For the Love of a Father (open)

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The reclusive fort housing the survivors of Kumogakure no Sato's destruction, located in the center of Chiroptera Forest whose dangers and local superstitions provide a natural barrier to the rest of the world. Nestled in the roots of one of the ancient trees, the people here are learning to survive alongside the ancient forest, the local Koumori serving to help things along. However, carefully hidden away underneath the fort the shinobi way of life continues on in the shadows in Kumonohora....

For the Love of a Father (open)

PostPosted by MankouZero » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:34 am

The mid afternoon was waning by the time the young buck warrior made his way within the Kumo outpost. He was on no mere errand. Higanashi of the Kumoihonoo was here on request by his father, to register and train in the ranks of the surviving Kumo ninja. Higanashi had the honor and privilege of representing his heritage in supporting the "underdog" of the country. He would strive to live in order to uphold that honor, and die in order not to forsake it. This was a pretty big day for a not so typical youngster, completely new to his surroundings as he may be. The countryside he managed to see on the way brought to light from the shadow of unexperienced study the horrors as well as hope that remained embedded in the nation through the years of bloodshed and strife. There were some things Higanashi found would have been better to have not witnessed, yet nothing would deter him from doing as his father desired. To live and die a warrior is such an honor that cannot be equaled in the mind of the growing shinobi. Such was the way he was raised his whole life, and thus was the way he came to accept things.

There he walked, his long black hair kept neatly in a tie atop his head. His strong will was marked by his gate and firm stride. Higanashi marched well on through the area, only recognizing that he had no idea where in the world he was going as he just about made it through clear to the other side of the outpost facing south from where he entered. His clothing, aside from his clan symbol, had no clear distinction from those around him. Many assumed what he was, as if he were a young sentry on duty so they paid him no mind. Others simply remarked at seeing the Skyblaze banner so proudly displayed for the first time in many decades... yet said nor did anything more than that.

Being lost is a tactical disadvantage. This wasn't a case of life or death it seemed, but potentially much worse would be a tarnish to his honor and pride of being a new recruit and yet not knowing the area. This problem needed a remedy. Hopeful, Higanashi turned to the closest passerby to try and gain some insight on where he had to go exactly.
"Hello. My name is Higanashi, and I come from the Blaze Fortress in the North to join with the shinobi of my country. Would you please direct me to the registration office?"...

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