Apotheosis [Hanya]

The many towns and cities tucked in the crevices of the world, uncontrolled by any formal power. Some are friendly. Others, not so much.

Apotheosis [Hanya]

PostPosted by Ketsu » Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:05 pm

Maybe the town was just lucky.

Things were peaceful around here.

No one ever tried to commit any crimes.

There was no law enforcement, and very few shinobi ever made their way over here.

The skies were a very nice deep blue that isolated the golden glow of the sun and the translucency of the clouds surrounding it. There was no breeze, which was odd for this time of year. Even still, the flowers made their aroma fill the area, and you knew that there was a flowerbed somewhere nearby, filled with roses and tulips.

The people here were nice, too. There was even a kind old man who lived near the center of town that would babysit kids so the parents could do work around the village. It was, over all, a very nice place to life.

I think I'll burn it.


A house went up in flames, those still inside burned alive instantly.

A man appeared from the flames, stepping towards the rest of the town, right hand on fire and left hand in pocket, a hat covering his eyes and coat over his body, though his smirk was visible. A woman stood, still as a rock, watching him emerge.

"Perhaps you're wondering why I just destroyed that house."

He snapped his fingers, and another house exploded.

"Perhaps you're wondering why I destroyed THAT house. There's probably a lot of things running through your mind right now, but I can answer all of them if you'll give me a chance. See, I've been through everything in this world and nothing seems to be able to satisfy my craving for power. So I've decided this little happy village that has everything needs to feel my wrath. Every single person in this village will suffer, and I will make sure of it."

Snapping his fingers again, the woman's legs shattered and she fell to the ground, screaming out. Everyone would know their damnation had arrived.

Maybe the town just wasn't lucky.
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