Just to Be on Your Own (open)

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Re: Just to Be on Your Own (open)

PostPosted by MankouZero » Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:53 am

Koumei listened intently to each of the other places and people he described. When Ryuu remarked about not being of much help, the boy shook his head in disagreement. The man was much better help than going on practically nothing. Koumei gave a delayed reaction to the next remark. He had not quite thought so far ahead in considering his own qualities. Of course, he couldn't help but remember being so helpless when...

The memories were halted as Koumei now began to nod off. He was plenty ready to call it night. Reaching for his shirt and feeling it to be dry, Koumei wrapped himself a little and fluffed up his net as good as possible for a pillow. Laying down, he pointed his gaze to the stars above that were getting covered loosely by clouds.
"Well, there's plenty time tomorrow to decide on things." Said the boy getting himself comfortable. "Good night." Koumei said at last, bidding the evening farewell.

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Re: Just to Be on Your Own (open)

PostPosted by Love » Sat Dec 07, 2013 11:44 pm

Hiro had already fallen asleep by this point. While less then an hour before her fiery spirit had been in argument with her father, it was clear that no ill will was left lingering by how the small girl cuddled up to him for warmth. Ryuu held his daughter by the shoulder, weighing down the makeshift blanket as the girl dozed.

"That there is," He agreed with Koumei, his voice having become more faint once Hiro had gotten to sleep. At least having Koumei around had saved him from having to lull the girl asleep with a story. In areas of the imagination, he was not the strongest, and recollecting anything from his past would be too graphic for a girl her age. "I'll take watch, so for tonight, sleep well." At least for one more night. He didn't say it. Ryuu had already forewarned the young Amikiri of too many dangers that might await him out on the open road. However, Koumei could have one more night of normalcy for now.

Bringing his hand off of his daughter, Ryuu made a simple sign before his chest. Three puffs of white smoke brought a trio of copies standing around the tree the original was leaned against. They were all brought in standing, and each lacked Ryuu's outer shirt as he was no longer wearing one. Dispersing in different directions, the clones vanished from sight to parole the boarder of the encampment. As for the original, Ryuu simply resumed his watch of the stars.

It wasn't clear if he had slept at all, most nights he never did. The ample time and helping hands of his clones allowed him to arrange everything. Beside the smoldering fire a stack of edible berries had been collected. While there wasn't much of a healthy forest left, the land still had some plants that bore fruit. More noticeable then this was a folded piece of paper that had been sandwiched between two rocks. The bottom, one of the stones that marked the fire pit, and the top a much smaller pebble just big enough to serve as a paperweight. The only thing that wasn't there was any sign of Ryuu or Hiro. She'd hate him for it the next day, but as dawn struck Ryuu had carried his sleeping daughter off without so much as a chance to say farewell.

Besides the breakfast, the only thing Ryuu had left Koumei was the neatly folded and weighted down paper. Unfurling it would reveal a labeled map of the shinobi world. Each country a distinct color, it had on it several scribbles that Ryuu had made along the way. The most recent note, however, was the one that Ryuu had etched into the corner of the map, addressed to its new owner.

"Koumei, The path you take is up to you, but I trust this to guide you to the world of light."
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