Over Confession [solo, featurette]

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Over Confession [solo, featurette]

PostPosted by MankouZero » Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:06 am

"The rumors of the White Banner Battalion, and my help training them. Tsch. Figures that wouldn't be enough." said Mankou. His battle scars, and tattered armor withstood the tempering sand.
"They had all this time to get their act together. All this time to prove the gods or whatever doomed them wrong. And now it comes to this." said Mankou, lifting both of his swords to the sky.
"They think living in all this sand and heat is bad on it's own? Wait until they get a load of me." then said Mankou, driving his swords into the sand. The chakra combined as it sped through the particles. It found the underground source of life from water. Judgement had been sentenced by the man who helped the ancients restore balance to the Way. And now, those tormenting Mankou's homeland... some from his own tribes...

The world was witness to a mushroom cloud of steam. The reservoirs that once was access to many, until stolen and made as a source of envy for a whole nation... was vaporized in a solitary moment.

The armies gathered and prepared to slay any other who held the element of water, who could even be forced to return a source once meant for life and peace... turned a sinner's prayer for a simple mouthful of water.

Had the day come that prophecy rang true? Knowing the side he was on, and what he needed to be prepared to do... Mankou only hoped in the end it was all a lie. And that wrath can be turned aside

for healing.

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