The Unmei Clan

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The Unmei Clan

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History//Legend of the Clan:

Ryuzaki was a mere thriteen years old when his village came under the attack of an unknown shinobi group. Only himself and Twenty other children survived, hidden in the forest around their small village. There were many hysterical reaction when the returned to their village the next morning and seeing the bodies of their families and friends. It was Ryuzaki who calmed everyone and brought order to them, deciding that they couldn't stay here and they had to find somewhere safe. They set out in search of their new home, although they did meet those that offered them help and were kind to them they knew that they would not be safe for long and continued to move. As they journey through the mountains of lightning country they came across an old structure built into the mountains, as they looked around this magnificent creation they discovered a hidden oasis inside the mountains with a shrine to Keranos. They all came to the agreement that it was a gift from god and was meant to be their new home which they named it Sankuchuari (meaning Sanctuary), they shed their old family names and came to the agreement to call themselves the Children of Unmei (meaning Fate), beleiving it was their destiny to find this place and live together as a family. Though their exploration of Sankuchuari they found many scrolls and documents including combat techniques and stories of Keranos and his rise to godhood created by those who were there before, they used these as a way to train themselves to be able to defend their new home and family. At first they were set up with guards patroling the area in different shifts, but as the years went on they saw no one and slowly started to accept they were finally safe and relaxed. Then one storming night a group of wanderers showed up and found the structure seeking shelter from the storm, when they saw the small group of mostly children they were shocked. Ryuzaki didn't trust them, however he couldn't bring himself to kick them out into the strom so he agreed to let them stay through the storm. The next day the wanderers betrayed Ryuzaki attempting to kill him in front of the shrine to Keranos, however their attempt is believed to have been foiled by Keranos, who gave Ryuzaki the power to be able to defeat them. Ryuzaki's chakra was changed into pure Ranton energy and thus became the head of the Unmei Clan, and his descendants ruled for the years that followed. As the years continued some of the Unmei ventured out into the world searching for their own path, many come back with stories of the outside world and some return with families that they started, wanting their children to know their heritage and have the same study system they recieved when they were young. This became a rite of Passage for many of the Unmei, and so it began that when the Unmei were Thirteen they would go out into the world and then it would be their choice of what becomes of them, much like the journey Ryuzaki and the Twenty experienced before they found Sankuchuari.

For the past seven hundred years the Unmei Clan have lived deep within the mountains of Lightning country in peace unnoticed by the outside world, those that do wander too close to Sankuchuari while they are traveling through the mountains, whether intenually looking for them or not, get lost or turned around, believed to be caused by Genjutsu that the Unmei put into place around the mountain area of Sankuchuari to protect them from those like the wanderers of Ryuzaki's time who betrayed their kindness and trust. Most now believe the Unmei are just a legend, few have met an Unmei and even fewer have ever seen Sankuchuari. It is said that only those accompanied with an Unmei or those with pure hearts will ever see Sankuchuari with their own eyes, for the Unmei were but pure hearted children when they found it themselves and it is believed that they put a very powerful Genjutsu or Fuuinjutsu in place to ensure that those of evil will never find them.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

It is unclear how the Unmei truely developed this ability, however this was derived from the clan historical records: Ryuzaki is believed to have been granted these abilities by the God Keranos and that he passed it on to his children and the generations that followed, thus only the descendants of Ryuzaki posses the Kekkei Genkai of the Unmei Clan.

Ranton (Storm Release) - Believed to be the embodiment of the power of Keranos himself, their chakra is that of pure energy able to convert them into strong beams of lightning that flow like water that can be use both Offensively or Defensively, as well as manifest and control storm clouds. The Unmei's Chakra is very volitile and dangerous if not controlled properly which is why they start teaching how to control this power at a very young age through meditation and pratice. Although Ranton is created by the combination of Raiton and Suiton chakra, with the blessing of Keranos the Unmei Clan's chakra is actually changed into Ranton, therefore the Unmei are unable to learn or use other elements or non-elemental chakra based attacks, as it takes great skill and mastery over their body and mind in order for them to control their unique chakra. It should be noted that this unique chakra make-up does not in any way give them an inert ability to perform jutsu, they still have to perform the handseals or meet the requirements to use a jutsu, however they are limited to only Ranton based Chakra attacks.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: The Unmei use the scrolls of those who came before as a study guide for their training, as they too where able to wield the power of Keranos, they know not what happened to them but use their teachings still today. Beginning on the Unmei's third Birthday and continues until their thriteen when the clan believes the young Unmei becomes an adult, they are trained on how to control their Chakra and maintaining inner peace to pervent any unintential damage to themselves or others. On their Thriteenth birthday they are given a test to see if they are ready for the outside world and if they pass they are sent out to continue their training on their own.

- Population :: B Class Clan, Approximately 600 Known members. Members have dark skin, resulted from their intensive training outside in the sun over the years, they have Emerald Green eyes that shine brightly in contrast to their darker skin, their hair varies from a dirty blonde to a pure white color. They wear clothing that they make themselves ranging from typical shirts and pants to extravagant apparel, no matter what they wear they always bear the symbol of the Unmei Clan somewhere on their body or clothing

- Nature//Values :: The Unmei are mostly Neutural when it comes to affairs of the outside world, caring only about the protection of their family, home, and their Shrine to Keranos, although some wanderers have been known to help out if they come accross those of like mind as themselves, few even going as far as joining another community however they never reveal where they come from or any of their clan secrets. The Unmei hold their Clan Secrets of the greatest importance and would die to protect them, even from those they view as friends, only when they are about to have children do the Unmei reveal to their spouse the location of Sankuchuari and explain why they must go there together.

Additional Information [Optional]:

- Clan Founder :: Ryuzaki Unmei - The first to be granted the Ranton ability from the God Keranos, and the father of the bloodline, although just a boy when his journey began, through his trails he became the most powerful shinobi in the Unmei Clan

- Clan Political Structure :: The Unmei Clan is ran by the Head of the House of Unmei, the first born son of Ryuzaki's bloodline, however the rest of the family can still have their voice and concerns available to the head of the house, it is his word that is law and all follow. The head of the house does not pass down judgment or laws without making sure all the facts are known to the entire clan, he will call a vote and let his people decide, just like Ryuzaki did many years ago. It is only on rare occassions that the head of the house will go against the vote of his people, whether it due to the safety of the clan or individual, etc.

- Important Members :: Ryuzaki - Founder of the Unmei Clan, Enok - Current Head of House
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