The Shadow Hunter Clan

Forge the path between the great and greatest. This section will allow you to not only create a powerful Kekkei Genkai, but an entire history and culture. Become like the Hyuuga, well-known and powerful, or like the Uchiha, coveted and feared. The choice is yours.
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The Shadow Hunter Clan

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History//Legend of the Clan:
Orginating from a powerful artifact called the Rune Jewel the clansmen of the Shadow Hunters were given extoridanry unique powers. They were shunned from their world because of their amazing abillties. So they migrated torwards the mountians and evenutally created the village hidden in the Stone. They quickly grew in wealthness thanks to their unique runes. They evetually migrated out to a praire where they created a palace of Jewels. They qucikly grew in power and surronding villages feared them, because of their formidable abillties.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan: The Shadow Hunter Clan have the abillty to produce very powerful magical runes. They comibne this with ninjutsu to do things such as increase speed, strenght, stanima, and so on. They also have a unique dojutsu called the Eyes of Runes whcih grants them the abillty to see in the dark as well as see shadows hence the name Shadow Hunter. The only drawback to their Kekki Genkai is the Rune Eyes can only be activated once a day, and once a rune has been tapped into it loses all its power for a maximum of five days, as well as only one rune can be active at a time and it takes a whole hour for the user to be able to access any other runes powers.

Clan Information:
Clan Training- They specialize in kenjutsu by using runes to seal inside them weapons, they also are ok with taijutsu but usually use a rune to power up.
Population- As of today 12,000,000 millon Shadow Hunter's exist.
Nature//Values- They value money as they will usually use their unique abillties to get what they want. Of the clan their are a special group known as The Core which consit of five hybrid Shadow Hunters. Memebrs are- Zarcodis, Mal, Striker, Kane, and Fear. Each one specializing in a specialinzing in a certain elment as well as having comoplete mastery over their abillties to make runes.
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