Equipment of Mankou Waetonno

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Equipment of Mankou Waetonno

PostPosted by MankouZero » Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:53 pm

Name: The Weeping Sword

    -Looks: It is a rather large, two handed broadsword. Some would call it a claymore. The blade, with both edges sharpened on either side is 32 inches long, while the hilt is 13 inches. The blade at the hilt starts at 2 1/2 inches wide slowly thining down 3/4 of an inch before it comes to a point. The guard is a simple looking bar of steel wrapped in leather close to the hilt, 11 1/2 inches long.
    The sword is always wet to the touch, and water will drip from it constantly. Words of a forgotten language are etched on the blade, still visible from the many generations it has lived through since first forged. Some work beyond simple smithing has ensured this sword to age well, and never rust even when forever wet.

    The sword has latent potential to be used as a conduit, so to speak, for channeling chakra specifically of the water element. One gifted with Suiton will be able to use this sword to extend the use of their chakra and perform mighty techniques of the water element style limited to the ability of the wielder.
    Also, the edges of the blade closest to the hilt are dulled so that the swordsman may grip the blade in this particular area, roughly 8 inches from the guard. A skilled swordsman can utilize this function to better wield his sword for powerful thrusting and other harsh ways of the sword. A leather fitting can be placed on this area making it more comfortable to grip, and less likely for the swordsman to cut their fingers on the dull, yet fine edges.
    The weight and make of sword make it deadly in combat when in the hands of a master swordsman. With a style flowing like water, the swordsman can implement the weight of the blade to guide its momentum in order to hew through several enemies at once in one or few motions.
    Also, some manner of sorcery or whatever one calls it made it so that it not only consistently is wet to the touch, but not a hint of rust or decay from the effects of water will ever be seen on it.

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