Ongaku no Tamashī-WIP

Forge the path between the great and greatest. This section will allow you to not only create a powerful Kekkei Genkai, but an entire history and culture. Become like the Hyuuga, well-known and powerful, or like the Uchiha, coveted and feared. The choice is yours.
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Ongaku no Tamashī-WIP

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History//Legend of the Clan:

Rumor has it that the Ongaku no Tamashī once consisted of only a small tribe, maybe about 25 people. They laughed and played, sang and danced to music that each other played. They were always playing music, and the gods enjoyed their songs as well, all except for the God of Envy, who was jealous of their talent. So, in an effort to end them, he sent forth a demon to wipe out the tribe. This demon wiped out every member of the tribe, except for a young boy who was too young to be taught how to play. The young boy had watched his family and friends die, and his soul cried out. He picked up a blood-covered flute and played a song from his soul: a lullaby. The demon heard the song, and fell into an eternal sleep. The God of Envy was furious, but not as furious as the other gods, who sealed him away forever. But just before he was sealed away, he cast a curse on the boy, striking him with a permanent physical illness. Though the gods blessed him and the tribe from his lineage, they could not undo the curse, which only the God of Envy had knowledge of.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The Ongaku no Tamashī have two mysterious abilities:

The first is that they can attack or defend themselves solely through the power of music, which they can manipulate to do as they choose. Whether through singing or playing an instrument, all Ongaku no Tamashī are born with musical talent. Though others may be born with musical talent, only members of the Ongaku no Tamashī may fight with music as they do, seeing as the normal person can only hear music.

All Ongaku no Tamashī are born with a more-controllable variable of Synesthesia: They see sound in the form of colors, with music in the specific shapes of musical notes and wavelengths, but they have control over seeing sound instead of seeing it at random times which allows them to view the music they play, which in turn helps them to manipulate it. Even a person who can play music and has Synesthesia cannot manipulate music like the Ongaku no Tamashī can, for rumor says that music is bonded in their blood and many believe this rumor, for members of the Ongaku no Tamashī can not only use music to use techniques instead of hand signs, they can also manipulate the sounds around them to their advantage. It is a more supported theory that it has something to due with the chakra they possess, but no one has been able to prove this. There is a rule about this though: a Ongaku no Tamashī must focus chakra into they’re vocal cords if a singer, or instrument if they play one, and sing or play one note per would-be hand sign.

As for their ability to manipulate sound/music, this requires no physical effort on the member's part other than having the sound within their line-of-sight, and spending the appropriate amount of chakra: this means that a clan member within plain sight would give no hint that they performed and sound manipulation. The only exception to this is if the attempt to manipulate a sound that has not yet occurred, such as notes they plan to sing/play or a noise they are attempting to stop. This either requires an average amount of concentration, or if the member is in a rush, more chakra. A member does not have to have already experienced a sound to be able to manipulate it. Although chakra is often mixed with the sounds the Ongaku no Tamashī manipulate (and therefore made able to been seen by the naked eye), once the jutsu is complete the chakra dissipates, leaving the sound just invisible as it was prior. However, until a member masters extreme chakra control, any shinobi who senses chakra will be able to know the general direction the manipulated sound is located at; those who can see chakra can see the sound.

Originally a member’s ability to flux chakra into their notes takes a certain amount of concentration, thus members tend to use specific notes or tunes for specific jutsu, but once they become more practiced this restriction can be lifted, giving them a certain amount of unpredictability to their assaults: One tune that just moved a twig could now summon a fireball or put them in a trance. These tunes are unique to that specific member, to which they will usually have them written down on something they keep with them.

While able to manipulate music for fighting, the Ongaku no Tamashī can also use it for everyday things, such as grabbing things and moving them, communicating with others, or even for movement of themselves to get from place to place. They also naturally excel somewhat at using genjutsu and ninjutsu. However, for some reason 85% of Ongaku no Tamashī members have something wrong with them physically, and are always born with it as well as a weak body frame.

(To keep things clear, the Ongaku no Tamashī are not the only ones who can use jutsu by song or tune, but rather they are the only ones that can manipulate the music/sound they see around them. Any jutsu that does not mention manipulating sound could, for all purposes, be copied and used by a shinobi outside the clan.)

Clan Information:

- Clan Training : topic14007.html :

While training for members of the Ongaku no Tamashī is not heavily enforced in the sense of heavy physical training due to most of them having weak physiques, they due enforce finding a member’s musical talent early, between the ages of five and seven years.

Once their talent is determined, they are separated into one of two groups: those whose talent is relative to singing, and those whose talent is with an instrument. They will then be taught lessons revolving around their specified area of talent within that group (IE baritone or soprano, flute or drums). While the ability to manipulate and use chakra through music is inherent in every member, it is not flawless, and as such they will be taught how to better make use of their ability. Due to this reaping being done so early, it is often that a member becomes a near-master of their craft by the age of ten years.

- Population :: E-Rank; The clan would seem very small to an outsider, almost like a band of gypsies due to the fact that they live in tents and the like. Upon further inspection, it would appear to be a band of crippled gypsies, as nearly every member has a frail frame and some kind of physical disability. No two members look alike, although having blue eyes and clear skin is a common trait. All the members usually dress in some form of loose-fitting or light clothing so to not feel bound by them, and they tend to be somewhat flamboyant in style and color that fits their unique personality.

As a whole, the Ongaku no Tamashī are not against having visitors from non-clan members, tend to keep to themselves in secluded areas. This is due to the clan creating some sort of musical sound near-constant, which brought up problems with neighbors. If they do have a visitor, the only ones that will likely communicate with them are younger children who haven’t yet adopted the introverted ways of their parents and teachers. The rest will just smile silently, performing any and all tasks they already had or that is requested of them.

Every member knows basic knowledge reading, writing and arithmetic, despite the appearance they might give. However, members tend to either communicate through music on a regular basis, to the point of singing nearly anything they say (those who play instruments would rather communicate through their Ongaku Komyunikēshon than speak). They also write down everything in musical score, whether it be secret scrolls or a journal entry, and in turn they read musical scores of all kinds and get messages from them as if they were written in plain text. In this way, they often find the lyrics of songs or the meanings behind them simply by looking at their scores.

All songs and tunes crafted by a clansmen are shared throughout the entire clan. This includes any jutsu created or learned, and while not everyone in the Ongaku no Tamashī decides to become a shinobi or is able to perform jutsu, they are still written down and recorded. Due to this practice, rumor has it that there is a chest within the clan leader's tent that holds scrolls containing thousands of jutsu, locked and safely hidden away.

Since the current clan is made up of members gathering from far away, it could be noted that this clan may grow by leaps and bounds in the foreseeable future. This as could mean that their pool of jutsu will gradually expand, not only as more member return and share what they've learned, but also that old scrolls or documents could arise.

- Nature//Values :: The Ongaku no Tamashī are a kind and quiet people: they do not seek to instigate problems or harass others, nor do they seek adventures or go out for long strolls. They are a people that keep to themselves, and therefore are a bit of a mystery. What is known is that they love music, and accept all forms of it. They also encourage creative thinking and enjoy all sorts of liberal arts, although the only one they can truly relate with is music. They hold all sorts of personal orchestras, choirs, and symphonies. They believe that people should be accepted for who they are, and shouldn't be forced to be something they aren't.

If one were to witness a symphony constructed by the Ongaku no Tamashī, it would sound and look like your average symphony. To the members themselves though, any form of sound or music triggers their complex Synesthesia, which would then fill their visual world with colors galore. This often gives them a sensation similar to Euphoria, and they will all be staring at the sky in amazement.

The members of the Ongaku no Tamashī clan are not known for their advanced technology, unless of course it’s music-related. Other than that, they live a peaceful life that is mostly serene and lacking in rapid development. When presented with and object they don’t identify, they will look at it in wonder and appreciate it despite not understanding its uses, as they consider technology simply a creative outlet.

While everyone seems joyous and friendly, if one can take a peak at their hidden scrolls (and be able to read them, or have it read to them), one will note that the Ongaku no Tamashī have access to a number of powerful, frightening, and even disturbing jutsu. The demeanor of the clansmen nowadays would give off no hints, but anyone with a deep knowledge of past clans would note that while they can't put a finger on quite why they feel like the Ongaku no Tamashī were once very revered and feared, they do recall that they were once so. Perhaps this past is just some jumbled up memory, or maybe it's one of the reasons the clan was originally broken up...

They are not currently a threat to anyone, but if one is closed-minded or finds the arts distasteful, it will be hard to get along with them.

Additional Information [Optional]:

- Clan Founder :: Original founder before the war that split them up: Sakkyokka; Current 'Founder' that starting bringing them back together: Akōdion.

- Relationship :: Only child of a revered couple, Oracle

- Clan Political Structure :: Currently entirely neutral, although those who strive for political gain either find them as an asset or a nuisance.

- Important Members :: Dōtai – Current clan leader, has final ruling; Akōdion – Clan elder, previous clan leader, only member to currently play the accordion; Hāmonika – Clan elder, greeter, gives harmonicas to visitors.

- Important :: Anyone who makes a character with this clan must have the following: Either Genjutsu or Ninjutsu as their main or sub, and they cannot take Taijutsu or Kenjutsu/Weapon Arts as a main; Oton as their element; Synesthesia and at least one other physical ailment; Roleplay realistically when hit by physical techniques; If you use an instrument, you start with it, if you sing you list which octave.


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