Just another day {Open}

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The capital city of Raikou no Kuni, nestled between mountain peaks in the center of the country. Its altitude and location lead to common snowfall, though it is not necessarily cold throughout the year, clear days often leading to be as warm as summer. At the southern end of this star-shaped city lies a great stone bridge spanning a large lake, connecting to the road back down to the rest of the world. The home of both the Daimyo and Kamiza, the Onigami Compounds.

Just another day {Open}

PostPosted by Aporo » Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:19 pm

The restaurant was busy, people sitting at tables all over the multiple floors. The chatter was loud, louder then expected by most just by looking at the place from the outside. Not surprising though, as this place served great food at great prices. Why wouldn't it be packed then? Especially at lunch time. Though oddly enough there was one place that seemed quieter then the rest. On the second floor of the restaurant, there was a balcony that operated as an open-air dining area for those who wished to enjoy the warm weather out. It was here that a ring of empty tables and seats seemed to form, expanding out from a single individual who sat quietly and contently at a table by the railing surrounding the balcony. His feet were up on the railing as he leaned back in his chair enjoying the view and ignoring the lack of people surrounding him. He was garbed in a jacket of white that had half-sleeves, beneath the jacket was a brown short sleeve shirt and brown long pants. He looked simple, and simple was highly misleading with this individual. His eyes glanced to the side at the lack of people around him. He knew why people were giving him this wide area around him, well he knew all the reasons why but not sure why these people did it.

He was a former Raikage.
A head of Research & Development.
A Puppet Master.
Student of former Raikages.
An Engima of a Man.

He was simply known, as Souzen.

People always gave him a wide birth, just because he was who he was. Not many actually knew the details of everything he had done or seen in his life. What they knew though was rumors, small slices of truth, but mostly misleading understandings. He was simply enjoying a rare day off and a rare day of freedom in his life. Enjoying the view from the balcony, he didn't much just a small sandwich. But mostly the restaurant didn't care if he ate a lot or not, the owners knew they had a good view of the forest outside of the village's edges. They knew people came to sit and watch the view, and Souzen being a former Raikage did hold some measure of prestige. So they gave him some leeway when it came to sitting on the balcony and enjoying the view. He sat there though, wondering if anyone he knew was on their lunch break and coming here...or if any of them were off and coming.

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