Who I Was, Am, and Will Be [Kaitou]

The ruins of the once mighty village. Beware what lurks inside.

Who I Was, Am, and Will Be [Kaitou]

PostPosted by Ketsu » Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:12 pm

This world was still so strange. Things that others seem to understand were difficult to him. The concept of chakra, jutsu... he couldn't figure out what they were talking about. None of it made sense. It wasn't difficult to fake an understanding of it, though. Despite his inability to talk, he'd managed to make a few friends here and there, but nothing lasting. He continued his search for, well, whatever he was searching for. There had to be a reason he was here, on this continent; it wasn't his home, so there had to be some reason for him being here. Something must have just happened on the way over, causing him to forget his mission. He'd just have to continue onward until he found a purpose.

People had tried to stop him. When word got around that there was a wanderer with no memory but a load of money, creeps and bandits came at him like no tomorrow; still, he managed to never kill them. Eventually they had stopped chasing him down, except a few stragglers, some of which he'd already beaten down.

The sky was a flat translucent grey, no textures of clouds or the like anywhere within vision. The area was gloom and down, sand crunching beneath his step, as he strolled down the beach. Scattered here and there were rocks, shells; the place was not well taken care of, which made at least some sort of sense. He could see ruins in the distance, but didn't dare get close to them; in his hometown, ruins were a sign that the Gods had decided a place was no longer fit for life; approaching it, let alone entering it, was a sign that you defied the Gods' decision.

A breeze flowed by, disrupting his coat to reveal the sword underneath; another breeze disrupted his hair. They weren't powerful, but they did bring the strong scent of saltwater. The boy looked out over the ocean, as if waiting for something to happen.

Why am I here...
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