Getting Rid of the Pain [Private]

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Getting Rid of the Pain [Private]

PostPosted by Ryuuchi » Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:14 pm

A bright light made opening his eyes into an impossible task, even though he had woken up a few seconds ago the bright light directly above him kept him from seeing his surroundings. But while he couldn't see, his other senses were at an all-time high. The variety of smells that reached his nose were somewhat familiar, in his mind he described it as one similar to a hospital though the smell of blood was far stronger than what he used to know from previous hospital visits. To his right there were sounds of various working machines and a ping accompanying his heartbeat but to his left the sound of crunching came in strong. It was like someone or something was gnawing on something quite crunchy very close to him and that in combination with the smell of blood made him quite nervous.

He was then finally able to open his eyes, quite slowly as they got used to the bright light. The first thing he saw was the large lamp above him, he had seen one similar during a visit to the dentist. Then the crunching sound caught his attention again, he was nervous to see what it could be but couldn't resist taking a look. In his mind he saw the worst case scenario of a large monster eating someone's limbs, but what he saw instead was a man with a bowl in his hand and a spoon full of milk and cereal moving up to his mouth.

The man was sitting a bit close to him, his attention was completely focused on the papers laying on his crossed legs as his arm mechanically took in another bit of cereal from the bowl. He looked to be quite tall, his red hair was short, his clothes were all black and judging by his face he was probably in his mid-thirties. The man's red eyes wandered from the pages and soon met his, a smile formed on his lips showing a pair of fangs. The man dropped the spoon into the bowl and neatly put the papers away before getting to his feet.

"Hello hello! I was not expecting you to wake up this soon, I might have made a slight miscalculation with the meds...still experimenting on some you see."

The man walked up to him and after speaking quite cheerfully took another bite of his cereal. His eyes followed the man and when he got closer her tried to move away...only then did he notice that his arms and legs were bound to the chair he was on. His whole body felt numb and heavy, probably why he didn't realize it immediately but his previously groggy state was recovering quickly at least.

"Who...are you? Where am I?"

The changed his focus to the machines, checking the various screens and displays and then turning to a couple more papers being printed. He didn't seem to be ignoring the questions, just merely busy with other more important things. But soon he set down the papers and the nearly empty bowl on top of one of the machines and turned to him still with a smile.

"You know...I get those questions a lot. Who are you, where am I, what happened, what did you do to me...blah blah blah. I wish people would make other questions like 'What's the name of the largest dog alive?' or 'How did you get your hair to look so good?' quite a shame really."

"What?" He was confused with the man's response and could not other another word, not that the man gave him much time.

"My name isn't really that can just call me whatever you want, like Doctor and whatnot. But do try to stay clear of insults like some of the others, I do have feelings and they are quite fragile. As for where you are...well, you are currently sitting in a chair inside this room...but I guess you want me to be more specific so...after leaving the village you take a left at the rock that kinda looks like a frog sitting on top of a cricket and then a right at the stream filled with pretty red fish, walk a few miles and then jump down a cliff...if you survive the fall you're about half way here."

The man made no sense at all, he was without a doubt not right in the head and the fact that he was strapped to a chair with a man like that next to him made his skin turn paler and paler by the minute. The man kept looking at one of the monitors and then turned to a door in the distance. He seemed to shout a question about how everyone was doing and imminently received a positive response from a very polite voice coming from another room.

"What do you want from me? Let me out of this!" He shouted, trying to forcefully remove the leather straps trapping his limbs but they didn't budge and inch.

"Now now...take it easy Mr. Sakamoto, you'll just hurt yourself." the fact that the man said his name was a shock that totally stunned Sakamoto, allowing the doctor to continue "All I'm doing is giving you a few upgrades, leveling the field and whatnot...wouldn't want you going in with a big handicap. And with that said, I should really put you under again...still a lot of work to do. G'night, Mr. Sakamoto."

Sakamoto tried to voice a complaint but as his mouth opened a finger pressed against his forehead and everything went dark again.


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Re: Getting Rid of the Pain [Private]

PostPosted by Ryuuchi » Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:04 am

"...and then! And then the idiot just looked at him with a stoic look and asked 'Like rats?' Oh boy! I died right then and there! It was so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing for a solid ten minutes..."

Nobody was actually listening to anything the man inside the old TV monitor was saying, his voice became quite easy to tune out after the first few days...not like he ever said anything worth hearing.
Sakamoto's body had already grown quite weakened, just moving his arms was tiresome but he knew he was still in a better state than some of the others, probably thanks to his ninja training. He wasn't alone in that large room, there used to be ten of them but soon that number dropped to seven.

Leaning against the wall on the other side of the room was a woman named Yamaoka, 32 years of age, mother of two and recently divorced. She seemed to have given up already, her long brown hair covering her face as she just sat there looking at nothing and mumbling something Sakamoto couldn't make out.
Curled up in a fetal position by one of the corners was Hanazawa, a very plain looking 17 years old girl with short black hair, she wanted to open an antique shop sometime in the future, but there was no way she could afford it thanks to her drunk father. She hadn't moved or uttered a word since the incident two days ago, almost being forced to drink water one of the other women gave her.
Yoshiharu and Morikawa had resolved to take another approach, a 25 year old man and a 29 year old woman both kneeling down in front of the monitor with their foreheads to the ground. Yoshiharu was getting ready to take over his father's bakery while Morikawa was more than willing to give away everything she owned to some stupid cult. Morikawa had come to the realization that if they worshiped the man on the screen he would be release them, only Yoshiharu listened to her.
Midori was laying face up in the middle of the room just staring at the ceiling, he was the youngest being only 14, he wanted to be a ninja like his parents and grandparents but his weak heart crushed that dream. He was so upbeat and positive at first, he talked with everyone and tried to raise everyone's moral but after a few days he started speaking less and less.
The last living one was next to Sakamoto, her head on his shoulder as she slept through even the man's ranting. Kagome was her name and she was 20 years old like Sakamoto, her dream was to be a doctor and she was well on her way of achieving that dream. During the time they had spent in that hell hole she seemed oddly attached to him despite the fact that it had been the first time they met.

In one of the corners laid three bodies side by side, their faces covered by rags. Spending so long in those conditions is not something many can handle, they didn't even know the name of the first one to go. He was a short and very round man, for the first couple of hours after waking up he shouted for help and eventually turned to promises, telling the man on the screen about how much money his family had and how he would give it all up in exchange for his freedom, however Sakamoto knew that whoever put them in that place would have no interest for money. Finally he started throwing all manner of insults at the man, insults that even Sakamoto had never heard before but the man simply laughed and praised him for his imagination. Some time later he fell to the ground clutching his chest and died within a few seconds, the man showed up on the screen again and said that everything was alright...that he pressed the wrong button by mistake, but he would be more careful in the future.

Not a day later, two more bodies joined the count. Everyone was sleeping, not having food or sleep in a couple of days had brought about exhaustion, even Sakamoto was sleeping like a log then...but one among them had no intention of sleeping. He called himself Takenaka, right from the bat he gave off a threatening aura but despite looking more enraged than anyone he barely spoke a word to anyone. Nobody heard him get up and move toward one of the girls, a young woman named Shizuka in her mid twenties, in Sakamoto's opinion she was by far the cutest of the females of the five. She struggled against him but he was too strong, the few sounds she could make were muffled by his hands and ignored by the exhausted sleepers. But it seemed Takenaka didn't control her properly, she was almost able to scream for help but he punched her in time, breaking her jaw in the process. In his rage his hands wrapped around her neck and after a while she no longer struggled...that didn't stop him from using her body as he pleased.
He caught a glimpse of movement from one of the girls and noticed the youngest eyes, they were open, wide open as her body seemed to be frozen in place. Hanazawa wanted to scream out for help as the large man moved to her but couldn't, she just laid there with his hand over her mouth as the other hand undressed her. Sakamoto awoke to a tugging on his shirt, the young Midori had seen Takenaka move to the young girl but was too scared to do anything himself but Sakamoto on the other hand acted quickly after acknowledging the situation. Normally he would have been able to fight and pin down a man like Takenaka quite easily but whatever the "Doctor" had done prevented him from bringing out any chakra, plus it looked like Takenaka had quite the experience in fighting so it wasn't that easy. They struggled for a while, waking everyone up to the horror that was Shizuka's defiled corpse and the two men trying to kill eachother. After some exchanges Sakamoto got the upper-hand and grabbed the man's neck from behind, he warned him to stay still but the man refused and tried to force himself free...Sakamoto snapped his neck then that there.
The next few days were all the same, filled with nothing, if not for the man's warning nobody would know how much time had passed.

"Right...where was I? AH! Yea, so...4th day, I'm kinda surprised none of you has actually tried to accomplish the objective."

The man's words suddenly caught everyone's attention, but Sakamoto was the first to speak up.

"What objective!?"

The man raised an eyebrow at the question and then turned behind him, covering the mic with his hand as he seemed to be speaking with someone, but a few seconds after he returned with an awkward smile on his face.

"Well this is embarrassing...I seem to have forgotten to tell you what your objective was at the start of the experiment. No wonder you guys haven't done anything. As an apology, a hot meal will be given to you all upon completion of the first objective."

He paused for a few moments and signaled something behind him with his hand. After a few seconds of silence a slot opened on the large metal door and a bowl with a scalpel in it was pushed inside, the slot shutting immediately after.

"What was it...what was it...Ah yes! I want two eyes in that bowl, they cannot belong to any dead bodies. Also Mr. Sakamoto, you have the task of removing the return your eyes won't count either. Have fun!"


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Re: Getting Rid of the Pain [Private]

PostPosted by Ryuuchi » Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:21 am

"What!?" Sakamoto shouted while getting to his feet in a surprising burst of energy, however the hunger and tiredness soon caught up to him and his back fell back against the wall.

"No! NO! Why!? Why him!? We've worshiped you all this time! He just sat there with a dumb look on his face! Why does he get special treatment!?" on the other hand Yoshiharu didn't seem to give in to the hunger that easily, the rage that was clearly shown on his face seemed to be fueling him quite well.

All eyes fell on Sakamoto, even young Hanazawa broke off from her dead stare into nothingness to look straight at Sakamoto. He could feel their stares, he knew what they were thinking, that it was odd for him to receive special treatment for no reason. He stopped for a moment and closed his eyes, breathing in and out for a few seconds and when they opened he looked down at Kagome who was still sitting next to him.

"I don't want it." the words finally left his lips as he looked up at the man on the screen "Give the job to one of the girls, I won't get my hands dirty because you said so."

The man on the screen paused for a moment but soon the large grin returned to his face.

"My oh my, I never thought I'd hear you say that. I'm shocked! Shocked indeed! I picked you because you are no stranger to the knife right Sakamoto? At least you weren't back when you were cutting up women two years ago." the man's words were like a hammer smashing against his gut. Sakamoto's eyes widened as far as they could, he would never have expected the man to know about that part of his past and reveal it just like that. His gaze switched from the screen to the others who now looked at him quite differently, it was like an even darker aura befell him.

"Stop..." Sakamoto growled, but the man paid him no heed.

"Izumi Matsuoka, 25 years old...found stabbed in an alley at 3am. It was ruled as a mugging gone bad but the criminal was never found." the man started reciting names from a list he had picked up while Sakamoto started to grow paler and paler "Satomi Yamaguchi, 23 years old...found impaled on a knife in her own kitchen, ruled as an accident. Yumiko Yamamoto and Mio Yamamoto, 22 and 24 years old...double suicide by slashing their wrists. Kazuko Miyamoto, 23 years old...thought to have been stabbed to death by her boyfriend, he pleaded innocent but was still sent to jail."

"I said enough!"

"Then we have the ones that went missing and were never found like Hoshi Minami, Moriko Kurosawa, Sakurako Takahashi, Keiko Shizuka...did you finally figure out a good way of disposing the bodies? Then there's..."

"I'll do it! Enough already...I'll do it." Sakamoto had a look of defeat on his face, the looks from the people around him had changed into a mix of fear and disgust as the names were called out. Normally they would have taken it as the man lying, again, but Sakamoto's reactions were fat too suspicious.

"That's a good boy! Now chop chop if you guys want to eat. HA! Chop Chop...I kill myself sometimes."

The screen went black and the voice went quiet along with the room. Sakamoto took another look around the room, some still glared at him while others avoided eye contact as best as possible. He sighed and stiffened the muscles on his face, then made his way to the bowl, picking it up along with the scalpel. Sakamoto turned to the rest of the group, scalpel already in hand, and finally spoke, his tone was as if nothing had happened.

"Alright, Yoshiharu and Midori get over here I'll take one from each of you...I'll make it as painless as possible." it was impressive how he so nonchalantly picked out the only other living males in that room for the horrible task of losing an eye, it was like he didn't even think about picking one of the women...and that enraged Yoshiharu while Midori had the opposite reaction, cowering in fear instead.

"What the hell are you talking about? You think we're some leader and you get to pick who loses an eye and who doesn't?" shouted Yoshiharu slamming his fist against the wall behind his back.

"I'm not going to pick one of the you either get over here and let me take out your eye or I'll go over there and take both of them as painfully as possible. We're all tired and we're all shut up and let's hurry it up." Sakamoto's words felt cold to everyone in the room, he sounded way calmer than he should have, there was no way of mistaking his words for jokes.

"Who the hell do you think you are? I am not just giving that psycho my eye just because you feel sorry for the women. What about the kid? He's 14 for goodness sake! He's just a child." a combination of tiredness, hunger and the scalpel in Sakamoto's hand was the only thing keeping Yoshiharu from jumping at Sakamoto at the moment.

Sakamoto already had enough of the man's complaints, with his scalpel in hand he stepped forward toward Yoshiharu but stopped when he heard a scream, a blood curdling shriek coming from none other than she attempted to rip one of her eyes with her own hands.


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