Ad Infinitum [Solo]

This forest is by far the most natural thing left on the country. It spans around the entire country, with only the center taken down to clear for the village. It is a beautiful place to walk in, even the animals within it are quite peaceful with rarely any deaths ever happening within it. It has become even ritual to send the youth into the village to gain a respect over what nature can create.

Ad Infinitum [Solo]

PostPosted by Yamamoto » Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:31 pm

A young, blue-haired boy watched quietly as small groups of people passed him on their way deep into the forest. His amused expression hidden by an ornate, orange, hard-cover book. To others, it would seem odd that someone his age would find joy in observing others, but to him it was a way of getting to know someone with having to go through the trouble of speaking to them. He could get a bit of amusement by guessing what type of person they were based on how they dressed and how they interacted with the things around them. This little game of his has kept him pretty entertained even on the most boring of days.

I guess this is enough for today,” he whispered to himself before closing his book and struggling to stand up. It would seem his left leg had fallen asleep while he was passing time.

He hobbled towards a nearby tree nearly tripping over to nearest tree and stood their til his leg went back to normal. It was at that time he noticed a small knapsack poorly hidden in a bush. It was a surprise to him that he didn't notice it sooner. From where he had been sitting a few seconds ago, he would of noticed it rather easily. Taking a look down the path, he couldn't see anyone who looked to be searching for a bag.

The boy grabbed the bag without any second thoughts and began to walk away.
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