Escape from School House Hospital?! [Open] :3

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Escape from School House Hospital?! [Open] :3

PostPosted by Art » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:51 am

He looked to the left before his eyes shifted slyly to the right.

The coast was clear, not a nurse or attendant in sight.

Due to destruction of the attack, and the abundant amount of those injured, several buildings were converted to be hospitals or dedicated to be shelter for disaster relief.

Nihon was housed up in the local elementary school.

The blue hair boy still dressed in his hospital gown and boxer shorts quietly slinked out of bed. He didn’t even flinch as his toes touched the frozen slate floor of his makeshift hospital room.

He left arm and shoulder still bandaged, the dressing continued down and over his ribs. His body was still sore and achy from the attack on Kumo. While he was taken out rather early, he didn’t know the whole story, yet he still couldn’t believe the rumor that this was an internal affair. Yet the darkened chaotic picture of his once friend Otoha, haunted his memory… It couldn’t be true.

He had already made up his mind….He didn’t want to turn his back on his village while it needed him. But with AWWNB, Kaito, and Otoha…. There were so many pages and chapters that needed to be tracked down and given a proper conclusion.

He limped over to the open window hopping up and sitting on the ledge as he looked two stories down.

His body felt different, as if all the life and wild excitement had been beaten out of him. His chakra even felt different too, almost like it was never replenished. He slowly pushing his good arm out the window.

Concentrating on the point right in the middle of his palm he pictured a swirling vortex of air. He was going to make a windbreaker shield to catch his fall and escape out of this medical ward.

He focused and concentrated… yet still no shield. Not even a simple breeze. Something was wrong with him… and he could feel it.

So focused on his jutsu he didn’t even see the MIT enter his room.
What are you doing!” she wailed “that’s not safe”

“whaa…..” her entranced startled him. As he began to lose his balance he fell off his perch and out the window. “……aaaahhhhhhh”

Falling head first, he spiraled to the ground below. Focusing on his wind chakra to save him. Searching the depths of his body to find any ounce of wind chakra he was counting it to pull him out of this situation.

work…work... work…” he quietly commanded his body.

Still no luck.

Meanwhile two stories above… The window had fell shut trapping part of his bandage between the window and the banister.

As he fell the bandaging began to unwind…..

He was about five feet from the ground before his body was jerked to a stop as his shoulder popped out of its socket.

“Ouch.” He muttered under his breath as he tried to hide his whimpers.

He was dangling upside down. It was lucky that his banaging somehow became tangled around his leg or the sudden stop would have done a lot more damage to his arm..

There he dangled upside down in his boxer shorts, outside the makeshift school hospital…

“how embarrassing….” He grumbled.
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Re: Escape from School House Hospital?! [Open] :3

PostPosted by Tolkien » Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:30 pm

As Koujo walked toward the Makeshift hospital going to see his friend Mainasha Imani, he thought about the words that she spoke to him about joining the Kumo Police force. He also thought about the previous invasion they were all involved in as well. Mainasha had gotten injured from the gigantic explosion and destruction that the jinchuuriki caused. It was Koujo's first time experiencing a jinchuuriki , or rather a bijuu's power and it was rather intense. The memories came all in fragments in his mind with a reocurring theme in which he needed to put his life on the line and fight for Kumo to make sure things like this never happen again. He seemed to be slightly day dreaming as he didn't notice the falling idiot from the hospital. By the time he looked the man almost came crashing down on Koujo. Koujo's massive height at 6'10 didn't give him much reaction time, but he managed to slip right out the way as the man came to a slight stop from his fall avoiding the ground. Koujo had fell to the ground on his butt looking in disbelief and anger at the man in Boxer shorts.

"Damn!! what the hell man!!? You almost fell on top of me!!!"

He got up brushing the dust off and checking to see if his trusty feather was still on his headband...which it was. Sighing a breath of relief he gathered his bearings and looked at the dangling man two stories from the top. He walked around the dangling figure observing.

"Whew!! Guess you couldn't go through with it huh? You should've wrapped the bandage around your neck if you were gonna kill yourself, although it'd be pretty hardcore. I'd imagine your head would probably snap off from that impact..then again you might had been trying to do that thing I have heard about..."bungee jumping"? Either way you got both of those ideas wrong man.."

Koujo brought out his tomahawk in the intention of cutting the man down, however, with Koujo's intimidating large frame and intimidating look, to some it would look like he was trying to "cut down" Nihon and not the bandage that was attached to him.

"Who the hell are you anyway?"

Koujo said about to use his tomahawk. He had a simple blade, but he liked his tomahawks and showed them off whenever he could.
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