They have an army. I'll need some hulking brutes.. (Openish)

Far into the the demon country rests the nomadic demon village. It is not a peaceful place at all. It is so brutal that the weak born here do not last long. Despite that fact they have managed to create a massive army wielding strange ninjutsu. It goes without saying that they pose not only a threat to the Sky, but the entire world. For if they are not stopped the nations couldd burn under thier might.

Re: They have an army. I'll need some hulking brutes.. (Open

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The words were cold and emotionless, like the man that spoke them. The plumes of smoke rushed out for freedom as the door opened, the green clad ninja slithering inside with his head down, his eyes averted, and his pride tucked safely between his legs.


His eyes never left the ground as he relayed the happenings of his meeting with the demon tribe. Their leaders seemed strong and fearless, and yet he could just as easily sense the fear in their hearts, not fear of him, or even of his master, but fear of the unknown. Fear of what they couldn't comprehend, or more importantly, of what they could not control. He told of the meeting between them and the other... creature, beforehand, and how they had reacted similarly to his requests as well. The emperor simply rubbed his hand against the pommel of his giant war hammer, each pass causing Reptile to cringe a bit inside.

"I will give them their time... but tell Kamai to ready the extermination squads. if they deny us then we will crush their spirits first, then their bodies."
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