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Shiruki Amikiri | Wayward Bubble

PostPosted by Love » Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:11 pm

Shiruki Amikiri

Name: Shingai | Pearl Scythe [ Back ]

    This is a very majestic looking, though still deadly, scythe. It draws its name from the fact that it looks as though it was made from pearls, and this is in part true. In actuality, it was crafted from an alloy similar to steel, though made with a high percentage of calcium carbonate drawn from crushed up pearls. In all, its actual chemical composition doesn't affect its toughness or effectiveness in comparison to any other normal metal scythe. If anything, it probably makes it a little weaker because the carbonate that comprises it is more susceptible to acids. The weapon has both a white metal staff and underside blade, along with a green upper blade that bares the blunt of the decorative design. The bottom side of the scythe is also designed like a spear, though as a thrown weapon it would not fly like a javelin, or very well at all.

    -Capabilities: The only real special capability of the scythe is its quadruple acting nature. Its set up with both a pivot point at the top, and an extension point in the middle of the staff, which are used to convert the weapon for easy carry, and various uses. First, there is the typical scythe mode, where the staff is at full length, and the blade protruding out. This gives the weapon, as with all scythe, a longer range attack style then swords, with less offensive, though potential defensive, abilities in extreme close combat as the user may rely only on the staff, not being able to swing and slash with the actual bladed ends. The second mode is more akin to a pole-arm. Pivoting at the top where the blade connects with the staff, the crescent blade will fold down to arch between the top of the staff and the midpoint down the pole. This limits the user only to the outer (green) cutting surface, though changes the style of attack to more similar to an axe, being able to be clubbed down and across. The third mode is more like a sickle. In this, the blade will again be protruding out like normal, though the extension joint will be retracted giving the user only half the length of the staff. Though less effective at wide slashes, this is a more apt arrangement for closer combat. The final mode is primarily for transportation, though has some combat uses. In this mode, both the extension joint and the pivot joint will be used to limit the weapon to only half the length of the staff, and have the blade arching down like in the pole-arm style. This means that the blade is now the full length of the portion of the staff left exposed, making it easy to carry. Primarily used with two hands, the user can also hold the staff to defend against other blades, and do quick slashes by sweeping the exposed blade across.

Name: Sekibaku | Oil Bombs [ Equipment Pouch ]

    -Looks: These are small black orbs the size of baseballs that have a small silver trigger point on them. The spheres are small containers for oil, which make them effective explosives with the addition of a flame or spark to lit them up. With the addition of a wick, the bomb can be turned into a small grenade that has the effectiveness of an explosive note. However, the primary use of these bombs is through Suiton jutsu.

    -Capabilities: As stated above, the bombs can act as their own small explosive. However, the primary purpose is for combining them with the manipulation of water. Similar to how a shinobi can hide shuriken and kunai within various attacks to increase their effectiveness, these bombs can be "hidden" in water attacks. While the normally clear liquid might not be the best at actually hiding the shape of the bomb or its contents that get leaked out into the liquid, it's not so much about deceit as it is about creating a deadly second attack. Oil does not mix with water, which is why oil spills are particularly dangerous because water will carry the other liquid further out from the spill, instead of dissipating the substance, and even the surface of the water can be lit on fire. Similarly, the oil in these bombs does not mix will the water used in Suiton manipulation, but does get carried with the flow of the water. With these bombs and their ninjutsu, the user can dose the opponent in oil when their techniques splash against them in a direct hit. Furthermore, a thin layer of oil can be spread across a wide area. With the latter addition of flames or a spark, this mades for a deadly reaction.

Non-Weapon Related:
    -Chakra Element: Suiton | Water
    -Link to Jutsus: Jutsu
    -Link to Clan/Seal/demon: Amikiri
    -Link to Character: Shiruki
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