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The ruins of the once mighty village. Beware what lurks inside.

Hoot hoot

PostPosted by shuu » Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:05 pm

A silent hush blanketed the dessicated alleyway.

The ruins had long settled, embers no longer dared to seek breath in the air. Charred and snapped, the wooden planks and posts that had built the city itself lay disheveled, a ravaged husk of what glory the City Hidden in the Ocean could have been. Perhaps it was a better monument to what the Village Hidden in the Mist could have been had two of it's Mizukages not betrayed their countrymen for personal gain. Shuraba was at least conservative with his reckless sundering of the land, Shoki hadn't the second of hesitation.

The crisp air tickled his skin as he meandered. As rubble snapped and rolled under his boot, the first sounds to grace this dystopia in a very long time were heard-- but by whom? Shoki cared not for stealth in this world. No longer. A red glint shined through the darkness far ahead, catching him by surprise. With a fluid swing of his left arm a single steel kunai shot through the mist towards the glint. Familiar with the sound of metal and glass colliding, Shoki was at ease once the sound resounded. He wasn't worried, whatever it would have been wouldn't have lasted long against him anyway. Not even his own reflection in the wreckage of his own country.

Smirking as he fixed his tool belt beneath his robes, he continued trudging onwards. He had a place to be.

Before Funbo Enkon was unleashed, Shoki had a side project he had put quite a bit of resources into. His original approach with the assimilation of spirit didn't fare as well as flesh, and so Enkon took center stage in the orchestration of the war. Would his pet still be awake? It shouldn't matter. Slumbering or awake, he would retrieve from it exactly what he needed.
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