Planting the Seed | Ryuuchi

The many towns and cities tucked in the crevices of the world, uncontrolled by any formal power. Some are friendly. Others, not so much.

Planting the Seed | Ryuuchi

PostPosted by Brera » Sun May 19, 2013 8:56 pm


Chomping on a bright crimson apple Miekaro watched the traffic jam of bodies before him. A usual sight for these sunday morning markets. Gulp! Swallowing a mushed chunk of the delicious fruit he continued on. Walking through the streets he watched the array of people. Shinobi...Samurai... Fisherman... you name it, you'd see it here. Why? Perhaps it was the food. The warm meat buns just plucked from the oven. The mouth watering steaming bowls of ramen poured right before the customers.


And much more likely, the fact that the world had seemingly fallen into chaos overnight. It was all those people who flooded the streets. The people just like Miekaro, who were without a place to call home.

But all was not lost. It was places such as these that inspired hope. Hope that the world would soon return to it's tranquil ways so many had become accustomed to.


Jerking to the side Miekaro stumbled, catching himself, yet dropping his precious apple. Slipping from his fingertips the apple plummeted to the dirt covered ground. Within an instant Miekaro spun around on the heel of his foot. He turned to spot the imbecile who'd been so rude. Flashing red, his eyes fixed secured his target. Scooping up the apple like a soccer ball he popped it into the air before giving it a strong roundhouse kick sending it beaming at the bastards head.

One could say Miekaro... was a bit of a hot head...
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Re: Planting the Seed | Ryuuchi

PostPosted by Ryuuchi » Tue May 21, 2013 9:28 pm

Her father lost himself again and disappeared.
Her mother was hurt and had yet to awaken.
Her memories of the horrible torture returned.
Her home was destroyed while she was away.
Her village changed and forbade her entry.

And a little shit threw a half eaten apple at her head.

The Kirinketsu blood alone was enough to spur on a fight even at the oddest of times, like her father and brothers, when it started to boil all the stress had to be released on another living being. They were made for fighting, they were made for battle, they were made for killing and though she controlled the urge to do so with much greater ease than her siblings, the combination of a horrible couple of months and boiling blood was enough to make her want to tear the little shit's head off.

The apple bounced off her head, hit her shoulder on the way down and dropped to he ground, people's eyes began shifting toward both the one that threw the fruit and the one that got hit by it. Slowly and gently the white haired woman lifted her hand and brushed the spot on her head where the apple hit, it was still wet from the fruit. The hand then moved down to the shoulder of the dark purple coat, of the priceless present from her father and like the hair, it was wet.

Maya's head turned and her crimson glare locked onto the fool, it took everything she had to not immediately jump on top of him and start bashing his skull in with her own fists, instead she spoke up without taking the glare off him.

"5 seconds, apologize. 5...4..."

She began the count-down, he'd be smart to listen to her.


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