New Skin [Closed]

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New Skin [Closed]

PostPosted by Kindra » Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:04 pm

The Scream

Thinking back it did not make sense that the thing he remembered best from that night four month ago was the scream. considering everything else he had seen, heard... Smelled. Why was the Scream the only thing clinging to his memory, brushing everything else away. leaving his nights and dreams empty. it had been like this for the last week. Every single night, that scream coming to him in every single dream, in the beginning he had dreams about the night, but later on he just heard the scream.

At Night four he was sure he was going crazy, the scream sounded more and more like a crazy mans laughter. but it had been a scream, he was sure. He had been standing close enough to see the stranger move, but to far away to see anything special about him. Like a face. Like ANYTHING that could be used to figuring out who this stranger was.

This night was like the rest Yuuga woke and sat up in the same motion. looking out over the small lake which he had camped next to the night before. The moonlight was dancing on the water and he moved both his hands though his black hair. Slowly his eyes got use to the night around him. One good thing about his eyes being as they where. they where exstremly good in the night.

Knowing he could not sleep after that nightmare Yuuga sat up and started to think back, back to that night.
He had been on his way home from the acadamy he had graduated the week before, but due to a lack of chuunins he was still to recive a sensei that could train him. It did not suprice him, he doubted anyone wanted to train a.... No not a Freak. He had to get use to seeing him self as another living human being, if he diddn't how could he exspect anyone else to do so.

Yuuga rose from his improvised bed and walked over to the small lake, he took off his shirt and pants and boots and slowly walked out into the water untill everything but his "nose" and eyes was under water. Thinking back to that night. On his way home from the acadamy he had seen the first signs of what was to come. smoke and fire. And it was coming from the area of the imigrants, the place where all the diferent clans with bloodlines that had been hunted was living in Kiri. People where trying to burn down the place he and his mother was living. It was normal for vandalisme to occur. But after one of the other clans had caught a person trying to destroy their garden and that person had just dissapeared people had been more carefull. Now a days it was more like Graffiti and so on, stuff that did not harm anyone. But the tension in the village towards the bloodlines had been growing the last months.
Yuuga had been running home to help stop the fires, cursing everyone that had been involved in this vandalisme. As he turned the corner of the last house before he reached the block he was living on he heard the Scream. The scream he would never forget, it was a scream of a little boy standing in the street looking at a person at least 7 feet tall, slowly walking towards him and as he reached him he cut the throat of the little boy. It was like wactching it all in slow motion when he was thinking back. He had seen the blood fly everywhere, the small boy fall to his knees, reaching for his throat. as the last word escaped his mouth before the life was drained from his body. "Mo-Mother".

Yuuga had been a coward that day, he had turned around and run. without thinking of helping others, without believing that anyone would survive that. He had just run. To the hills and the forest looking down over the village. And from there, he had seen the slaugther of the small village. Everyone had been brought out into the streets and decapitated, at least the onces not putting up a fight. The one there had done so had been fought and defeated.

Coming back to reality Yuuga had closed his eyes and let his feets lose their grib from the bottom of the lake floor making his head go under water, a fresh wakeup call was what he needed. It had been four month since this had happend. He had to move on. He had a plan and nothing was going to stop him.

Yuuga rose slowly from the water and got dressed, placed his backpack on his back. It was time..

A new Destiny was starting now.

[The end, just a Intro to the new character and an offical, going missing post]


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