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Like many shinobi, this clan has a history marked by war, strife, and tragedy, but while many clans were formed from the tragedey of a small group of people, the Akurojin were formed from the demise of an entire nation. Within a country located between the borders of the land of fire and the land of lightning, the people from those lands tended to mix and mingle, sharing both their cultures and abilities. When the two nations eventually went to war, as all nations must, this small country was caught in the crossfire, much to their dismay. Retired shinobi that had made this land their home fought both sides to protect the ones dearest to them, but they were ultimatley crushed and wiped from the map, their lands eventually being claimed by the hot springs country.

It was here that the Akurojin got their start, survivors of the unnamed lands massacre that had made their home in the hot springs country. Harboring a deep hatred for both the lightning and fire nations, they sought to create something from their own abilities that was neither fire nor lightning. It seemed as if the gods shared their sentiment as well, as a boy and a girl were born to parents with both fire and lightning as elements, one with lightning then fire, the other with fire then lightning. Both children were born Ambidextrous, their hands equally able to perform tasks such as writing, using tools, and eventually manipulating chakra. Both children were able to form their chakra into elements at an early age, however on careful inspection, what they first believed to be fire at some times or lightning at others proved to be neither and both. The had created something with the power of lightning and the stability of fire. They had created The plasma element.

Seeing this as a sign from the gods, they trained the two children as best as they could, helping them to develop techniques using their new element, but in their training, they did not instill the sense of hatred towards the two nations around them that everyone else had. Instead of fighting, the children only wanted to live life, and to use their powers to protect. Eventually finding living in their hate filled home too much, they fled, far far away, to the other side of the world, to a land that would eventually rise to the heavens itself.

As the two clan founders fled to a new land, they found little use for their abilities outside of combat. It wasn't until they arrived at their destination that they saw two applications for its use, welding and surgery. From this they were able to buy a home, have a family, and raise children that happened to share their same abilities. They gave their children the choice of what to do with their abilities, and they chose to continue the path of metalworking and surgery, as did their children, creating a construction company and earning a permanent place for members of the clan in the medical complex. Some members chose instead to protect their new home, and became shinobi, using their abilities in new and unthought of ways, but always keeping them a secret until absolutley needed.

Clan Traits and Abilities

"Plasma Release, Purton (Fire + Lightning): the "Element of the Sun" as it is reffered to... it is a potent mix of Fire then Lightning chakra that allows one to create a substance that has the brightness and burning power of the Sun. Burns from this substance are extremely painful and are not wholly healable for people who are lucky, or unlucky enough to survive an assault by users of this formidable element."

While it is true that lightning is a form of plasma, the plasma element behaves on a greater, more diverse scale. Because plasma is the extreme heating of gasses, to the point of freeing the electrons within, it causes a great deal of unusual effects and has a much wider physical range. constructs of a hot, free flowing airy substance can be formed, with the potential to incinerate anything in the surrounding area, or can be used in precise, delicate applications such as surgery and cauterization. While its components are weakest against water and then wind, and strongest against wind and earth, this translates to it being weakest against ice and freezing, and strongest against the ethereal phasing element. This is due to ice robbing the excited molecules of their energy, and inversely the ionized molecules affecting the more widely spaced molecules of phased objects with a greater ferocity.


Clan Training : Members of the clan are taught from an early age about their element, and as the clan grew, so did the knowledge about it. A small library was erected in the clan founders original house after they died, dedicated to both of them, and containing the basic knowledge of their skills. Within it was also hidden the more complex and dangerous techniques, coded in a way that only those who knew its secrets could decipher. Children are taught from these books as they age, and are encouraged to go out and learn on their own, and to use their powers for preservation and progress, not revenge and domination.

Population : E Class - 30+ members. Most members of this clan have very straight, jet black hair, and a generally even skin complexion. They often have eyes that are either yellow, or red, with very small pupils as not to damage their eyes when using their own techniques. This often gives many trouble seeing at night, however, this is easily ofset by them simply using their techniques to create light.

Nature & Values : From the earliest of ages, Akurojin members are taught tolerance, patience, and discretion. They are disciplined appropriatley, allowing them to flourish and develop as level headed adults. Many choose to study fields that require those same traits, such as medical and architecture. They take their work quite seriously, and tend to even be perfectionists, but outside of that, most are carefree and easy going.
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