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The country of Raikou no Kuni, home to countless towns amongst the northern mountains, southern forests, eastern plateaus, western plains, and craggy coastlines, the untamed wild outclassing all. Nomads roam these wilds and Dai Boeki no Michi, the Great Trade Road, while the ruins of Kumogakure no Sato have become a dangerous place where evil gathers, and Garyuu no Yamajiro is rumored to have a group seeking to gain the trust of the reclusive Ryuujin....


PostPosted by Hanya » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:26 pm

It had only been a few days, but Kou had already found herself a decent place to stay, but now she needed a job to keep it. The money she had already saved up from just traveling and living where she could amounted to enough to rent a room in an apartment in the middle of the city. It was nothing special, a two bedroom apartment with a guy that thought she was cute, and obviously didn't know that she wasn't the one to try. He had met her in the market and had invited her to stay for a while since she was new. He had been hoping to get a quick lay from her, and to keep her around, but when he watched her practicing her fighting in her room, his whole plan quickly changed. Now, he was letting her stay there for next to nothing, because he was just afraid of what might happen if he tried to make her leave. Of course, if he wanted her gone all he had to do was ask, but he could tell she was part shinobi, and people like that were quite unpredictable.

"Is anybody hiring out here? I just need a job, money, something!"

She exclaimed loudly as she walked the streets of the shopping district. There had to be hundreds of stores, but every single one she went to seemed to have all the employees they could manage. Nobody had help wanted signs, nobody had anything out of order. It was like the town was being run perfectly, and she was that extra person that had no purpose. At that moment, she decided that she would take anything, she figured a little money was more than no money, and her only expenses were food and housing. Everything else she already had.

Feeling her pocket, the few coins she had jingled slightly. It wasn't much, but it would get her through the week if she managed it correctly, but after that... she didn't know.

Shaking her head she leaned against a pole, trying to think of a plan, when a something flew right in her face, causing her to spazz out and snatch it away.

"Paper, its only paper", she said as she pulled it ff her face, examining it with the emerald orbs on her face.

Courier needed, someone to make deliveries quickly. Easy hours, Good pay, Hiring now.

It was like the gods were teasing her. It was too good to be true right? Right? She shrugged and looked for an address on the flyer, and began her walk, the location somewhere in midtown, probably an office building by the look of it.

3315 Goyo ave, suite 130.....
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