Dizzy Spells.

At the heart of the great Snow Village sits Hyouden Castle, a great fortress chosen to be the Yukikage's fortress. Archeologists discovered its ruins almost by accident while the construction of the new ninja village was already underway. Reconstruction was approved by the Emperor for use by the Yukikage, and now the refurnished building stands as a testament to the marvels of old and new engineering combined in its architecture.Kage: Kuroudo Hyuuga - Kiyoshi

Dizzy Spells.

PostPosted by Seijitsu Kodani » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:43 am

Hyouden Palace always had some of the most eerily peaceful nights. Silence echoed just as much as the footsteps of the patrolling guard through the marbled floors and filigreed walls within.

A pair of elite stood outside of the Queen's personal office, also known as the Camilla office, mostly for it's circular shape and the Queen's affinity to the flower.

The warmth of the fireplace made the room cozy, despite it being a rather cold night outdoors. Snow fell from the cloud-covered skies outside. Only those outside would be exposed to the harshness of the elements. Seijjitsu pitied the guards on outdoor duty as she gazed across from her desk and out of the glass wall, providing a view of the city in it's slumbering grandeur.

"Lord Karasawa is being quite vehement in his pursuit of military funding." Lord Fujimori, Prime Minister of Yuki, looked up from a report. His wise but youthfully sharp eyes looked towards Seijitsu, and then followed her line of sight out of the window.

"The snow... " Seijitsu whispered, her eyes glazed and checked out from the present realm.

The snowflakes fell down outside of the glass, fluttering soundlessly down to what one could expect to be the floor of the palace grounds.

Fujimori crossed his arms over his chest, cupping his elbows. "It is a beautiful sight."

Her majesty kept silent for a while, staring out into the darkness of the city, illuminated only by the tiny, glittering lights of the lit buildings.

"Will you join me with the snow outside?" She finally spoke, her lips seeming frozen in a slightly downward curve.

Fujimori looked to her, then quietly nodded. "Yes." Offering his arm to her, Seijitsu linked to Fujimori as they made their way into the hall. Haro and Setsuka were outside, when they saw the doors open, they wordlessly followed Fujimori and Seijitsu towards the front courtyard.

As the exited out into the front yard, Seijitsu broke away from Fujimori's arms and stepped out into the snow. The concerned shadow of Haro lurked behind her in the distance as Seijitsu stepped slowly, almost absently on the crunchy, frozen flakes. Seijitsu looked forward, to those gates that seperated her from the public eye. She felt things become a little light, her head finding it hard for her to focus intently on what she was doing.

The cold chill on her face wakened her as she stumbled in and out of a dizzy state. Her balance faltered for a moment. Things faded into blurry shadows. Her weight shifted over to her right side.

Haro's arms quickly caught her weight as she fell. The warmth of his nervous breath combined with the gentle grasp he held on her brought her back with a feeling of familiarity.

"Seijitsu..." Haro calmly called. "...are you alright?"

Standing in his grasp, Haro pseudo held on to Sei as she corrected her posture
"Thank you, Haro... I'm fine. Things just... seemed a little funny for a moment."
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