The Hijo Clan

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The Hijo Clan

PostPosted by TribalTimelord » Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:22 pm

History//Legend of the Clan:

Hundreds of years ago, a clan known as the Dendo was created within Raikou no Kuni. Their kekkei genkai originally involved manipulating the electrical signals in their bodies to greatly heighten their senses and fighting ability. Several members of the clan attempted to accomplish an even greater feat. They tried to use their abilities to manipulate the electrical charges outside of their bodies just as expertly as they've been trained to do it internally. Normal members looked down on them, calling them radicals and "ignorant" for trying to do something that strayed from their roots. Soon after, the clan was split, creating two separate branches of the once whole clan. The ones who remained true to their main abilities kept the Dendo name, and the others who broke off from the clan were known as the Hijo. Eventually the Hijo perfected their abilities that were once thought of as "impossible." When the Dendo caught word of this achievement, almost all ties were broken.

Many generations later, the Hijo and Dendo continued to feud with one one another, but much of their hatred towards each other has since dissipated to petty arguing. They regard each other with icy, yet tolerating feelings. Each thinks of themselves as better than the other, but in dangerous times of need the two are always willing to assist the other. In a way the clans acted much like bickering siblings. However, it was only recently that the Hijo's brother clan had mysteriously vanished, leaving the scrolls of their secrets in the hands of elder Hijo clan members.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The Hijo clan has the ability to either create or subvert electricity at will. During each attack/subversion, the chakra emmitted reacts to the amount of electricity converged. By emitting a chakra that attracts electrical charges in the air, they can give off or direct the electrical charge in the form of lightning by shooting it off or concentrating the electricity to a certain point of their body. This makes certain Lightning Ninjutsu outside of the clan able to become usable without handsigns. However, this reliance of electricity usage has naturally restricted the Hijo Clan from learning other elemental techniques due to the required amount of electrical charge needed inside and outside of the user's chakra flow.

Users from this clan can also call upon lightning during a storm. Clan members who fight during storms have an advantage with lightning based jutsu by gathering power from this alternative energy source to perform their lightning jutsu. The electricity used can be very versatile. It can be fired or used in any mean that the user can think of.

Negative effects from over usage of their chakra include muscle deterioration, soreness, fatigue, and bone damage. Hands and fingertips tend to become burned or disfigured, which is why many clan members wear gloves to prevent singed skin or hide the appearance. Wherever the electricity is emitted from the body, a small part of the electricity touches the skin due to the discharge of the electricity, which, in the case of their jutsu, is most commonly released from their hands.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: Hijo Clan members are born into the teachings of manipulating electricity. By the time they are old enough to train at the academy, they are at least able to focus the electricity to certain points of their body, but not experienced enough to wield it properly.

- Population :: The Hijo clan was formed within Raikou no Kuni after the split with the Dendo clan. Because of the separation of clans, however, their numbers were very small. Today, the clan has a very thriving D-class population, at about seventy-five people.

- Nature//Values :: Many members of the Dendo Clan are very open-minded and all have different points of views on the world today. They still remain royal to Raikou no Kuni. However, since the disappearance of the Dendo clan, a portion of the Hijo clan have since disbanded.

Additional Information [Optional]:

- Clan Founder :: The leader of the Hijo clan, or original founder was named Raiko Dendo of course later changing his last name to Hijo. He helped the spread of his version of the clan by marrying multiple wives and raising very powerful heirs, who in turn, found wives and had children bearing the same power that he had.

- Relationship :: Kou Hijo has since left the Clan, preferring to find his own path as a bounty hunter.
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Re: The Hijo Clan

PostPosted by Oddric » Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:40 am

There aren't many people around approving stuff. You should just roll with the clan idea anyway.

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