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Far from the white walls of the medical facility, Akiko sat in her home. While not physically present it was where her mental state was as she slowly made her way through a staggering number of scrolls. The Megami were making their way back to tip-top condition. Some of the late bloomers were showing signs of life again. So to speak. They were able to perform the tiniest of Inari's gifts, little flowers. Surely they would only continue to improve. At least, that's what the records were indicating. It was blessing, a miracle.

Furling it up, the red haired woman added it to the growing pile on a wooden desk just adjacent to her. Her hand reached out for another but stopped, a familiar groaning sound distracting her. It was always the same, it seemed. The sound would come, a part of her wouldn't believe she was hearing it, then she would begin to accept it and just as realization crept into her head it would fully take over. No work would be getting done now.

Standing up, Akiko took a step away from the desk and looked around the room, the groaning sound still echoing in the immediate area. Her eyebrows lowered, looking from one room to the next. It wasn't in her hut, it wasn't out the door. "Wat da bloody..." It was... on her roof?

Out the door, she turned toward her house as she tracked backwards. Her neck craned, seeing the sleeper pod open up on her roof as a flurry of orange and green lights shone from within. At night, it was so much more intense.

"A bit late fur ya usual visits, ain't it, Love?"

"Is it?" He looked up to the waning moon and then back to the green girl. Her clothes were less sleek and battle-ready and more... relaxed. "Oh. Well, what better things do you have to do? Sleep? That's boring!" He laughed, leaning forward as he took a step off the fallen petal of the TASAM. "Come on! I just remembered this beautiful spot in the Snow Country! Well, a few centuries back anyway. Not an issue, of course." He winked down toward the girl.

"Ah... und wat makes ya tink I'll want ta go? Sounds cold, und I'm bushed." Akiko said flatly.

"Oh. Well--" He suddenly became flustered, hands wringing as his eyes jumped about the roof believe him. "There's this, uh... tree... and it..."

"Oh 'ush, I'm only teasin'. Course I'll go!" The time lord's face showed relief as he let out a sigh. "'Sides, if we keep screaming out 'ere like dis at dis time of night who knows wat people will dink we're up to." She said, approaching the side of her house.

Resting on one knee, Dokutoru extended an arm down to help the green girl up the few meter climb. One hand on her stomach, she snapped her finger. "I'm pregnant, Love. Not paralyzed." A thick vine rose from the grass, acting as a stairway up to Dokutoru's position. "Dough I do appreciate it."

"Oh, right. Yes ma'am. Your carriage awaits. Would you like some hot tea, too?" He said, giving a short bow and extending his arm toward the TASAM.

She pushed against his shoulder to straighten him back out. And, well, to push him. "Very funny, wise guy. Keep dat up und I might just take ya up on da offer."

Taking a step back, the man chuckled. His head turned in sync with the Megami's, a light turning on in a house as the sound of creaking doors followed... or rather the rustling of leaves. "Oh, oh, come on! Get inside! Quick! Before they see us!" He grinned, pushing Akiko into the TASAM.

"Ya know--" She laughed, playing along and getting on board. "Even in da Megami village, ya TASAM sticks out like a sore dumb."

"Ah, she's stuck like this now. I don't think I could make her change disguise even if I wanted to!" Not that he wanted to.

Dokutoru made his way up the stairs to the console, turning back momentarily to his companion. "Like I said, we're going to the Snow Country. Will... that keep you warm?" He asked, waving his hands around her loose clothing. "I have the closet if you need it."

"Lucky fur ya, I 'ave been working up an outfit ready for da winter. Even Yuki winter." She said, moving her feet slightly on the metal grates below as she concentrated for a moment. "Got it."

Knowing what was to come next, Dokutoru turned from the woman as she began to strip and configure old clothing into new. It only took a few moments, enough time for the time lord to set the coordinates as Akiko bore her new winter wear.

"Oh." Dokutoru responded before Akiko could even ask his opinion. "Is that... animal fur?"

She rolled her eyes and smirked, hands grazing across the fuzzy bits that stuck out from her plant-made jacket. "Milkweed. Wat do ya dink? I dought it was stylish."

"Quite right, too! I love it, Green." He said, before slamming down on the lever that began to rock the TASAM.

It was over as quickly as it started, the noises coming to a hush as the duo found their balance. Pushing against the silver railing, the man ran a hand through his disturbed hair. "Don't think I could fix the shaking either." Again, not that he wanted to.

"So, 'ow far back are we? Ya said a couple centuries before." Akiko asked, walking up to the door of the TASAM. One hand on her hip, she waited for the man as he made his way down the steps and to her position.

Finger pointed at Akiko, he used his free hand to tap against the door. "To be exact, four hundred and fifty-three years. Not a day, hour, or second more!" The petal slipped open, a slight breeze meeting the pair as they stepped out of the sleeper pod. "Same day, just different year. The Snow Country has been changed by people moving in, it used to have more forestry!" He waved a hand at a few of the scattered trees around their position.

They were at the top of a hill, at the bottom was a larger gathering of the same trees. Over that was a glistening lake from the waxing moon and the thousands of stars and distant galaxies that filled the dark sky. The trees were still green with pine-like material and bushes of red berries complimented them nicely. They were unlike any tree that was alive in their time, as indicated by Akiko taking immediate interest.

"Oh, dare lovely." She said with a smile, moving from Dokutoru's position and approaching one of the few trees near their position. Her eyes turned purple and they began to spiral as she began to extend her hand to touch the tree. She stopped suddenly, biting her lip. Her fingers hesitated before clenching as she reverted her eyes back to normal. "I can sample later." Akiko said, letting her arms fall as she shifted back to Dokutoru.

"You sure?" Dokutoru questioned, Akiko's continued smile and lack of immediate response was enough confirmation. "Well, great! Come on!" He walked quickly, grabbing Akiko's hand as he lead her down the hill. "Once we get to the lake, the view is stunning! Nothing quite like it. The smell of the trees and the calm of the night... it's wonderful, Green."

Following by his side, Akiko rested her free hand on top of Dokutoru's hand which cupped hers. "Sounds perfect, Love."

[ End ]

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