Over the Edge and Back Again (Solo | DNP)

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The country of Raikou no Kuni, home to countless towns amongst the northern mountains, southern forests, eastern plateaus, western plains, and craggy coastlines, the untamed wild outclassing all. Nomads roam these wilds and Dai Boeki no Michi, the Great Trade Road, while the ruins of Kumogakure no Sato have become a dangerous place where evil gathers, and Garyuu no Yamajiro is rumored to have a group seeking to gain the trust of the reclusive Ryuujin....

Over the Edge and Back Again (Solo | DNP)

PostPosted by Raika » Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:50 pm

The icy wind tore at her hair as she leaned against the railing, brown eyes gazing down at the country passing below.

One week since Kumo's destruction.

Raika only had to close her eyes to see the fire and blood spatter, hear the screams and crackling fires and roars. Her gloved hands tightened against metal, close to crushing it before she sighed and relaxed, looking up at the blue sky as she remembered.

Herself, controlling the main systems of the Dai Rolling Thunder, the massive airship that had been a secret amongst herself, Tsuuki, and Souzen for so long, finally bringing it out of hiding to save who they could from the attack.

Ryuuchi, Tsuuki, and Supaiku bringing more villagers aboard after her first group.

The latter two boosting the DRT's power so that they could take flight.


Some jutsu causing a final massive explosion and shaking the castle-mountain.

The end of the battle.

Their escape into the skies.

Walking through the halls of the airship to see tears for what had been lost, fear of what would come, blank stares, glares at nothing, a mix of screams and quiet.

Standing before Fei's statue to find rare moments of peace. She had found an old medal in there on the floor, recognizing it... she'd since given it to Omoi the last time they saw each other.

She had a habit of taking her most treasured belongings around with her in seals. So her kimono and other treasured belongings were safe. She was one of the lucky ones.

She had missing students. She had missing doctors and medical staff. But she also had Ryuuchi to help support her, and Tsuuki and Supaiku to talk to when she could find them.

Many had been left alone, or lost close kin, or lost a lover. Some banded together with other villagers in close knit groups. Others sat in quiet solitude. She'd heard of plans to try to rebuild Kumo again.

They'd rebuilt so many times. Again and again and again.... What would happen if they couldn't this time?

A slow exhale escaped her lips, and she leaned forward, closing her eyes.

I need a vacation.

(Kudos to Arzur for making the pic! ;D )
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