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Every good shinobi uses an array of special techniques, or Jutsu, in the world of Naruto. Here is where you can explore the arts of Jutsu making and create for your character valuable techniques. Make sure to as always read the stickies and heed the moderators of this section.
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PostPosted by kimahri_ronso » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:02 pm

    Meus Nomen : Heishin S. Nazitura
    Specialitatae : Weaponry

    Name: Generic Sealing Technique
    Rank: E
    Range: Supplementary
    Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Elemental Affinity:
    Clan: [-]
    Description: This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items that have been stored using fūinjutsu. Scrolls are the most common choice for item storage. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Scrolls can also be used as ammunition for other weapons or have other seals inside of them, which expands the number of potential tricks a shinobi can use.

    Name: Generic Sealing Technique :: Recall
    Rank: D
    Range: Short [5m]
    Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Elemental Affinity:
    Clan: [-]
    Description: This is a special technique that Heishin learned to utilize by replicating his sisters actions. After releasing a weapon from his infinity scroll Heishin can preform this technique. By channeling chakra through an open infinity scroll Heishin can recall all weapons back into the infinity scroll in their current state. The recall will only work on weapons within five meters of the scroll. This technique is mainly utilized to prevent a waste of ninja tools, or to reclaim a stolen weapon. This technique only works on weapons that Heishin has released from his infinity scroll with his charka. All other weapons are unaffected.

    Name: Fake Out :: Blade Swap
    Rank: C
    Range: 10m.
    Jutsu Type: Weaponry [Summoning]
    Elemental Affinity:
    Clan: [-]
    Description: Using the custom technique, Recall, as a platform for other techniques, Heishin has created a new style of attack known as Fake Out. To initiate this technique the user must summon a weapon from a special form of storage seal like a scroll. This technique utilizes the link between the storage place and the summoned weapon as a pseudo summoning contract. Using either another weapon from said storage place, or another object the user is in contact with, the user will preform a switcharoo. This causes the two objects, the summoned weapon and the alternate object, to switch places instantly. This technique could be used to swap a tossed kunai with a larger weapon, or even switch the summoned weapon with something larger, like a puppet.

    Link To Previous Approval

    Name: Fake Out :: Rabble Bomb
    Rank: B
    Range: 10m - 15m
    Jutsu Type: Weaponry [Summoning]
    Elemental Affinity:
    Clan: [-]
    Description: This jutsu is preformed using the fake out style invented by Heishin. To begin, the user will charge an object or weapon from his scroll with chakra
    proportional to his desired result. After he has stored an appropriate charge he will release the object. The object can be dropped, thrown, placed, ect. Once at a desired
    distance, the user will form a slight hand seal ( the half tiger ) and the object or weapon will detonate releasing a burst of chakra and smoke to conceal the next action. The
    object will swap places ( refer to blade swap for explanation) with a number of explosive notes stored in the scroll it was released from. When the smoke clears the target area
    will be surrounded by these explosive notes, which will hover in the air until directed by the user of the technique. With another hand seal, the explosive notes will converge
    on a single target, and then detonate with one last slight hand seal from the user. The number of explosive tags to be generated by this technique is proportional to the amount
    of chakra stored before-hand. For every E-rank amount of chakra, one tag is generated up to the maximum number stored in the scroll. (125 tags)

    The number of tags to be generated is also limited by skill and the users control. Heishin, can only generate and control about 25 tags while preforming this technique as
    written above. However, it it possible for him to execute the technique to its near full extent ( about 100 tags ), at the cost of fatiguing himself. Doing this
    requires at least 2 posts of preparation, and leaves Heishin in a weakened state with little to no chakra remaining.


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PostPosted by shuu » Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:16 pm

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