Saigo's activation precess. It was an old rule that even though was never written, it was usually followed by everyone.

There was a sudden explosion of energy all around Yuki, enough to make even Ichigo jump to a safer distance. When the dust settled, Yuki's Saigo was revealed! Behind him were six large double edged swords, each with a red line running down the middle from tip to guard. But that was not all, Ichigo was surprised when he saw that Yuki's body was covered in a black and red armor, a helmet covered his head with a katana blade like horn sticking out the forehead, his hands wrists and most of the forearms were covered in two large blades and the same thing happened for his legs as he appeared to also be floating off the ground. Finally around the torso was an armor with the design of an ogre's face and a single left should plate with the design of a claw.

"Roku Tsubasa no Akushugotenshi (Six Wings of the Impure Guardian Angel)...How do you like my Saigo, Ichigo?"

The mask covering his face slid to the side of the helmet as he spoke with a large grin and waved the blade that almost replaced his right arm around. It was a rather imposing image, not only did he have six large blades behind him but his body was pure and armored weapon. Ichigo was surprised by two things, first by the new addition to Yuki's Saigo and secondly by the energy coming out of the armor. The armor around Yuki's body gave off a completely different energy than the energy released from the blades behind him, though the energy was quite familiar as he imminently recognized it as belonging to Yuki's sister, Rin. But scariest of all was the massive amount of energy that flooded the area, it wasn't just a Captain class amount that Ichigo was feeling, neither was it a combination of two Captains like when Yuki and Rin were seemed much, much larger and much sinister.


Yuki shouted releasing so much energy that a small crater formed under him and the closest trees were uprooted and blown away.

"'re a fool for resorting to that stupid old ritual."

Ichigo knew exactly what Yuki had done to gain that power...and it pissed him off.


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