Shiro's Equipment

Here in this section, you may create custom equipment for your character. As always, read the stickies, and heed the moderators. What will you forge?
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Shiro's Equipment

PostPosted by Isuzu » Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:03 am

Name: Wangetsutsuki (Crescent Moon)


    -Looks: The handle is silver and large enough for one hand to fit on it comfortably. There is a spiral design flowing down it to the ball at the bottom of the grip. The blade itself is roughly 10 inches long and made from a very durable metal. It has survived several generations in the service of the Hiragana, a clan whom live 1000 year life cycles. There is an inscription in kanji going down the blade that act as a seal, with an identical one on the sheath of the blade. The sheath for this blade is worn on the back of the user and rests over one of their shoulders. The blade actually sits upside down and at a diagonal angle with their back. The blade will be drawn by the user reaching around their ribs and under their arm, unless drawn with the arm of the same side. This positioning allows for the quickest possible draw time. The Hiragana Clan symbol, the Kanji for "everlasting", is present on the bottom of the handle as well as on the metal plate of the shoulder harness for the sheath.

    -Capabilities: The seal on the blade an the sheath keep the blade locked in the sheath until the handle is touched by a Hiragana Clansman, at which point it can then be removed with ease. The dagger itself is surprisingly durable, able to stand up to the toughest of swords toe-to-toe without fear of breaking. This is a double edged dagger as well, with both sides of the blade containing an extremely shard cutting side. This allows them more angles from which to strike with, making it a perfect weapon for assassinations. The point of the blade is also extremely sharp. The last of the blade's capabilities is it's ability to channel Shiro's chakra through it, be it regular, wind or phasing chakra.

Name: Museiyaru (Silent Night)


    -Looks: In appearance this assassin weapon looks like just a gauntlet. It's forged from steel made with-in the Hiragana compound, complete with it's symbol on the top of it. When worn it will take up about half of the forearm. There are other fancy looking designs a top it as well. It ties around the arm of the user, whom must be a Hiragana clansmen for the blade mechanism to be useable at all. When the hidden blade comes out, it protrudes out 6 inches from the end of gauntlet to it's tip.

    -Capabilities: When chakra is sent to the gauntlet, the hidden blade mechanism activates, at which point a blade propels outward at a very quick, spring loaded device. This makes it the perfect weapon for an assassin-type, like Shiro. The blade is extremely sharp, like it's knife counterpart listed above. The gauntlet's metal is able to be used to block enemy projectiles and weapons alike, though this isn't it's intended purpose, so there is no telling how long it would hold up doing such things.

Non-Weapon Related:
    -Chakra Element: Phasing / Wind
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