Hunger [Solo]

Outside the walls of the major cities, the Snow Empire boasts a variety of climates and landscapes. From the frozen glacial desert of the north, to the deciduous rain forest in the south, the four provinces are fun to discover for those who can keep their wits about them. Wild beasts of primitive and dangerous proportions loom in the corners of even its most barren wastelands, and the criminal elements are almost free to roam anyplace that is secluded from civilization.

Hunger [Solo]

PostPosted by Ryuuchi » Mon May 27, 2013 7:00 pm

He didn't know how long he had been wandering around, he had no idea of how he had gotten to the snow covered land or what he had been doing before coming too in the middle of nowhere covered in snow. The blood red eyed and haired man could recall his name, he could recall who he was and nearly everything about himself perfectly but if felt like something was missing and that's when it hit him. Memories started playing before his eyes like a movie, memories foreign to him as if they belonged to someone else but worst of all was that people in those memories had no faces, no special features, just generic black silhouettes none different from the others. As the "actors" in the movie tried to talk all he could hear was the sound of static, yet he had a general understanding of some of the basic things they said but never something too in depth.

The more strange memories rolled before his eyes the more his head hurt and the more his head hurt the hotter and charged the air became around him, to a point where the snow started to melt around him creating a black hole in a field of white. His eyes closed and he tried taking a deep breath to calm himself and he did, only it wasn't the meditation that calmed him but rather the sight he saw in the distance, a sight that made his mouth water. In the distance he saw a large winged beast carrying what looked like livestock through the air and landing near the top of a mountain. What made his mouth water wasn't flesh or blood, but rather the delicious energy emanating from the large dragon. Hunger became his focus, while he focused solely on the hunger his mind was too busy to play the disturbing memories that didn't belong to him.

The moment he set foot inside the cave four pairs of eyes focused in his direction. They were monsters, beings with overwhelmingly intimidating figure, from their large bodies, to their scaled armor like skin, including the claws that could rip trees apart like paper and huge fangs that could grind rock to dust with ease. Two of them were much larger than the rest, both looked older and more powerful as one of them even seemed to have seen its fair share of battles, carrying several large scars all over its body as if they were badges. In front of him stood a pack of apex predators that immediately acknowledged the intruder as their next meal...yet instead of running for his life, the red haired man stepped forward while wiping the drool from his mouth. Both his eyes were closed but not out of fear for he was looking at the large dragons in the same way they were looking upon him, as prey, only he wasn't looking for their flesh.
The oldest male dragon of the group had red scales so dark that they nearly looked black and just being a few feet away from him, one could feel an incredible heat emanating from his body. The other one of the larger beasts had brown, nearly golden, colored scales. A female but as powerful as her partner, the air around her large body seemed incredibly charged with electricity, with sparks constantly flying around from her to the walls and ceiling. The other two were nearly half their sizes, the youngest ones but still monsters at the very top of the food chain, one with blue colored scales while the other with dark red ones similar to the father.

Suddenly the two adult dragons inhale deeply, lifting their heads up before releasing a powerful roar which was immediately accompanied by a jet of flames and bolts of lightning right at the intruder. As the attacks that could easily wreck more than a few houses, each, neared the red eyed man he stood his ground, his feet perfectly planted on the ground as he suddenly began inhaling deeply like the dragons had just done. However instead of releasing a powerful roar like the beasts, the flames and lightning heading for him were quickly absorbed through his mouth, as if he were eating both of the destructive elements. The flames and lightning died down and vanished a few seconds afterward, leaving only the man still standing at the entrance with smoke leaving his fang filled mouth.

The dragons were stunned at what just happened but the intruder? He was smiling, the taste of dragon had always been his favorite and it had been a long time since he could remember tasting such an exquisite dish. Each living being's chakra has their own tastes, each species has a a characteristic taste but dragons topped it off. It was an incredible taste, raw and powerful, one that could make someone like him easily addicted to it and the dragons noticed the look in his eyes, the look he shot them after eating their attacks, a hungry look.
The male was the first to attack again, charging straight at the small human with every fang in his mouth aimed at him, each so large and sharp that they could easily tear a normal human body apart with incredible ease. And the human simply jumped straight at the beast's powerful jaws, his hands and feet turning black right before the fangs came down on him and suddenly the jaws stopped moving. The man had caught and stopped the fangs, the amount of pressure was visible on the man as his limbs trembled and his hands were starting to lose their grip but then he inhaled deeply once again. The dragon could feel it in his bones, he could feel what the man was about to do and tried to push back it's head but it was too late, the man exhaled releasing a powerful roar that was accompanied by a large jet of both flames and lightning right down the dragon's throat.

The large dragon jerked back, releasing a pain filled cry as the fire and lightning torn him apart from the inside and finally fell to the ground, dead. The man looked down at the body of the beast he had just slain and wasted no time, ignoring even the enraged roar of the dragon's partner and morns of the young ones, he simply lowered his head and chomped down on the dragon's neck, barely tearing through the hard scales and immediately sucking the dragon's remaining energy as it began fleeing the corpse. The female, blind with rage, lunged forward at the man atop of her partner's corpse shamefully feasting on the corpse right before her and the cubs. Her brown eyes crossed with the man's red eyes as he looked up without releasing the dead dragon from his fangs. The man's black right hand shot at the dragon and in an instant seemed grow in size mid thrust, growing to such a size that it easily enveloped the large dragon's head and slammed it against the wall behind her, pinning the dragon between black scales and rock. The dragon tried to resists, it released enraged roars and tried to claw at the large black hand but only managed to break her own claws while the man returned to feasting and only stopped when the dead dragon was completely dry of chakra.

The young dragons didn't move from where they stood, they were dragons, there were apex predators, no other animal should be capable of hunting them...yet they felt fear, the young dragons were too scared to move. And then the fear was intensified as they watched the man release their father and his body began changing, transforming to a form similar to their own...only much bigger, bigger than even their parents. A monster stood before them, a black winged beast that sowed no hesitation as it bit down on their mother's neck, crushed it, lifted her body from the ground and flung it around as if the adult dragon was a lifeless doll. Unlike the male, the giant monster tore trough flesh and crushed bone as it ate the female, not stopping even when the chakra had run out.

After a few minutes the sounds of flesh tearing stopped and the black dragon looked down at the two young ones, they had retreated as far back as they could but their lair did not run far into the mountain. The large dragon took large whiffs, smelling the much smaller and defenseless ones. The youngest one of the two, the smaller red dragon, covered itself with its wings out of fear while the other released a desperate roar at the much larger predator, completely out of irrational fear...then there was a moment of silence, the young red dragon slowly opened its wings and found nothing, no black dragon nor her brother, only blood where he had stood before and the wrecked corpses of her parents all around her.


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