Black Sunset (Sas & Fang)

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Black Sunset (Sas & Fang)

PostPosted by Raika » Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:06 am

The black dragoness lazily winged through the skies, keeping to a reasonably low altitude and slower pace with little Hanabi laying atop her powerful back holding onto the handles of the elongated scale-saddle that was the end result of neither of them wanting to give way over Hanabi's previous difficulties riding the dragoness bareback....

She still would've preferred carrying little Hanabi in her paws, but this made hunting easier, she supposed....

From the mountains where they met, to the festival village and its life spirit-death demon shrine, the pair had since come to great green plains, streams and ponds and lakes popping up here and there, game fleeing from the huntress's mere presence as she soared through the skies above as they turned to fire, sky-flame slowly darkening to purples and blacks as the sun set.

She rode into the wind, and it brought her scents of blood and fear and... hm?

A memory of a white-haired fool with sapphire eyes rose in her thoughts, and she sped up slightly, the sounds of battle reaching first her ears, and as the battle came into view, Hanabi's.

Humans trembled and cried. Humans laughed and snarled and lunged.

He shielded the weaker, attacked the stronger, blood flecking the air and ground.

"Hanabi.... Battle comes."

And then she drew a deep breath, and a rumbling in her chest became a roar as she dove, claws tearing into the hunting-humans she landed on as fangs rent the one attacking the foolish one she remembered, screams spilling from both sides as hypnotic black eyes turned to her next target, only to dance back as he spit flame, black dragon-tail roughly sweeping back the weak-humans from the fire's hunger as the huntress snarled fiercely at her prey as some stood, gashes in their backs and limbs from her landing, wobbling to their comrades.

Hypnotic black eyes glanced at him one moment, the fool of memory grown older, before she pounced in the flame's absence, snapping and snarling at the hunting-humans that had become her prey.
(Kudos to Arzur for making the pic! ;D )
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Re: Black Sunset (Sas & Fang)

PostPosted by Fang » Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:09 pm

The spectacle could be seen for a miles.

The dark night sky alight from fury of a giant fire from the wreckage of a caravan being attacked by a group of bandits. .The pieces of the convoy that had survived the initial attack had been lit ablaze, billowing a pillar of smoke into the air. The inferno roared as it found more and more fuel, causing the air to crack as it gorged itself on oxygen. If the smoke wasn't enough to make it difficult to breath, the smell of burning flesh and hair bogged the area around it The spectacle could be seen for a miles, but it was obvious that the perpetrator was arrogant enough to not care.

A small squadron of bandits were looting the carts while others gathered the remaining survivors, killing anyone who put up a fight. They corralled all of the terrified merchants and their families into the very center of the destruction. It was clear that they were going to pick which ones to keep as slaves and which ones to dispose of. The cries of children as they were seperated from their mothers were mixed with the shrills of fat merchants fearing for their lives. Their fear was tangible in the air; it was something survivors would never be able to forget.

The leader of this group stepped forward with a smug grin across his face. The man was tanned with a black hair and bearded with a waistline that made it look as if he had just finished digesting a whale. His name was Saigo the Red. He had been leading a regiment of Ninjas that had gone rogue from the land of stone to pillage across the land. He began to monologue about something or another; Atric was to far to hear anything though he honestly doubted that he would have cared for anything the man was blubbering on about.

Atric's eyes skimmed across the rest of area, counting about 50 or so bandits beside the leader. He had only gotten there moments before, racing there as soon as he had seen the smoke miles away. He searched his mind if Genbu had anything to say about this, but the turtle only gave him a mental shrug with a small Dont Die. The bastard. Atric shook his head, and got ready.

Saigo the red was in the middle of his tiny terror show when he suddenly stopped speaking and fell over with two of the bandits standing next to him. Their heads landing on the ground shortly after with three Thuds Atric was in the middle group now, his white jacket blurring yellow and red with the flickering of the inferno. His hair was now between the the size it was when he was female and it was before, now black with white streaks going down to his shoulders.

I, Atric Kazemaru of White Snow, Find you guilty of crimes against humanity and sentence you to death."

In the instant before the bandits could react, a bruit wielding a great sword that looked more like a butcher knife appeared out of nowhere above Atric falling down to guillotine slice him in half. He had two blindfolds, each covering one eye, on a scarred face and body. He was well built if albeit kind of on the fatter side. The sides of his mouth were scarred from ear to ear with the look of stitches.

"What no Trial!? A little Judge Jury, and Executioner aren't we, BOY-O!" The man said with a maniacal smile. Atric almost didn't react in time. He brought up his sword fusing it with chakra and caught the blow, almost jarring his arm off. The Chakra jumped from the blades as the continued to be locked until the other man's smile widened furthur as he pushed a button on his sword, and steam began to billow out of it. It began to vibrate and the edge of giant cleaver began to move, easily slicing Atric simple sword. Atric rolled out of the way and quickly flipped up one of the dead bandits sword into his hands. He thought of the black sword strapped to his back and swore. The damn thing was even more unresponsive then Genbu.

The rest of bandits seemed to come out of their shock as they got ready to attack him. The ones with melee weapons surrounded them as the ones with bows began preparing to let arrows fly. The Man swung horizontally, trying to cleave him in half. Atric flung the sword in to the air as he flipped sideways over the strike. His hands quickly flew into a series of fifteen hand signs and spun around in the air with his palms extended from his body so his fingers were pointing away from him. Electricity flew from his fingers in a tight pack, working as a electric scalpel, trying to slice the man's head off. The man simply moved his entire torso with the momentum and ducked beneath it. The bandits around weren't so lucky, by the time the electricity had reached them it wasn't as condensed but it still shocked them and singed off their eyebrows. about ten bandits feel to the ground but they were simply just stepped over as the line continued to close in on him.

The man continued his spin in an attempt to cut him while he was stuck falling. Atric grabbed the sword he had flung as it came down and stabbed it into the ground to push him up. The great-sword-chainsaw cut through the sword as if it were butter. Atric landed on his knees and straightened his arms at the man and released the mechanism on this cross bows up his sleeves, twin poisoned arrows shot out at the man. He dodged one but the second caught him in the knee. It only grazed him, but the smile on his face turned into a small frown as he jumped out of the circle.

"GET 'EM BOYS!" he barked as the suddenly jumped Atric. the circle seemed to close and try to engulf him. Atric Released both of the mechanisms in on his wrists that released his punching daggers as he began to push him off. He cut one, then two then five, He was losing count, Letting himself get lost in the rhythm of combat. He grabbed a pistol from one man and shot it at another as he stabbed the first with his own sword.

A command rang out as the fighters who weren't already locked in the melee suddenly jumped away, and 4 Ninjas cames out and lit the circle on fire, not seeming to care that their own men were in the circle. Atric Wrapped him self in his cloak and just barely managed to come out slightly singed after reinforcing it with Earth Chakra. When he finally broke through the flame. He saw him surround by a firing squad at 2 perpendicular sides.

He was trying to think up a plan, when suddenly a Dragon fell into the scene. Dragon? he looked in shock as the beautiful beast began to wreak havoc. Thats when Atric noticed the familiar face on the back of the dragon. "Hanabi!?" at first he didnt believe it, but there she was the girl he had met 2 years ago in the fiasco with that gang in the desert was here riding a dragon to save his ass again.

Atric shook his head and decided he might aswell count his blessing rather then stare a prize horse in the mouth. He turned around and stabbed 2 more bandits. Only about 40 more to go.
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